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[STORY] LOVING Two (episode 1-5)

[STORY] LOVING Two (episode 1-5)

Eric walked into the parking lot, waiting for their driver to come pick him up. It was his last day of secondary school which made him felt extremely relieved

He lived with his uncle in town while his parent resides at their village making up with their family farm lands and engaging in small petty trades. They sell the products of their farm to purchase what they do not produce and save the remnant of the sale

Eric groaned as he leaned on a land rover that was parked at the school parking lot, the driver he was waiting for was just an ass as he usually refer him because the man was a chronic drunk and never show up on any assignment on time. Eric wondered why his uncle still keeps him despite the fact that he knew the life style of the man. He will not allow the driver’s behaviour to ruin his present happy moment

“Hey” he heard the most angelic voice he has never heard from any girl in that school. He turned to see the most beautiful creature he has ever seen frowning at him. He wondered if the girl was newbie in the school because he has never seen her before. He turned as he rested his leg backward on the tyre of the car with his hands crossed around his chest

“Hi beauty” he smiled trying to be calm because he was very nervous and a good look from the girl will expose him. He has never been in any fruitful relationship and he always finds it difficult to speak with girls because he never had the chance to associate with people due to the location of their house. His only chance to mingle with people was only at school because the schedule of their church never grant him opportunity to speak with anybody no matter how he tried

“I want to enter my car” she rudely said without replying him pointing to the car that Eric was leaning on as he was blocking the driver’s door. Eric stared at her in aware not knowing what to say because he found himself in missed feeling of anger and fulfilment. Fulfilment because that was the first time he was able to stare at a girl’s face without looking away. He dropped his leg on the ground and straightened his tie

“I am sorry beauty, didn’t know it was yours, was waiting for my driver to come pick me up** he gleamed while the girl stared at him without uttering anything. Eric finds himself smiling because he never understands the sudden courage he was mustering before the girl. The girl bite her lip as she wondered why he was smiling.

“I am Eric and you….” he said as he moved closer to her. He took the opportunity to study the beautiful face of the girl. Her eyes were deep blue and her chocolate skin glittered under the hot sun. Her hair was curly loosed as it fell backward. Her lip was full and pink with a long eye brow which matched her oval like face

“Why should i tell you my name when you are here wasting my time?” she rudely replied for the umpteenth time. Eric felt angry but that will never make him feel like a coward, moreover, the girl involved was his dream girl and no insult from her will have any effect on him

“I told you my name and you…..” Eric began but the girl cut him short

“I never asked for your name, i just asked for you to give me chance to enter my car that is all. Why would you have to take that as an opportunity to ask me questions?” she angrily replied while Eric only smiled. He was liking the courage of the girl, everything about her

“I am sorry if i am frustrating you but i only asked of your name and nothing more” he confidently replied while the girl shrugged in resignation and Eric smiled once again

“Okay, my name is Ann. Can i go now?” the girl asked. Eric stared at the girl again; the name was of no use to him because he was not sure if he was going to be able to return to the school again

“A beautiful name for a beautiful angel” he smiled “I will give you chance to have access to your car if you will only give me your phone number” he pressed on

The girl looked at Eric like he has asked her for her precious virginity. She thought for sometimes but couldn’t come up with any reason for giving a total stranger her phone number and she equally didn’t see any reason why she wouldn’t ditch out her number to him because he looked cool and not in any way harmful

“Why should i give you my number?” she heard herself asked rather than speak

“I don’t mean any harm, i just want to be friend” Eric replied scanning her face will the girl looked away.

“Okay” she replied and scribed her number on a sheet of paper and handed it to him because they were not allowed to come to school with electronics as the school provide them with everything they needed

“Thanks” Eric muttered as he pocketed the paper “i will give you a call” he added as the girl stared at him from inside the car while he smiled and winked at her. Ann drove her car slowly looking on the side mirror to have a view of Eric

Just as Ann was out of the school compound, Eric spotted their driver approaching. He rushed to him not allowing him to park. His happiness has no limit, from been free from secondary problems as he termed it to coming in contact with his dream girl. He equally noticed a bit change in their driver. He was clean and obviously not drunk like he usually used to and he stared at him in surprise.

