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[STORY] BEDSHEETS (episode 1-12)


It was a hot sunny afternoon, I peacefully lay in my bed watching a movie … Oh no, it was almost 2pm.. I jumped out of my bed and entered the shower, carefully washed down with my shower gel which had a sweet fragrance like that of a fresh white Lily. I admired my total nakedness in my dressing mirror.. Hmm I love what I see, even though I watch my beautiful glowing skin and my attractive curves everyday, I never got fed up watching it every second because I love what I see everyday… Slowly I robbed the cream on my smooth soothing skin ,rolled my deodorant under my armpit, carefully placed the cap of my bra on my breast and lock it tight behind me pushing my breast up making it more round and attractive.. I slipped into my lingerie then into my long skirt which was an inch below my knee. Slipped into my sleeveless blue blouse that half way covers my breast, I placed my small ear rings on and splashed my body with the sweet scented Avon body splash. Finally I was ready to step on the road. From my house to Kaneshie market is just a 10 minutes walk but a 4-5minute drive. All the trotro seem fully loaded before it gets to the bus stop, even though the sun was out I decide to walk. Anyone that passes by me steals a glance.. Haha it was a great feeling catching the attention of both the young and the old. As I walked elegantly on the street of Mataheko I spotted a young man coming ahead of me, the color of his shirt caught my attention, as he drew closer, I noticed there was something more attractive about him than just the color of his shirt. His hair was neatly trimmed and his mustache carefully shaped, I got more attracted so I looked more, I loved his curved muscular body in his colorful shirt and his well ironed trousers that hanged on his ankle and his loafer neatly polished with his shirt well tacked inn, in fact he was decently dressed. The amazing part was that he looked at me as he got closer and I couldn’t take my eyes off either, we both looked deep into each other’s eyes till we passed by each other… “Wow! This guy is cute” I said to myself, I couldn’t believe it so I turned to have a second look and guess what…. Our eyes met again because he also turned to take another look at me, but I played smart, I turned quickly and walked a bit faster than my legs could carry with a sweet broad smile on my face. The rest of my journey to kaneshie market was full of smiles and flash back of that sweet moment that happened in just a swift. Finally I bought the fresh fish at kaneshie market and returned home in a taxi because I was already late and mom was going to kill me if she gets home before me..
The taxi parks in front of my gate, I paid the driver and alight from the taxi with my fresh fish.. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This young man was right in front of my gate, “OMG! It was like a dream, at a point I wanted to smile at him but hey I had to be a lady. I walked up to the entrance of my gate and watched him as he plays with his phone
ME: hi.. Are u looking for someone?
ANDREW: Hey… Wow! You are the lady I….
I wanted to smile but I swallowed it quick and gave him a straight face as he looks deep into my eye d–n!! That look is so offensive
ME: yes… Are you looking for someone?
ANDREW: eerh yeah, a lady by the name Lizzy, she gave me the direction to her house I don’t know if I am at the right place.. TITRIKU ST. 1st Ampah close house number B255/2.
Well, I knew he was talking about my cousin Lizzy, I felt jealous but I didn’t want to show it
ME: you are at the right place.. But do you know the lady in question?
ANDREW: honestly no, we’ve been blind dating for 6 months, I wasn’t in the country I returned just last night so I decided to come look for her.
Now that made me more jealous
Me: Lizzy is my cousin, I don’t think she’s back from class, come in and wait for her that is if you would want to
ANDRE: yes.. Sure, it would be a pleasure… Anyway am Andrew by name and you are?
ME: Dromor… Naa Dromor.. Meaning Grace.
I walked him in and gave him a seat in the living room.. I served him with a glass of fruit juice which he rejected but I insisted
ANDREW: you are very beautiful Dromor.
That compliment was like a fresh cold water running down my hot body… I went back into my room and changed into a shorts that almost showed my buttocks and a sleeveless top that had my breast almost falling out.. I sat right opposite to him in the sofa, he looks deep into my eyes and I couldn’t take off mine too, I got up trying to walk away from the lustful feeling I was having for my cousins blind date.. But he gripped me from behind, pushed me to the wall and kissed me so deep, his soft lips got me wanting for more, I looked at him again and we kissed deeply again, again and again. A lot was running through my mind at that time, I slipped my hands down into his trousers d–n! Couldn’t believe what my hand touched, a full strong erected penis, he was as if trying to tell me he wants me. He pulled up my blouse and grab my heavy breast into his mouth.. Oh my word.. That feeling my n—-e where so hard that I couldn’t take it anymore. I brought out his long big black shiny penis and begins to s–k it, he groans so hard.. He pushed me against the wall and pulled down my shorts.. Just then a hard knock came on the door…..

