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[STORY] S.ex With The Devil (episode 1-34)

S.ex With The Devil
On that fateful day,I have just finished exams and didn’t want to go home with any of my close buddies as usual.I stayed in school till around 5pm in the school library,reading the [b]left behind[/b] series as my usual way of calming my nerves and soul after a strenuous semester exams.
I came out through the normal school gate facing one of the major roads in Aba(aba/owerri road).As usual,the environs was bubbling with people marketing their wares and other sellable stuffs,vehicular movements were ever present, and a brief view or gaze at the left hand side of the main road presents you with two banks with numerous peeps lining up to withdraw their cash from the available ATM there.
I walked on to the point where I was gonna stay and cross to the other side of the road and enter keke to a trekkable point before entering my street to my house.And that was when it happened,that was when I saw her!

I have seen pretty girls in my life,heck,I have dated pretty girls in my life and I am friends with many more others,but none can compare to what lay before me.
Is not that she is pretty that wows or amazes me,but the distinctiveness And uniqueness of the beauty,it was rare.I didn’t help but notice this the minute I took a glance at her,which made me take another serious gaze again to certify my curiosity.
I wasn’t the only one stunned,but mine was visible enough that I just had to take a little walk nearer to appreciate the rare beauty cuz I was sure I was never going to see her again after that day.As I was a step near her,it was as if she noticed and she took some steps forward to cross to the other side of the road.That was when I heard people Shouting and screaming at the top of their voices.Pretty wanted to cross the road knowing fully well that there was an incoming vehicle on heavy speed.I couldn’t believe my eyes and didn’t even know when I rushed up to her(being the closest to her) and forcefully held her back from taking that final step that could have ended her life,drawing her back with such force,she was literally in my arms.The accident was averted!
Peolpe laid abuses on her as I was still holding her very close to myself,even the vehicle came to a stop and as the agbero driver came out from the vehicle, he rained curse upon curse on the girl.They were all saying the same thing,that if the girl wanted to die,why make another take the fall?
I held the girl tightly,shielding her from people As I made her follow me as I took some steps back and walked on straight back to the school gate,and made for the other road leading to the park..People still watched us,and pointing in our direction,with fractions of them gathered here and there,discussing!
All this while,I never talked to her,neither did she talk to me.I never even stopped to think for a moment about what I was actually doing,and why I was helping the girl,and yet there I was holding her hands firmly and she followed me without a word and no struggling to free herself.
After walking off far enough from where the incident occurred, I crossed the road with her and we both entered Keke after she confirmed she was going in almost the same direction as me.When we reached where she will be alighting, she alighted and after I told her I will pay for her,she said “Thank You!”,and left.
As I went home that day,the constant question on my mind was “why would pretty wanna kill herself?”..


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Episode 2

[quote author=philfearon post=34749969]”Michael!” I heard my name called out by Loveth as I picked her call,angrily telling me if I have forgotten our deal that I was gonna help her write a carryover course that day.
This was the second day after that incident with pretty..
I immediately apologised to Loveth and hurriedly rushed my brushing of mouth and quickly rushed to school without even taking my bath. Why would I do that? Yeah,your guess is right!
After that morning exam I took for her,she took me to the school canteen.She ordered food for us both and as relaxed to enjoy my meal,I saw someone that looked like pretty pass by.I thought I didn’t see right and correctly so too.
I finished my meal and Loveth told me that she will be travelling back to Delta state that Sunday,that I should endeavour to find a means to come and stay one full day with her before she travels..This was a Thursday.I agreed and we both went our separate ways.
I went straight to the admin block to see a friend who works there and who had earlier told me he has business for me as usual. In the admin block,near the stairs to the upstairs, I saw someone that looked like pretty again. I almost approached her,but I cautioned myself first and decided to wait a little to confirm if it was her.. It was not her!
I went to a seat, sat down and told myself that its just my mind playing tricks with me.
I banished the thought of pretty from my mind and continued with my mission. After that,I headed straight home and took my bath.
There was no light when I returned and so I kept myself busy with my android phone.
I didn’t know when I slept off. In that small sleep,I woke up with a start and i could have sworn that I heard pretty whisper to me,”help me!”..
The year was 2011.