“I know that you will be surprised but i no longer take alcohol, all thanks to your advice” the driver smiled. “This is not happening” he muttered within himself. Not only has he stopped drinking, he was also speaking English unlike his usually broken pidgin (Real pidgin)


Ann couldn’t understand her feelings as she drove home. All she wished was to reach home safely because she was feeling somehow; she couldn’t understand the butterflies she felt when she stared at Eric. “No, this is not happening” she muttered. She has never fallen in love with any guy and this will not be the first but it has already been the first. She tried to fight the feeling but she only find herself loving everything about him; how he spoke, his voice, confidence and stature. She finds herself wishing to see him, to lay on his chest, for him to caresses her tender soft body. She felt a tingling between her legs as she imagined wrapping her lips with his

She alighted from his car and rushed back to close the gate. She dashed into his room with full speed like she was been pursued by ghosts knocking out many things in their sitting room. She threw off her school uniform and tossed herself on her bed with her inner wears on.

Ann was the only daughter of her father. Her father was a principal in another school at another town. She lived alone unless when her father returned during the weekend or vacation because her mum was late.

She brought out her phone to check if any new number will be calling but none came which made her feel disappointed. She wanted to hear his voice; she wanted him to make her laugh. All she thinks of was all about Eric that she forgot about the hunger that has been disturbing her from school


Eric entered the parlour to see his uncle seated on the couch which was unlike him because he is supposed to be at his office

“Good afternoon sir” he greeted as he walked toward his bedroom

“Good afternoon Eric” his uncle replied and he stopped on his track in astonishment. Many things seemed changed over some hours. His uncle never replied his greetings clearly, only murmuring some incoherent answers. That was how they have been living for years now. “Why does he reply him this warmly and even adding his name?” He asked himself.

“I will like to have some words with you immediately you are done with your lunch” His uncle requested rather than command as he usually do

“Okay sir” Eric replied as he hurriedly entered his room. He was too stunned at everything that has been happening to him since the turn out of the day. He became anxious at what his uncle wanted to tell him as he rushed his food and joined his uncle in the sitting room

“Eric, firstly, i want to apologise for the cold treatment i have been giving you over the years. I d’ tell you that i have been suffering with my business, the company was falling which made me lose my mind. I knew that i would have explained things to you because you are very intelligent but i don’t want to disturb you with my problems but thank God that everything is now okay” his uncle started and he could feel the pain in his voice

“No problem uncle, i knew that there must be something behind your sudden change and i am not angry about it as far as you are okay” Eric truthfully replied while his uncle patted his back gently

“ I got you a car and i think you will like it. You could go out as much as you want as from now but to try return home on time and always take good care of yourself” His uncle smiled at him handing him a new car key.

Eric was too stunned to utter a word. A car for him? He wiped his face to make sure that he was not dreaming. He stared at the car key on his palm and slapped himself very hard on the cheek to make sure he wake up if he was dreaming which made his uncle laughed at him

“You are not dreaming Eric. I have been planning on getting you one before my problems but now that i am okay, i decided to make it the first thing i will do” He said as he stared at him calmly

“Thank, you Uncle” Eric shouted as he made to go on his knee but his uncle held him. “Don’t do that” his uncle laughed as he drew him back on the seat

“i will like to meet your girlfriend and if you don’t have one, i will wait till you do but try to introduce her to me” his uncle surprisingly asked

“What?” Eric shouted in ecstasy

“And I will be travelling to village tomorrow, i will like to establish a sound business for your parents” his uncle said and stood up as he made to walk away

“Uncle, Wait” Eric shouted as he rushed to his uncle. “i will never forget this, you will never regret this, i promise to make you prou…………

“Shhhh…” his uncle stopped him “you can go and check the car, it is parked beside the water tank” he said as he entered into his room very satisfied while Eric jogged out of the house happily
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“Come have a look” Eric shouted at the driver as he got outside. The driver who was confused at his sudden change of attitude rushed to him should in case, it was an emergency because Eric was not allowed to relate with anybody, even within the same house