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We look into the eyes of each other (who could that be) that rung through ma mind, the knock didn’t come again so we continued with a deeper kiss, I watched him rob his hands around his black shiny c–k.. That was mouth watering and I had no other choice than to completely drop my shorts on the floor. He slowly directed my buttocks to the direction of his c–k, gently robs it on my c–t… The feeling became worse, I tried to reach his waist so I can push his c–k into my wet vagigi, unfortunately the call came again, this time harder than previous, then again and again, we quickly put on our cloths I rushed to the get the door. Could that be my mom or my cousin? I looked at the big clock hanging in the living room, well it’s just quarter past 4 mom and cousin will be home by five…. I am not expecting anybody so who could possibly be knocking on the door? I stood behind the door nervously as the knocks still came in waiting for Andrew to dress properly because we all don’t know who was at the door. After several knocks I turned the door open. Guess who it was… My moms new tenant.. He’s a young man as well, extra muscular ,taller and darker than Andrew, he works at the bank I was told by my mom, and has a very fat fiancé (wife to be)
TENANT: hello, good day, sorry to have disturbed you, is your mother back from work
ME: no please, she should be on her way back
TENANT: no problem, I wanted her to know am officially moving in today,
honestly! This doesn’t concern me, I was quiet angry but I didn’t want to sound rude at least the look on my face should tell him “am not interested in that conversation”
ME: alright, I will let her know when she comes back…
I tried to close the door
TENANT: I will be in my apartment then .
RUBBISH!! Andrew looks at me from a distance, I slammed the door and stood at the door way watching him rob his c–k. I quickly dropped my cloths, my intention was to show him my curvy smooth skin and body… It worked. He pushed me into the sofa dropped his trousers and drops his boxers too… You won’t believe what I saw… His big black shiny c–k was bigger and longer that I thought.. I got frightened, I wanted to quit but the mood won’t let me. He gripped my firm round breast and s—-d the hard nipples so hard, he carried me from the sofa and placed me on the woolen carpet. He kissed me and rolled his tongue down in between my breasts, rolled it around my two n—-e again the down to my vagigi, he spread my legs apart and grab me c——s with his tongue and s—-d them slowly and gently but very sensual… So many things were running through my mind, I have had sex before but never been handled like this, I had no choice than to groan harder as he gripped my breast with his two hands, I felt like passing out urine but I couldn’t ask him to stop, it was sweeter, I felt like coming , I started screaming and he covered my mouth with his left hands whiles his right hand still held on tight to my breast, there was a lot of slimy water coming out from my vagigi , I thought I had passed the urine into the carpet… I looked at him and he smiled
ME: you made me pee into the carpet, mom will kill me
ANDREW: no! You just squirt not a urine
ME: what’s that
ANDREW: that’s your o—-m.
ME: wow! Never seen this
He smiled
ANDREW: let’s do it again
I smiled, he s—-d my boobs again, at the start the feeling was weird but as he starts to brush my c–t with the tip of his c–k.. The feeling was good, it became better than previous, I held his c–k and slipped it into my vagigi , he held it and slowly pushed it in, I tripped, this is too big for me but the choice was only to receive it. He gripped me by the waist and pushed deep into me, I watched him role his cute eyes, that told me he’s enjoying himself, for me I was totally enjoying his strokes.. I thought I wasn’t going to come again, but before I could say jack I saw my self squirting, again and again, three times in a row d–n!! Sori TK n Cash .Never ever seen or experienced this… I watched him ride me fast, faster and faster then he begins to groan… (Am coming , am coming )he shouts out in his huge voice gripping my waist and thrusting deeper into me… Finally he dressed into our cloths and smiled at each other, he asked to take his leave, I was wondering why he didn’t wait for my cousin again. Well I saw him off to the door, I couldn’t see him to the gate because I was weaker than I thought, I threw myself into the sofa smiling at the sweet memory.. Not long after my cousin enters the room, she stood at the door way staring at me quizzically .I was confused… In my mind ( why is she giving me that look, did she meet Andrew at the gate? Did he tell her anything?) I also stared at her pensively…..

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I don’t know what’s making her give me that silly look, but honestly I was nervous and confused, so many questions were running through my mind and I didn’t know which one to ask first so I stupidly asked
ME: did you meet anyone outside?
LIZZY: yes I did!!
Now that sent shivers down my spine .What got me more nervous was the angry look on her face…
LIZZY: and spilled the beans
(OMG! Am in trouble) I bowed my head in shame and tried to explain
ME: look it’s not what you think… He started it, he initiated it and I….
LIZZY: so you retaliated right?
ME: look am sorry but I…..
LIZZY: Mum must hear this.
Now I knew I was a dead being that night… My mom sees me green (a virgin) and she’s surely going to be disappointed… How do I fix this?
LIZZY: and she’s surely going to be disappointed in you for being rude to her new tenant
That was a shock to me…
ME: are you talking about our tenant?
LIZZY: yes! Who else?? Who else was here apart from him?
Jeez that was close… I was quiet relieved with that, I tried to explain what happened between us even though she didn’t believe my part of the story she just had to let it go…
Lizzy is my big cousin, she 25 and am just 18, her parents died at a very early age and my mom has been her mom since. Even though we are cousins she took the responsibility of an elderly sister, she scolds me when I go wrong and play with me when we suppose to, I love and respected her as such… As for me am the only daughter of a single mother, she loves me and has always been there for me, in her mind I am her top most priority and I never want to let her down but!………
At dinning that night, my cousin told my mom about what happened between her tenant and I, she got very angry at me and asked me to go apologize… On the other hand where did I go wrong? I don’t remember being rude to him but I just didn’t want to disappoint or let me say disrespect my mom…
Later that night I slipped into my silky pinky transparent night gown and covered up with my morning coat, I went out and walked to our tenants door.. I knocked several times there was no answer, I could see from the window his television was on so I decided to go back into my room, just then I heard his voice from afar
TENANT: the door is open please come in
I opened the door slowly and entered the living room, the living room was scattered with his boxes and chairs not arranged, I looked around but he wasn’t around, I stood for a while noticed he was in the bathroom because I could hear the sound of flowing tap ,not long he appeared from the other part of his door with a white towel covering his waist, the water on his body run down his black muscular body, he looks at me deeply in the eye, I couldn’t take my eyes off either, for like five minutes we were looking at each other then I turned to go.