On Saturday,after our usual morning 3-aside in my street via playing of football,I took my bath,dressed up and as I have already informed Loveth that I was coming that day,I called her on phone to tell her am on my way,that she should prepare for my arrival.She replied and accepted in the affirmative.
I boarded a charter keke to her place cuz I didn’t want to step into the dirty waters of the roads and streets leading to her place.
On the way their,I felt as though there was another presence with me. it was overwhelming,but I ignored it cuz the thought of Pretty has ultimately left my mind.
When I arrived at her place,Dennis(her gay friend ),was there but he was about going, so it didn’t bother me.
I was welcomed, we exchanged pleasantries and I sat down and relaxed while she brought what she kept for her visitor.
I ate,drank and thanked her.
* *******************************************
After about one hour with her on the bed chatting, she said she felt like sleeping. I knew that was a decoy.
Why would she wanna sleep now? I told her that maybe I should start going cuz am a bad company,and she started laughing, and shouted “noooooo!”
I was like what else na?
She obliged me to come and lie with her and tell her certain things.I did.
I did cuz Loveth has told me before that she is a lez,so I felt awkward as I was about to lay there with her,knowing fully well that nothing was going to happen.
She asked me if I know one certain girl like that, and I replied in the negative.
She was shocked and visibly irritated cuz she did a poor job of hiding her misdemeanor.
” why do you ask?” I asked her.
“cuz she told me she is someone very special to you,and that I should not decieve you, if not she will not take it lightly with me!” Loveth replied.
I backed off of my nearness to Loveth in that bed,stunned!
I have only one special lady in my life,her name is Amara and she is not in Aba!

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Episode 3
[quote author=philfearon post=34774938]Cont’d:
“did I say something scary?”,Loveth asked me,drawing nearer to me,with my physique and facial expression betraying my supposed cover up demeanor.
“No!”,I replied.
“Michael, stop this!” Loveth bellowed out..
I started laughing out mildly,making it appear as if I had just played a prank on her.But was it a prank? I sure as hell freaked out and did it as the only reasonable thing to do to avoid suspicion and unnecessarily elongating the already frightening subject more than necessary..
” But wait,are u jealous,Love?” i asked her.
She frowned.
I ended the topic immediately.
We both remained calm for some minutes,mute.In my mind,many thoughts kept running through. I had a zillion thought within a space of about 7 mins,and didn’t really conclude on anything nor did I actually remember what is it I was actually thinking.But I was thinking, I was lost in my no thought world when I felt Loveth gently drawing on my hair.
I kept calm and was drawn back to reality,yet I didn’t want to conclude anything yet…and then in that my moment of inclusion, I wanted to ask Loveth to give me the description of the girl that told her what she told me earlier.As I turned to face her in that bed,she was not wearing anything on top again.My Greatman came at ease immediately. I was like:
” I thought you are a ………..”,but she didn’t allow me to finish as she thronged her face forward,straight to my lips,and violently searched for my lips.
I couldn’t believe it.I mean,I have seen Loveth castigate the idea of s*x with guys,and I have seen how she reacts negatively to such ideas,heck,it had earlier threatened the small relation I had with her in the beginning.
But now,this is Loveth all over me,initiating s*x with me…Am in heaven.
” Michael?”…. She called out again,and I unintelligibly quibbled a silly muttering. She didn’t hide her disgust as I heard lash out angrily at me:
“What is just wrong with you today?”