“Wow!” the driver exclaimed as he ran his palms on the body of the new yellow sport car. “Will oga have chance to use this car?” he asked as he opened the driver’s door of the car

“This is mine” Eric replied as he watched him put on the ignition of the car. Despite the fact that Eric never associate with the driver before, he was very intelligent that he was able to understand how to drive as he always sat on the front sit of their car every day. He one day asked the driver to allow him drive the car but the driver laughed insisting that even if he was perfect with driving, he wouldn’t have allowed him what more of when he has never controlled a car before but after much persuasion from him, the driver has no choice than to allow him drive the car and he was quiet good which baffled the driver

The driver switched off the ignition and stared at Eric awkwardly “What did you just said?” he asked as he fought the laughter that was building in him. Eric stared at him with dimples on his face. He never thought that the driver will doubt him but his reaction speak nothing but the truth. There was no way anybody would have believed him if he speak about the car because of how cold his uncle has been to him for some years

“I said …. This car is mine” he repeated with a smirk while the driver busted into laughter that echoed within the car. Eric stared at him in amusement; the man suddenly fixed his gaze on something. He picked up a paper from the car drawer and it was the car receipt which has Eric’s name as the owner of the car with his signature. The driver brought out other things from the drawer and handed them to Eric

“It is true” the driver exclaimed as Eric go through the car documents. He stared at a driver’s license that has his name and picture with his signature. He wondered how his uncle was able to know his signature. Anyhow he does, it only means that he go too far just to please and make him happy

Eric checked out the car with the driver who equally showed and explained some part of the car and their functions to him while he listened with rapt attention. His basic tools of knowledge was listening attentively. When they were done, he handed the driver some cash he found in the car and the man promised to use it on important things excluding intoxicators.

Eric headed to his room with the documents that the driver asked him to keep indoor while some remained in the car. He dropped the document on his drawer and inserted the ATM card that he found among the document into his wallet as he sat happily on the bed.

His uncle has not only given him the freedom he has longed for but also approved of him to have any girlfriend of his choice. His thought drifted to Ann, he was not going to miss any opportunity with her because he felt his love toward her. He wanted to spend every moment with her, hear her voice and watch her beautiful lips move

He picked up his phone and punched her phone number. His hand shakes as he tried to punch the call button. His body was racing; his blood seemed to be moving more faster while her heart beat increased. He didn’t know why he was feeling like that just because of calling her when he spoke with her in person confidently. He smiled as he remembered how she looked away when he stared at her. He knows that the girl was shy of him though she tried to conceal it. He confidently punched the send button as his body stabilized


Ann rolled and tossed on her bed as she tried to force herself to sleep but all her efforts were to no avail. Her thought kept sleep away from her, everything she wished was Eric. The hunger that was building in her system made all her body trembled but she never cared. She has stared at her phone screen for thousands time, expecting Eric’s call

She sluggishly made her way out of her room and tied a wrapper around her chest. She made her way to kitchen and checked the pots for any remnant of food as if she was living with many people. She was not able to cook in the morning as she woke up late and never wanted to be late to school. She d’ had taken only golden morn in the morning before leaving for school which left her exposed to early hunger than normal.

She opened the electric ovule in the kitchen and thank God, there was a whole fried chicken in it. She quickly put water on fire and chopped carrot and other vegetables into eatable sizes and in no time, she was done preparing delicious noodles which she carried to the dinning on a tray with a glass cup, cold yoghurt and the fried chicken.