ME: am sorry to have bugged on you this way
TENANT: no come on it’s fine
ME: I just want to apologize for my actions a couple of hours ago, I wasn’t in my right senses at that time .
TENANT: no.. no you shouldn’t bother I do understand .Thats fine.
Then I didn’t know what to say again, I was shy at how he was still looking at me, he came closer and stretched his hand, I shook him and we both smiled
TENANT: we are family now… You really have a beautiful smile…. And your night gown it’s really beautiful…
I just stared at him stealing glances below his waistline .I realized he was gradually getting hard on .I just smiled in my mind… ( I wish I could see this) I don’t know if he was reading my mind but suddenly he drops the towel……..

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I know by now you will be wondering what happened next.. There’s one thing my mom always says anytime she gets suspicious over something, she goes like ” the fastest organ on our body is our eyes”. She was right after all….! In less than a second I watched the towel fall and back to his waist line, my eyes popped out I have never seen such a thing in my 18 years of living. At a point a thought it was artificial until he smiled upon picking the towel and asked
TENANT: what did you see?…..
I still looked at his c–k but said nothing
TENANT: are you afraid?
I still said nothing, he smiled and moved closer to me with a broad smile on his face, he held my left hand and placed it on his big c–k.. This is the biggest c–k I’ve ever seen, twice bigger, longer, thicker and blacker than that of Andrew’s.. It was a great feeling touching it I will say it was a great experience. I robbed my hands around it and he bit his lips then asks
TENANT: Do you like it?
I just smiled, sure I love it, the feeling was good I robbed it harder and suddenly it started secreting semen which made the robbing very smooth, sweet and slimy.. He groans and grabs my breast, he plays with the nipples in the night gown.. He slipped his hands into the gown and bring out my big firm standing breast, my nipples were extremely hard and pointed, he s—-d them with passion… (Hmmm… This is good) I said that in my mind, I was a bit shy so I didn’t want to show my feeling. I felt wet in my pants and that made me rob his big c–k more. I couldn’t take it anymore… ( how I wish you can just enter me) I said that in my mind.. Sometimes we can make the simplest mistake under pressure, I was under pressure, I couldn’t hide my thought neither could I pretend being “that good girl” I went on my knees and grabbed his big black c–k into my mouth.. ( jeez.. This is bigger than I though) it opened my mouth wider than it can, yet the feeling wouldn’t let me quit, I s—-d him up and down, slowly and slowly I went in and out, I licked it like an ice cream on a cone and dipped it down my throat, a dropped a tear yet I didn’t give up.. I enjoyed the sound he was making and the way he’s gripped my breast with his right hand and holding my head with his left hand moving his waist up and down.. He groans harder and harder, he moans and shouts as I blew him faster
TENANT: Am coming am coming It’s good, don’t stop
I was confused.. Didn’t know if I should stop but I couldn’t stop either, he held my head and shouts so loud
TENANT: shit! Shit!!
He released his sperms into my mouth, it tastes awful I didn’t know whether to spit it out or swallow it. He smiles at me and covers his waists with his towel, I dressed properly and smile back at him.. All of a sudden the door nob was slowly turned open, we both watched the door way as the door was pushed open, my mom stepped into the living room… She stares at me but says nothing, how on earth am I going to talk when I have my mouth filled with sperms……? Hahahah wait for me I will be right back……

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kessie bensonParticipant
The life of a thief is full of nervousness and drama and it’s a exactly what I’ve gotten myself into ( speaking to myself) my mom stares at me of course I know that look, she was waiting for an explanation. The tenant looks at me and looks at my mom too, I don’t know if he was actually thinking I was going to swallow the sperms and answer my mother or perhaps spit it out at that point… Hell no! If that’s what he’s thinking he should forget it (speaking in my mind) finally she broke the silence
MOM: I was looking for you
TENANT: well she came to apologize to me for her actions towards me this Y
MOM: oh I almost forgot I asked her to… That’s good of you Dromor, am proud of you
We all smiled, but I said nothing, I quickly walked out and slammed the door behind me, I spat is out quickly and wiped my mouth.. D–n!this thing tastes awful than it looks……
I laid on my back on my bed with my light off reflecting on what happened a couple of minutes ago in the tenants room… suddenly I starting getting turned on, my nipples were so hard and my pants were totally wet, I played with my nipples and they turned me on the more. Not long I heard the door being slammed, I knew my mom has finally retired to bed.. I stripped in front of the mirror and played with myself. Looking into the mirror I robbed my breast with a baby oil which made it very smooth and shiny,I poured a quantity in between my breast which rolled down my tommy down to my c——s, I robbed my middle finger on my right on my c——s whiles my fingers on my left smooched my nipples. The feeling was good and it was getting deeper and deeper I did it faster and I couldn’t help it than to moan like I was being laid by a man… I felt my c——s harden and the urethra opening….the feeling was soo strong i started screaming Ooooh…. Ooooohhhh….oooohhhh Yyeeeaaaahhh….oooooh yeaaaa…my p—y starts to gush out its fluids ooooohhhh muumuu Goooddddd as i scream and moan my body was shaking, my legs became weak n the juice keep gushing out bit by bit, i couldn’t take it anymore than to allow myself to flow like a fireman holding his water hose spraying on a wild fire…. The feeling was good i couldn’t think of anything at that moment my body kept shaking, and my legs were weak..the fluid was all over the mirror, and the carpet was somehow wet. I felt a bit relieved. I threw myself back into my bed breathing heavily and gasping for air….thinking I could sleep after that relieve but the feeling was so strong that I needed something extra… What is it with me I think this is getting out of hand, I couldn’t take it anymore I went back to the mirror trying to play with myself but suddenly I stopped. I checked the time, it was 55 minutes past 12 I slipped into my night gown without pants then covers up with my morning coat, I slowly walked out and locked my door, I slowly opened the main door and closes it behind me, I walked slowly to the tenants door, just as I was about knocking I heard a sound, I tried to listen carefully but it was very faint, I walked to the window and there ,it was the groan of a woman coming from his bed room…. She screams so loud I will say “a sweet pain” she was like ” give it to me.. Give its to me, it’s a long time.. Ah ah, oh yeah, hit is right there baby… Yeah am there, am there…” I was broken hearted and the feeling in me disappeared like a woman who just caught her boyfriend in the act… I wanted to leave but something stopped me… (Who could that be?) the voice sounds familiar… Suddenly the noise stopped, I heard nothing again I thought they had fallen asleep after that hot ride…I walk to the door wishing to knock so I can at least tell him how am feeling because I don’t think I can sleep in this. I heard foot steps, I was happy I knew I could at least get to talk to him, just as I was about to knock my mom came out of the room fixing her morning coat on…. I was frightened and my body became absolutely cold we both looked deep into our eyes, I could spot the tenant totally naked looking at my mother and I from afar… I didn’t know what to ask my mother, neither do I know what she was going to ask me but as it stands we both have to explain ourselves……..

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18 years of my life I have never seen my mom looking frustrated, confused and ashamed, I could read all these in her eyes and the look on her face…. I wanted to release her from her confused imprisonment so I acted the “good girl” role she has always casted me for….
NAA DROMOR: I heard voices…. Precisely your voice, I went into your room but you wherent there ( now that’s a very big lie) so I followed the direction of the sound….
She quickly slammed the door closed as she turned and realized the tenant was watching us in his total nakedness…. My words was like a relieve for my mom
MOM: am sorry for waking you up, my tenant had an issue with his girlfriend so they asked me to help them solve it…
NAA DROMOR: at this time? But you were loud and the sound……
MOM: shhhh….. (she cuts in) you need to go to sleep its late……
I thought about this all night… For the first time I’ve felt a pain deep down my heart…. For two weeks my mom never looked me in the eye, she was extremely silent at dinning which is unusual of her… The tenant became my worse enemy, his presence puts me off totally… This continued for weeks until one Thursday late afternoon when the sun was falling… I was watching a movie as usual in the living room all alone in the house… Suddenly I saw the room darken at once, I checked outside and saw the clouds forming. The sky looks dark which looks like the rain could fall at any tick of the clock. I spotted the tenant’s cloths on the line, I decided not to mind because we not on good terms but me and my sympathetic life style, I quickly picked the bowl and run out…. Just after entering the room with his cloths I saw his car speeding onto the compound… I peeped him through the window as he packs the bags of groceries into his room… I didn’t want to take his cloths to him but I noticed he came out to check the line and went back inside… I carried the bowl with his cloths and walk to his door…. The wind started blowing very hard, I knocked twice he didn’t open up, I wanted to return into the room before the rain starts… But the wind which carried a heavy dust which covers the atmosphere got me scared so I opened his door and entered the living room…. He wasn’t there I placed the bowl on his couch and stood for a while, he entered the living room looking all hasty.. He had a shocking look on his face of curse I know what that means…..
NAA DROMOR: I brought your cloths
TENANT: thank you….
I turned to leave
TENANT: no don’t go outside, it dangerous you could get hurt…
The pain in my heart led me to the door before he could say jack I had already opened the door….I met a heap of sand at the door which found its way into the living room… Suddenly the rain begun to gal heavily, I slammed the door and leaned behind it, he watched me and I watched him too…. He held me by the hand and took me to sit on his sofa….I sat uncomfortably praying for the rain to stop, I could tell how cold it was outside from the cold wind that came into the room through the window… I robbed my hands around my shoulders trying to keep myself warm, I felt a warm hands running down my hands through my body down to my him from behind even though I didn’t want to respond I felt warm in his arms so I relaxed he held my firm breast and squeezed it like he was expecting milk out of it, he laid me in the sofa and behind to s–k my nipples, I couldn’t help it than to cooperate…. He unzipped my shorts and pulled it off my body like a macho man, he took off my top, gripped my two heavy breast and looked me in the eye
TENANT: the last time was me, today is you
I just looked but said nothing… He grabbed my c——s and s–k then with a force as if he was trying to rip it off… I loved it but I couldn’t show any sign than to swallow my feelings and enjoy in silence… (I can’t take this anymore) I looked at him s–k it and said in my lowest tone
NAA DROMOR: I want you in me…..