She knew that she could not eat much because she was not food freak but she couldn’t stand another minutes slicing the chicken, she d’ rather do that as she eat. She sat lonely on the dinning and her loneliness drifted her thoughts back to Eric. She wondered why he has not call. “Maybe she was not beautiful or he does not have a feeling for her” she thought

She left the food on the dinning and walked back into her room. She stood in front of the tall mirror as she viewed herself. She has a slim body with what will be termed as massive boobs for her age and little big butty though not too big. Her skin sparkle every time and her eyes dazzled. She cupped her breast up and shakes it. She turned sideward to have a view of her backside and everything seemed perfect

“Anything wrong with me?” she asked herself as she stared at her image on the mirror “or was it because of what i did in the past?” she asked as she felt her leg becoming heavy, the hunger was really telling on her but she was not feeling it. Her concern for the present was all about Eric, “no Eric, no happiness for me” she said as tears began to drop from her eyes slowly which she quickly wiped off as if trying to hide it from people

Though she never did anything wrong in the past but she always referred it as dubious characters from her. She has the ability of shunning any male that stop her to have i chat with her and sometimes, she ended up been too rude. The only one that made most memory of her was the day she slapped a guy for attempting to kiss her but who wouldn’t be tempted to do so when her lips alone will drive you to doing things that will be termed more of crazy

She weakly returned to the dinning and the food was still a bit hot. She began to eat the food gently, counting the movement of her lips as she chewed. When she was done with the food, she returned to the kitchen to drink a cup of water rather than take the yoghurt she brought to the dinning. She felt very strong after taking the food and began to wash the plates. Her phone vibrated at that moment before her ringing tone came to life. The call took her unaware as she has lost all the hope that he will call. She hurriedly dropped the glass cup she was washing on the ground and it shattered into pieces but she never noticed as she wiped her hand with a napkin before pressing the answer button on her phone

“Hello Beauty” she heard that voice as she placed the phone on her left ear. Her body wriggled like a fever stricken baby. Her happiness was massive that she lost all her senses; she couldn’t mutter any reply to him rather than savour his voice. She began to smile rather than reply, she really liked it when been called beauty because she was indeed beautiful but not by anybody but him, and him alone. Not even her father would make her feel better than his voice

“Are you there” his voice sounded again jolting her from her rivalry. She couldn’t believe that she just made a fool of herself. Everything seemed weird to her but she was beginning to like every feeling she was having because she felt that it was special

“Yea, good ….. Afternoon” she stammered and smiled at her uneasiness. That was the first time she will be lost speaking with anybody and the fact that it was just on phone make everything interesting to her. She could notice him laugh a bit and she smiled hearing him laugh though she was sure that he never wanted to let her notice the laugh

“How has your day been?” she heard him asked with concerned and she felt great that somebody else cared about her except her family members. She giggled as she let out a little cough in order to organise herself

“I am really doing well” she replied trying to sound normal but her initial countenance betrayed her as it made her sounded too frustrated and broken. She gently placed her hand on her forehead as though to calm herself. She decided not to talk again so as not to expose her feelings again because it might sound more weird

“Are you okay? You sound weird” she heard him asked. She didn’t know what to say. His concern about her was much than she expected and she couldn’t just shut up without replying him

“I will be fine” she tried to end the discussion but couldn’t find herself ending the call, instead, she keep on wishing that he speak as his voice always melt his heart

“Can we meet at all star restaurant?” he asked while she kept mute for some time. It would be better if they meet so that she could know if he also feels weird speaking with her and his present will actually help her study him as she was not able to that when they first met

“Okay then” she happily replied “ I will be waiting for you there by 5pm prompt” she added and she could hear him said “Thank you before the call ended. She sighed. “Wouldn’t have been any
Much bad” she murmured


Eric held the phone to his eyes as it rang. He thought the girl was trying to play him by picking the call without uttering anything to him but when he finally heard her voice, he noticed that the girl was fighting to speak with him like someone that just woken up but he has to be sure as she sounded more depressed than somebody that was woken up

When he finally noticed that she was not in a good mood, he felt too concerned and felt as if it was him. He tried to fight the urge of asking about her problems as it may seemed that he was desperate but he find himself asking her. Her voice sounded the same but he could still notice the pain in it

When she finally admitted that she was not feeling okay, he felt heartbroken. He didn’t know what to say because he has never faced such situation before. He thinks quickly and came up with the plan of meeting with her. All star restaurant was a popular restaurant in town, it was very secluded and the security there was very tight to avoid any emergence attack. All most everyone in town liked the restaurant because their services was accurately
He smiled as the call ended. “Wouldn’t have been any much better” he giggled