He smiled and drop his shorts… It was my second time seeing his BBC.. (Hahah I mean his Big Black C–k) the semen gushing out was like a mad dogs saliva dripping from its fangs… He went on his knees, drag me by my two legs and drew me closer to him, he robbed the thick tip of his c–k on my wet c——s and pushes it in.. (Jeez this is bigger than I thought) I felt a sharp pain down there I screamed along side the thunder storms and the lightening that came with the heavy rain, he pounds on me and thrusted in me like he’s been waiting for it for long… I watch him groan and moan ,he gripped my thighs and hooked me with his left arm ,he raised me and held me like a baby whiles he still has his BBC in me, he walked around the room carrying me and pouncing me up and down… Trust me I’ve never seen or head this but this is too good for my liking…he s—-d my nipples whiles he still carried me, I could feel him vibrating inside me, that made it more sensitive.. I felt like reaching o—-m ,there I took my shyness away, and gripped him with my two fingers, I started winding my waist and he watched me, I gripped him harder and he pushes it in the more,
NAA DROMOR: I feel like….. Oh shhh… Oh oh Yh yes, yes
TENANT: Come on my c–k baby… I think am there too… You are sweet…
Now I was more turned on, my body started vibrating and I could feel him shake as well
NAA DROMOR: Am coming…. Am coming !!!!
TENANT: Am coming too !!!!
Now we were nothing screaming…. He came in me and I came on his BBC too… He looked at me and smiled, but I didn’t smile back I just wore my cloths and walked out on the rain even though he tried to stop me.. I entered the room only to find my mom looking through the window… Meaning she saw me coming out from the tenant’s room, she said nothing to me and I walked past her into my bed room….

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The taxi stops right in front of the administration, I took out 10 cedis from my hand bag and hands it over to the driver, I looks around the whole compound which looked quiet dusty because the school is on vacation. Pulled down my tight skimpy dress trying to look a bit decent in the eyes of my headmaster, (oh God please let me have good grades) that’s the prayer in my head…even though I’ve been naughty lately I never want to disappoint my mom. Even if I couldn’t keep my virginity as she thinks now I should be able to make her proud with good grades… These were running through my mind walks I walk to the headmasters office, I knocked twice on the door, then a deep voice responded from afar
BIG VOICE: the door is open
I slowly turned the door nob open with a nervousness vibrating through my body, guess who I met there… Andrew, “Lizzy’s supposed blind date boyfriend” guess we were both surprised to see each other
NAA DROMOR: Andrew… Do you work here?
ANDREW: its a pleasure to meet you again Naa.. No I don’t work here, my father sent me to get him some documents
NAA DROMOR: your father is the headmaster? I schooled here and I was coming for my results
We had a long conversation, chatting and laughing out so loud we got attracted to each other again, he got off his feet and kissed my shiny thick lips which I had painted with a strawberry lip balm… He kissed so deep, he fumbled my breast through my tight cotton dress, he dipped his hands into my dress and grabs my breast with his two hands, he s—-d them so hard in turns… I took off his shirt robbed my hands through his muscular body… I stripped him totally naked pushed him into the chair and grabs his BC (BLACK C–K) I s—-d them with passion I loved how he wined his waist in responds to my actions, he grips my breast tighter the more sweeter and faster I do it, I was totally wet to an extent that I could feel the water dripping and jumped on him and slowly inserted his c–k into my kitty. He seem to be even more steady in thrusting me back and forth than he previously was. Sweats drips down my spine in ecstasy and at that moment I thought I was in heaven. I have no option than to play along to the rhythms in the movement of his waist.
LIZZY: what is wrong with you
NAA DROMOR: me? Nothing, why do I look sick.
( yawning and rubbing my eyes to look clearly into the eyes of my cousin)
LIZZY: no! You don’t but you sounded crazy, moaning and winning your waist on your bed mentioning ANDREW… By the way who is Andrew? NAA DROMOR: Andrew? And who is Andrew? I should be asking you..
Then my mom entered, Lizzy leave us alone I want to talk to my daughter… She quickly walks out and slams my door.
MOM: I want to have a word with you.. Suddenly my feet’s were cold and my lips became dry what worsened the plight was the look in her eyes. I was nervous and got my mind running like a ROM asking myself a million questions at the same time…..

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The look in my mom’s eyes got me more nervous and shy, I couldn’t look into her eyes, I had my eyes fixed on the purple flowery coloured carpet…..
MOM: Your head master called me, he told me your results have been released so I checked them online.
I was frightened and quiet surprised, just what I had dreamt about, I looked into her eyes which I haven’t done in the past two weeks, I sensed some kind of pain which told me everything wasn’t alright but I still said nothing.
MOM: Your results blew me away…. All am trying to say is am proud of you.
Now that brought a broad smile on my face. At least she still believes in me. I never want to let her down with my grades.
MOM: You’ve always made me proud, my greatest priority is you keeping your virginity till today…am always happy you don’t do friends, am sure by now they would have lured you into breaking your virginity, I always boast of you to my friends and they are all proud of me having a virgin in my house… thank you for making me a proud mother…….
Honestly, I can’t believe my mom still thinks am a virgin…. Is that some kind of a joke? Upon our several encounters she still thinks am green? All these run through my mind and all I could do was to give a feign smile to the broad smile on her face.
MOM: Get off your bed, enter the shower and get dressed, we are hosting a guest tonight.
She tapped my shoulders and walked out of my room…. I watched her shut my door and her words rang through my mind like a wedding bell… and who could that guest be… I quickly jumped into the shower. I run my hands through my kitty and felt slimy down there. I smiled upon reflecting on what happened a couple of hours ago whiles I washed down. I wiped myself whiles I looked at my naked body in the mirror. It reminded me of the dream, which got me turned on as usual. I reached for my baby oil and robbed it on my body. I tickled my breast which got me more turned on. I could hear my mom calling from the dining hall, I quickly robbed my fingers on my c——s as fast as I can before she enters my room, and suddenly I felt the rush. I felt the vibration in my body and all I felt like doing was moaning, I moaned so loud whiles the fluid gushed out from my kitty spreading on my dressing mirror and my carpet…. I head footsteps approaching my door, I quickly covered my body and pretended to be dressing up. She opened the door hastily.
MOM: Are you alright?
I nodded.
MOM: Hurry up and join us, our guest is here!!
I donned my pink skimpy straight dress after smearing my body with my sweet scented body lotion, made up my face a bit with my face powder and a little lip balm on my lips… I stepped out of my room and gorgeously walked to the dining hall just to meet our guess wanting to look attractive in his eyes if he was a male….. I was shocked to my bone upon seeing Andrew seated at the dining with my mom and my cousin waiting for me, we both looked at each other……….

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I have never felt this discomfort, nervous and confused.. From nowhere sweat trickled down from my black bushy down cut hair, through my back line into my anus, I don’t know where it ended up…I could feel heat all over my body even though the weather was very cold outside… They all looked at me as I looked into their faces as if they were strangers.
LIZZY: Don’t tell me you still have sleep in your eyes
MOM: I think so…
Andrew smiled at me…. (D–n! That smile reminded me of our first intercourse), I couldn’t help it than to smile back…I quickly dropped the smile when I realised they still had their eyes fixed on me..I pulled the chair right opposite him of course it was a reserved seat, my mom introduced me as her daughter and Lizzy as the elder… I couldn’t believe what my mom said to Andrew
MOM: Both of my daughters are virgins and I must say am a proud mother.
Really? Lizzy a virgin? Well if you ask me I don’t know but I presume not.. If at my age “18” my so called proud mom thinks am a virgin whiles am not, what of a 26 years old woman… Haha.. Andrew looked at me straight in the eye, of course I know that look meant, we both pretended to be listening to the preacher “my mom” as we dined… I seriously don’t know what was making Lizzy smile but she wore a broad smile on her face throughout. Honestly I was jealous, nervous, angry, broken hearted and felt betrayed .. I know you will ask why… Let me tell you what you don’t know… Andrew and I have been talking day and night after our encounter, he promised me he was going to leave my cousin for me since my cousin didn’t now him.. I trusted him… We chat on social media, we get naughty more times and we exchange nude pictures as well…he promised me he was going to wait till am 20 then come see my mom so what happened?… He was happily holding my cousins hand laughing to my moms jokes and conversation, I was getting more furious within… I didn’t take part in the conversation because I was angry and if care is not taken I may lose control and end up disgracing myself…. I slowly stretched my leg and placed it in between his thighs wanting to kick his balls… He dropped the smile and looked into my eyes, I looked away as if I know nothing.. I robbed my toe on his flap, I could feel his quick erection, now he sounded confused… Suddenly the rain begins to fall again, heavier than previous… My mom said to my cousin
MOM: get the guest room ready for him… I don’t think the rain is stopping any moment from now..
I smiled in my mind but wore the biggest frown on my face….my mom took Andrew to the living room where they had a happy conversation, my cousin joined me in the kitchen after preparing the guest room whiles I washed the plates….
NAA DROMOR: your man is handsome
LIZZY: was he the one you saw in your dream?
NAA DROMOR: there are over 5000 Andrew’s in the world(I cut in angrily) ….
I angrily walked out of the kitchen which is actually normal of me, my room and my bed are my best friends… That night…. I will call it “mystery night” I still didn’t believe my cousin was a virgin, I thought deep of it…. Late in the night around 11pm I heard all the doors being shut and locked… You know what that means….. I waited for 30 minutes predicting they will all be asleep my now. I powdered my body with a sweet scented powder from Paris,adorned my transparent white night gown without lingerie on and tiptoed into his room… He was nowhere to be found but the falling of the water told me he was in the bathroom, he smiled upon seeing me. he quickly closed the tap and grabbed me by the waist, it wasn’t time for question and answers it was time for action.. He kissed me with passion, I felt it deep down my kitty.. I held his big black c–k (BBC) and robbed it, he rolled down my kitty raised my left legs and placed it on the bed, he went on his knees and grabbed my c–t.. I couldn’t help it than moan, he had his left hand holding on tight to my hard t–s, I couldn’t take it any more…I pushed him on the bed just as I was about to sit on him a silent knock came on the door…. I got frightened, I was looking for a place to hide, I quickly pushed my thick body under the bed… He opened the door and Lizzy entered… “ IF YOU WERE ME, WHAT WILL YOU DO”..