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Ann darted into her bathroom in ecstasy; she couldn’t believe that she
would be meeting with him the same day. She whistled to herself as she
took time to scrub her body like though she has never taken a bath since
she was born. She let the warm water fell on her skin as she kept on
smiling savouring the sensation of the warmed water. She felt like dancing
but still, she felt she d’ rather jump; all in all, she was very happy but
her curiosity was getting out of hands as she seemed to be going crazy

She emerged from the bathroom after wasting much time doing nothing. She
rinsed her body as she walked to her dressing table. She deliberated on
what to wear, either bum short or fitted trouser or rather put on a short
tight gown but she was too confused on the choice to make. She didn’t want
to flop with her dressing on her first date when she has a lot of eye
catching stuffs in her wardrobe. She decided to go for a light blue jean
trouser which has a little with colour on the knee region; she completed
her dressing with a sleeveless top which let little inches of her Tommy
exposed. She applied makeup with a long gold earring, gold necklace, and
gold wrist watch which her mother got for her as her sixteenth birthday
gift. She completed it with a 4inches pointed high heel with a tender hand
bag she hung across her should which contained her white purse. She stared
at her reflection on the mirror, her dressing was not deliberately to kill
rather, and she was only acting out of point and curiosity but who
wouldn’t? She was still young and naive

She checked her wrist watch and it was still 4:30pm, 30minutes to the
scheduled time. Rather than stay lonely in the spacious house, she d’
rather wait for him at the restaurant and moreover, she felt that he might
be waiting for her. She drove out of the compound and made her way to the

The place was boozing as she alighted from her car and made her way into
the restaurant. She situated a very secluded table which contained two
seats opposite each other in such a way that she will be able to view the
entrance door. She brought out her phone from her hand bag and began to
play with it glancing upward at intervals anytime she felt that somebody
was entering the restaurant


Eric tossed his phone on the bed as he lay down, though he was anxious, he
didn’t have any reason to rush. He d’ rather imbibes by African time
rather than stay in the restaurant waiting for a girl who he was not sure
will definitely turn up. He picked up his phone and began to play music
from his bunch of tracks. The music helped to calm him down that he forgot
about everything

He gasped as his eyes met the wall clock; it was already 4:30. He quickly
rushed into his bathroom and in no time he was clearly clad in light green
jean with white top. He picked up enough money and slides it into his
wallet and made sure that is ATM was intact. He picked up his car key from
the table beside his bed and hurriedly walked out of the house; his uncle
has already left the house sometimes ago and will be returning late in the

He slammed the car door gently as he steer the car slowly, turning as he
faced the gate and blared the car horn. The gateman hurriedly opened the
gate and he gently accelerated the car toward the gate where he had a
short greeting with their driver before he drove out of the compound. He
couldn’t help but relish his feeling in the new car; he felt like a big
boy but will not allow that get into his head. He connected his phone to
the car stereo and selected Never say never by Justine Bierber ft Jaden
smith and lowered the volume in such a way that it pierce into the heart.
He felt nothing but total happiness; one of the best day in his life

He sighted Ann’s car as he drove into the restaurant environ. He quickly
packed beside hers and made his way into the restaurant scanning every
table as he bid to locate her


Ann raised her head and behold, her eyes fell on him, yes, him, whom she
has been waiting for. She was too astounded to wave at him, she never got
the chance to check him out very well the other time at school. Rather
coincidentally, he was putting on the same cloth colour combination as
hers. She watched as he scanned every occupant of the table possibly
searching for her. She was too engrossed at him and still couldn’t wave at
him as he brought out his phone and dialled a number as he kept on
scanning for her. Her phone rang jolting her back to her normal sense. She
stood up and wave at him with a smile and she couldn’t help but like the
smile that flashed through his face immediately he sighted her moving
gallantly toward her like he was counting his every steps

“Hi Ann” he beamed with smile as he drew out the chair opposite her and
made himself comfortable with his hands resting on the table as he stared
at her. He couldn’t keep his gaze off her as she blush not able to stare
at him