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This is the creepiest moment l’ve ever experience in my entire 18 years of living. I silently endured the scratches and broses I got on my body while trying to hide… I was peeping from my corner even though I was suffering and being chocked by dust.. Lizzy looked at Andrew’s naked body and I could tell from the look on her face she wanted him so bad
LIZZY: wow! You are huge in reality than what I saw in the picture..
He said nothing but smiled… I could sense nervousness on his face.. Lizzy dropped her night gown and moved closer to him..
ANDREW: Baby. . your mom,
LIZZY: she’s fast asleep by now
ANDREW: your sister…
LIZZY: she’s asleep too…. Come on hold me
He held her and kissed her passionately…… He s—-d her small breast with some kind of love and passion I’ve never seen in his eyes.. He carried her and placed her on the bed.. OMG I felt the weight on me, I didn’t know what was happening again but I could hear groans and moans while I was being compressed under the bed. I felt the bed moving, and the speed kept increasing.. All i could hear was kum, kum, kum the movement of the bed. I could imagine the power and the strength he’s venting on my cousin… I felt a sharp pain within, my heart started beating extremely fast and from no where tears dropped down my eyes… I can’t explain how I was feeling at that time, you will call it jealousy but I will call it “PAIN”.. Then I heard voices, like ha, ha, aaww, am coming in my cousin’s voice.. I heard Andrew too, oh, ah… The bed started moving faster than its usual speed, I felt more pain on my back, suddenly I felt a liquid fluid on my shoulders.. Blood ?The tip of the rough woods and nails had scratched my back and was causing pain. It was unbearable.. As they both entered the bathroom after that hot sex.. I came out slowly and tip toed into my room….I couldn’t believe the bruises I had on my back, my white night gown was soaked in blood, I quickly entered the shower shedding tears out of two pains, being broken hearted and being hurt. Whiles looking into the mirror after the shower, I realized I had lost one ear ring… I started looking around for it… Just then my cousin entered.. I was frightened, we looked into each others eyes
LIZZY: why are you still awake?
NAA DROMOR: I have stomach upset .
She stretched her hand.. They laid my ear ring in her palm.. I pretended not to know it was missing, I touched my ears and I was like
NAA DROMOR: that’s mine
LIZZY: yes I know, but am not giving it to you, until you tell me what it was doing in the guest room…
What do you think is going to happen next?

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It was past 1am and my cousin still stood in my room expecting an explanation which I wasn’t ready to give….
LIZZY: You better start talking else I will wake mom up and you know what will follow…
NAA DROMOR: Ok fine I have a confession, but first you have to promise me you are not going to spill my beans to mum….. Promise?
She thought for a while… then agreed, just as she was about sitting on my bed, she flashes on my bloody night gown, she took and gave me a surprised look.
LIZZY: Dromor, don’t tell me Andrew broke your virginity….
She said, raising her voice
NAA DROMOR: Shuuuuuush !!!.. You will wake mummy up… just sit down, it has nothing to do with sex, yes I admit I was in Andrew’s room, but far from what you’re thinking. I didn’t believe when mom said you were still a virgin, so I sneaked into his room whiles he was in the shower, and hid under the bed so I……
LIZZY: so you saw everything?(she exclaimed with her eyes wide open)
NAA DROMOR:Yes… and I heard everything… and I know you are not a virgin as mummy thinks.
I saw nervousness and disappointment in her ( ha-ha, let’s see who’s going to be submissive to who) I said that in my mind… she confessed to me she broke her virginity a year ago, but didn’t tell me who, that is none of my business though…. All I needed was the truth…. Sometimes it’s good to be smart….she handed over my earrings, we both promised each other not to tell mom about our little secret else my mom will kill me…just as she opens the door to step out of my room Andrew fell on the ground upon leaning against my door… we both looked into each other’s face in surprise…. He started explaining himself out of shame and guilt.
ANDREW: I heard voices and I…..i..i… (he stutters)
With my eyes gazed at his slender but dashing body moving vertically from his head to toe, I chipped in “Who cares?” and walked away slamming the door behind me leaving them to fix their square pegs in square holes.
The hard knock on the door woke me up…I checked the time and it was 55 minutes past 11am… I might have over slept due to last night’s encounter, the whole house was quiet, as usual I’ve been left all alone at home… the knock came again, I quickly jumped off the bed and dashed out, I was frightened to have seen Brian at the door… yes I know you are confused… let me explain, Brian is the “dadaba” in my area, he’s the only son of his rich parents. Brian was the first guy to have introduced me to sex, I was green then but he ruined my pride out of our curiosity. We are of the same age, but he knew more than I did, he took my pride at a very early age…. I stared at him like a stooge.
BRIAN: Can I at least come in?(with that charming look in his face)
Just as I closed the door behind me, he grabbed me and kissed me, I hadn’t even brushed by then, but his mood was high so he didn’t even care, I could feel his hard c–k robbing me, even though I was feeling pain at my back, I still felt the sweetness in his kiss, we both stripped each other, just as he placed me on the dining table, there came another hard knock on the door…I quickly wore my night gown but pushed him into my room naked with his cloths still on the floor.. I opened the door and I couldn’t believe Andrew had returned to the house…
ANDREW: I came to finish what we started…
I was nervous, the desire for him had fled, I watched him undress himself… suddenly I heard the main gate being slammed, I checked the window… Oh no! Lizzy was heading towards the door, I was more confused than ever…I quickly pushed Andrew into my room picked up their cloths and threw them at him then slammed the door. Then Lizzy entered…
LIZZY: You now waking up I guess… I left my phone on your dressing table after using your pomade…
Before I could say jack, she had already stormed my room… I started to concoct lies in my mind…she came out with the phone in her hand, giving me a look which meant to me that there was nothing but trouble… Before I could realize the floor was filled with urine…Gosh I have peed!! Oh, the life of a thief.