“Good evening Ricky” she managed to say. She felt like slapping herself,
she didn’t know why she couldn’t maintain eye contact with him. She didn’t
know when she called him Ricky instead of Eric, everything seemed getting
out of control from her but she believed she will definitely get use to it

“Ricky?” she heard him asked. She gnarled silently and bite her lips. That
sounded too romantic and she couldn’t imagine what will be racing through
his mind. He might be thinking that she was already in love with him;
desperate or rather cheap as most guys might think but hers, she didn’t
know what to term it rather than love at first sight “that sounds
romantic” she heard him continue and she felt like dashing out of the
restaurant but she felt an internal force holding her glued to the chair

“Erm, i didn’t mean to call you that….it just escaped my mouth” she
managed to shutter but felt that she has flattered everything more. “i
understand” she heard him said with happiness in his voice. What does he
understand? She asked herself. If he really understand, he would have held
her, kiss and run her hand all over her body

“You haven’t ordered for anything?” she heard him asked and she raised her
face to look at him but she was short of words as she didn’t know any
genuine reason to give him. She quickly brought down her head down again
staring at nothing on her phone “Don’t worry, i will call the waiter” she
sighed as he saved her the embarrassment of any explanation. She lifted
her head to have a quick look at him as he beckoned at a waitress who
presented them with the list

Ann scanned through the list as Eric also does but it seemed that he was
through with the list and waiting for her to place her order first
“Wendy’s BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad” she spoke out still staring at the list
“Fish recipe” she heard him speak before the waiter went away to get their

“I could see that you are uneasy, but i d’ assure you that i am cool and
you don’t have to be shy toward me because i am equally shy of you but
have to conceal it” he said trying to calm her down and it really worked
as she raised her head up to smile at him while he smiled back to her
nodding to her. She felt relax as they stared at each other. Though Ann
was not always with people, she was the talking type to the extent that
she could talk nonstop from morning to night, jumping from one topic to
the other and her smile and laugh was quite amazing as it left most guys

“Okay” she replied with a smile as the waiter returned with their orders,
placing them on their respective front before bouncing her butt out of
sight not after giving Eric a seductive smile
Anna felt a bit jealous but pushed the thought away as she knew that Eric
did not even notice her moves.

“I am very happy that you brought me here. I like everything here, the
environment, the atmosphere the food and their activities” she smiled
looking at Eric who was staring at her without uttering anything. She
marvelled at how she was consuming the food with the fact that she does
not eat much and moreover, she has eaten after returning from school
though not much

“I think you are the talking type but has been shy all these while but at
least, wait until we are done with the food” Eric teased while she frown
before letting out a bit smile. Eric glanced at her plate and found out
that she was almost finished “you want another?” he asked as he put his
food into his mouth staring at her

Ann just stared at him, she don’t want to look like a food freak but
before he could reply, Eric has already made the order while she just
gasped. “Don’t worry, i understand” He assured her as her order was placed

“I am not used to eat much but i don’t really know what is wrong with me
now” she complained as she began to eat the food gently. “i think you
shouldn’t have complained, everything has a reason” he calmly replied
while she smiled inwardly. The guy was quite an understanding gentleman
she thought

“So” Eric began as they sipped their wine from respective glass cups after
the waiter has cleared their table. “You looked much beautiful than i
noticed at school. Your feature, colour, dressing all speak on one word
“beauty” and if you don’t mind, be my lover, my heart and my everything”
he uttered trying to sound normal because he was lack of words. She felt
him stared at her with pity, his face were no longer gleaming rather, it
was pale. Her heart was beating, she could hear it and she was sure that
he could also hear it. She stared at him with his eyes burning

She let out a little smile, she could notice that he was a learner and
meant every word he has uttered and so, she don’t want to make it hard for
him because he might fumble or withdrew his words and she was not ready
for that. “Okay, let see how it goes” she replied smiling. She could
notice his face lightened up as that smile returned on his face

“Does that mean Yes?” he asked holding her hands, stroking them gently
“Yes, it is a yes” she almost shouted. She could feel the happiness in his
heart and hers was not exceptional either. She felt as he moved his head
closer still stroking her hands. Her body began to tremble as she also
moved her head toward his until their mouth collided. The sensation on her
body was intense as she had her first kiss. The kiss was brief but she
felt that it lasted more. She felt shy as they stared at each other after
the kiss but Eric nodded at her as they held each other

“I want you to promise me something” she requested as she stared at him
with all seriousness “Anything, just mention it and i d’ promise you” Eric
replied happily.