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I felt the heat of the urine as it ran down in between my thighs down to my feet, my body was vibrating as if i’ve been electrocuted.The cold hands of fear grip my heart and the feeling has been channelled through me which caused the speed of my heartbeat to increase at a rate of lightening. am sure if I was hypertension patient then that day would have been my last…..
LIZZY: I thought I told to get rid of your bloody night gown? Why are you so lazy and careless sometimes? What if mom sees it, what will be your explanation?(She asked in that her commanding voice)
“She raised her voice at me as if she really cared about what I do with my bloody night gown. For me I knew she was only protecting her little secret she has with me. Trust me if not for that little secret she will not hesitate telling my mom about me sneaking into Andrew’s room” my relived but fear gripped mind says…….I looked at her but said nothing
LIZZY: “Better get rid of that gown….. And get rid of that mess on the floor before the whole place starts smelling of urine”(she yelled again) ….
She commands again as she walks towards door and slams the door behind her,Noe gaining hold of my emotions after been stagnated in that pool of urine, I tiptoed and peeped through the window to make sure she was totally out of sight before I do anything else….. I was confused (does that means she didn’t see the two boys in my room?) that run through my mind, I quickly stormed into my room and the two boys were nowhere to be found, I searched everywhere for them, I quickly entered the bathroom and I couldn’t believe the two guys were at each other’s throat… I was frightened at the sight, I didn’t know what they were fighting over, but if it’s about me then both of them are crazy. I yelled at them and commanded both of them to leave my room either dressed or undressed, I vented my spleen on Andrew for almost putting me in trouble, of course if not for Andrew ,Lizzy would have taken it normal to see Brian around because both families know about our friendship but not of our little sexual secret…
BRIAN: Naa Dromor, is he the reason why you’ve been avoiding me?
ANDREW: shut up! Dromor, I thought I told you I was going to return to you?
NAA DROMOR: no you didn’t, you got me all injured and almost got me into trouble.
ANDREW: I hit you with a text message that I was going to return to you after mom and Lizzy have left
I walked over to my dressing mirror,picked up my phone and checked,alas it was true, both of them argued, threw shades and threaten of going at each other throat for me. What I don’t understand is why Andrew is doing all these, I thought he loved my cousin so why is he fighting the little boy over me? I drove both of them out of my room, half way dressed. They got me thinking after a while. I kept on reflecting on what happened a couple minutes ago after they had both left my house….
Weeks passed and our family was at its normal state, Lizzy and I kept our little secret from our mom, everything was fine, I kept masturbating because Andrew was out of town and Brian was still angry at me….. One night after dinner when everybody had retired to bed, I powered my body with my sweet scented talcum powered and splashed my body as usual. Smelling sweet and very seductive. I wore my pink transparent night gown which is his favourite, sneaked out and slowly turned the knob of the tenants door but the door was locked, I knocked gently making sure I don’t wake anybody up, it took him sometime to open the door, he was already naked with his Big Black C–k (BBC) already up looking at me straight in the eye, d–n! That was appetising(I was so engrossed in just satisfying my desire than thinking about why he was make with an erected BBC), he closed the door behind me, he seem to be too calm tonight, I know him to be quick and rough when it came to sex, for me I wanted him so bad so I quickly dropped my night gown, he looks at my big round hard standing breast and I could tell how bad he wanted to s–k my nipples as they look at him straight in the eye… I robbed my hand around his BBC it was getting bigger, harder and slippery while his semen dripped into my palm, he s—-d my n—-e with some expertise, I felt all he wanted at that time was to ejaculate, I could feel his BBC vibrating, I pushed him into the sofa,slowly climbed him as he stare at me.positioned myself and penetrated his BBC into my wet kitty, he gripped me by the waist and groan, I begun winding my waist, I watched him roll his eyes whiles I rolled mine too, I tried screaming but he covered my mouth, that was strange but all I wanted was to come and be free, he gripped me hard and begun to bang me harder, I felt my body vibrating, I knew I was getting there and I winded harder too, I was so much in a haste to come then the door knob turned open and followed with a knock because the door was locked, he quickly, pushed me off him and asked me to hide, (d–n! Who could that be at this point) I was frightened though, I quickly picked up my night gown and entered his kitchen…. There was Lizzy hiding behind the door half naked, we were both shocked at each other’s sight…we started arguing under tone… not long after we heard moans, and groans, so I decided to go peep wondering who that could be, this man has been sleeping with me, my cousin and my mom which am not really sure off….I was heartbroken to see my mom being banged so hard by the tenant in his bed room, as I went out to peep tracing the sound of the moans, even though Lizzy stopped me…I stormed into the room because I couldn’t stand the sight.
They both looked at me, as tears trickled down my face out of pain, guilt and regrets..
The end

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