“i want you to promise me that you will never lie to me” she requested
while Eric chuckled “is that all?” Eric asked while she nodded “I give you
my word” Eric replied while she smiled in satisfaction

“You can ask me any favour, i will promise you” she requested while Eric
shrugged “Mine is more than one” he eyed her “you can go on” she replied
“Okay” Eric started “I really love you and i am the jealous type, i will
feel angry whenever i see you speak with another guy and i want you to
trust me no matter what” he pierced into her eyes

“you have my word she replied as she got up and gave him a peck

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Eric accompanied Ann home from the restaurant under her persistence on knowing her home. That marked the beginning of their blistering relationship. Eric could never keep the memory of their first intimate session off as well as Ann.

It was a cool evening; the breeze was slow but real cool after a heavy rainfall. Eric decided to make a surprise visit to his girlfriend. He arrived at their gate and blared the horn of his car. In less than ten minutes, the gate was opened and he accelerated in

“wow! Was not expecting you” Ann exclaimed immediately he alighted from his car, throwing herself on him in a very warm embrace. She held him to herself very tightly as the locked mouth together

“Wanted to make it a surprise” Eric replied as he carried her into the house. He dropped her on the couch and the sat together staring at each other.

“And you got me” she replied with a satisfactory smile. It was obvious that she love him and she don’t have any fear as she knew that he also love her with passion; their bond was as strong as a single stone “Let me get you something” she added and made to stand up but Eric restrained her

“I don’t think that i will need any other refreshment when i have one with me” H replied smiling at her while she looked confused. She does not understand what he was talking about because he didn’t come with anything or maybe he left it in his car

“What?” she asked with a coloured face while he smiled at her without making any move on getting whatsoever he was talking about

“Don’t tell me that you are confused because you are no longer a kid” he smirked and she smiled though still not getting what he meant but she decided to conceal

“Honestly, i don’t understand what you are talking about” she muted and threw her face from his gaze because she felt ashamed

Instead of replying her, Eric drew her face closer to his and planted a wet kiss on her lips. Ann closed her eyes as his soft lips worked on hers. Her body shuddered, as the kiss continued. “How about this?” Eric asked but she was still lost with her eyes closed. She imagined if that was how everybody feels about real kiss. Though they usually kiss, it was just ordinary kiss on the lips and pecks but this one was very different with great passion. She wondered if it was what she has been missing all these while

She opened her eyes to see Eric smiling at her “What about this refreshment?” he asked again while she smiled “Best for the time been though for me” she replied in a very romantic voice she didn’t know where it came from. She could see his face lightened up and dimples appearing on his face as he let out a little smile

“More refreshments?” he asked still smiling while she nodded shyly. Eric grabbed her head as the kissed. It became intense that they roll down on the couch. In no time their clothes were flying in different directions

“That was awaresome” Ann smirked as she struggled to get up “Though painful” she added. Eric felt pained. He didn’t meant to do it with her, he love her very much and never intended to hurt her but things got out of hand and he lost all his memory; he couldn’t control himself. He pitied her as she turned away from him to clean the blood on her thigh

“I am sorry baby, i didn’t meant to hurt you,…i just couldn’t control myself” he regretfully apologised. “You don’t have to feel guilt about anything because i know that it will definitely happen one day and i am very happy that it was with you, you don’t have to apologise moreover, i was the one that forced you to do it” she replied as she got up “I will be fine, it is always normal for us but it is alright” she said as she pecked him and struggled as she made her way into the kitchen.

Eric dressed up and sat in the sitting room, he was still feeling guilty of what happened and don’t know how to face her. Ann returned to the sitting room and her walk was stabled a little though she was still not fully normal. Soon, they were gisting and laughing as she told him about her parents and how they pampered her. He equally told him that her dad will be sad to see her with him which meant that he couldn’t visit again as her father will be returning sooner. Eric was very disgusted as her drove back that day though there was nothing he could do because though his uncle will accommodate her if she visits him, he feel it was not the right thing to do


Their main problem though began on the third months of their relationship. The university of which Eric applied has already released their batch A and batch B list of their admission and yet, his name was not included despite the fact that he scored above the school cut off mark in the UTME and above the departmental cut off mark of his course of choice Post UTME

When he heard that the school have finally released the last list before the supplementary list, he checked on his phone and pc but yet, he couldn’t find his information. He didn’t want to disappoint his uncle as he promised but everything was crashing at his feet. He picked up his car key and drove roughly out of the compound; he was going to check at a cyber cafe because he did not believe that his name was not included, maybe it was an error from him.

His data was checked at the cyber cafe but yet his name was not included. He let out a loud groan as he made his way out of the cafe. He sat in his car crying. He did not know what to tell his uncle, how to tell him. He needed somebody to speak with, somebody to let him forget about his worries. He picked up his phone and dialled Ann’s number for several times but she was not picking up. He kept on trying until he sighted a girl afar from his car. He quickly got down and made his way toward her trying as much as possible to conceal his problem

“Hello” he said as he catches up with her. He couldn’t believe who he was seeing as she turned to him


“Hi” Ann heard as she walked into a boutique to get some body wears. The voice sounded familiar but she couldn’t put a finger on it. She turned back and the person she saw was the last person she imagined on meeting.

Standing in front of her was Dan, with his handsome smiling face. She couldn’t believe that she could ever meet him again. Dan was her primary school boyfriend or rather playboy because they were still kids though she felt something for him at that tender age. He was her first and only love before Eric though they missed each other when his parent decided to send him abroad to continue his education after primary school. She couldn’t forget how she cried for weeks when she was told that they could not meet again

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It wasn’t his ex whatsoever but his crush back then in primary school who happened to be the junior sister of his supposed girlfriend though not official but there were closer than lovers

“oh my God” Vicky gasped as she stared at her crush; not only her crush but the only person his heart has ever yearned for making her not having any boyfriend till date. She was warned off him by her senior sister who claimed him to herself despite the fact that she knew that her sister was lying; she has no option than to let things be as she believed that by time, fate will bring them together if they were destined

“Hello Vicky babe” Eric replied in bewilderment. All his worries were gone as he beholds the beauty in his front. The girl has gone to become a dazzling beauty as her eyes and skin spackled. Vicky stared at him mouth agape as the engaged in hot embrace

That marked the beginning of their relationship. After that, Eric informed his uncle of his ill fated admission but his uncle promised to meet with the school VC so that his name could be included
on his list though that will involve greasing his palm


“How could he know” Ann asked herself as she paced her room. “But he never felt concerned” she mused. “The best thing to do is just to leave both of them” she thought “But i love Eric and….Oh my God…i equally love Dan” she scratched her head confusedly. What bring about this?

After meeting with Dan at the boutique they started a relationship though she made it discrete so as not to hurt Eric though she never slept with Dan. She returned to school that day only to meet Dan and Eric’s car waiting for her. She didn’t know what to do so she rushed in and locked herself in her room so as to avoid drama but that brought about the real drama

They have both left and things was settled but Eric later brought up the topic telling her that he knew that she was having relationship with Dan and his proves made her clueless on any defence. He equally asked her to chose between them and she couldn’t come up with any choice but promised to inform him about her decision and Eric was never perturbed which was unlike him.

Dan on the other hand equally asked her the same question immediately after Eric does which made her confused as it seemed they ganged up against her.

She picked up her phone and called both of them telling them that she love none of them after which she called her dad requesting for a transfer to another school though she has changed school not less than twice for the year

As a result, Eric decided to focused on his relationship with Vicky because she was too honest though her sister keep on disturbing them, she later resigned after noticing that all her action never bothered them rather, it made them stronger

The End

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