“Am sorry”,I whispered in her ears and immediately held her hands and took it straight down to my greatman and placed it there.
I allowed her feel the stiffness of it and let her in on what she is inviting into her system.
We were both still lying down, facing each other.
She maintained her facial posture and rocked my man while my trouser was still on.I used my left hand to start scrolling around and romancing all over her body,leaving her Manchester seeking and yearning for my touch.
She unzipped my jeans trouser and with no iota of respect whatsoever,drew the sh*t down.We now both wore our underwears alone,with my d*ck fully stretched and hardened,while as she stood up to go and make sure that the door was really locked,I picked up my symbian 6680 and put Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” to her amazement..
I could see her smiling as she came back to join me in the bed with her succulent And sumptuous bre*st smiling with her.
“So?” she said.
Who can ever reject such an invitation to treat?
I As she entered the bed,I held her back,went straight for her lips as her hand went straight to my greatman and squeezed and romanced it like her life depended on it.The sensation was really too much and the pressure building up inside of me made me remove my lips from hers as I made straight for her tits and then squeezed the other with my hands.
She let out a moan,and pressed her self further into me,causing me to fall back on my back.She immediately came on top of me as I myself sat up,allowing her to sit perfectly on my loins/torso.
I grabbed the breastt with my two hands and squeezed and pressed it while her punani perfectly rested on my d*ck even though we were still wearing our underwears.
We started brushing it off,more like she started brushing her now wet punani against my d*ck and moaning out quite a bit loud while still holding me tightly.
I continued my thing,and allowed her do hers.We practically romanced for a long a long time,and any reasonable person would have realised that we are about entering into the main event;But that was when it struck me that I have no c*ndom on me.I practically never expected this will happen,and ain’t no nigga raw guy.
I was confused!

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Episode 4

Still in my confused state,I knew I now have two options left :
– stop now before its too late,
– continue and ride on,after all rawness is the best.
I chose the first option,and made my frustration visibly enough for her to understand my frustration. She did understand, but did she stop like I did,hell no! She led me on again,and this time,it was a full blooded romance section,with us almost tearing ourselves apart..
Few minutes later,I went straight for her underwear and removed it. She did same to me.
We were still sitting, or rather she still sat on me,but in a more withdrawn manner to allow us do what we just did.
She stared at me about 10secs,as if not knowing whether or not she had made up her mind to f*ck with a guy.I stared back at her,seriousness was all over my face, and I gently urged her to push forward with the assurance that I was not gonna hurt her..
That was not all.She made me promise her that this was just going to be our one And only time;that no matter what in the future,even if she leads me,it won’t happen again.
As if that was not enough,she told me that she will also dominate me.
I agreed.
She told me that I would suck her kitty too.
I was like:
“how about I jerk off right now so that all this Ur lezzy pleas will be to urself?”
She came closer to me and staring me face to face in the eye with our genitals touching,told me:
” You are a mad boy!”.
She bent forward and our lips locked again,I placed my right hand on her br*ast and squeezed her tips gently as she let out a mild moan in our interlocked lips.Before I know what else,I felt her hands grab my d*ck and slowly insert it into her wet punani,with her left free hand holding and clinging on,and all her body leaning on me as she slowly thronged forward in an effort to successfully insert the d*ck.
When she was through, her right hand crossed over me to,and my d*ck was now inside her; she began to slowly ride me.
It started with mild gentle through and fro ride,as I concentrated on her br*east as a distraction in order not to release early(cuz she was totally tight,too tight) and also in order to make her urge increase more.
I started feeling her tempo increase with every ride she thrusts.What started out with a gentle push,turned out to be a zillion hush puffs as she started crying while still holding me and hitting me on by her consistent thrusts.
“let’s stop” I urged her on,but she wouldn’t hear of it as she made me readjust my position as she allowed me to fall back in order for her to now ride me to heaven.
In that moment,I felt i saw Pretty looking at me and smiling. It felt as if i was no longer with Loveth.I closed my eyes,blinked it 5 times,opened it again, and there was Loveth panting it out as she couldn’t just stop!
I guess after this,she is really going to have a rethink about her sexuality!

After many more minutes of Full domination from Loveth in our f*ck session,I told her that I’m about to cum. At that instant,she allowed me turn her so that I was now the one on top in a kinda missionary..
I was surprised.
“cum inside me” I heard her say.
“what?” I almost screamed out,amazed and also tried to get off of her.
It was then I realised her endgame.She tightened her grip of my d*ck,ultimately ensuring that there was no escape for me.
I momentarily flared-up with my gaze fixed on her and hers on mine,smiling wickedly.
* * *
“Really?” I asked her after coming to terms with just what happened.
” Wat are u afraid of?” she asked back.
“what shouldn’t I be afraid of? I read a lot and known enough that even a single drop of semen is big enough to get the womb going… Off period or not!” I said.
She started laughing hysterically,cajoling me into accepting that I was truly clueless on certain things,especially, the biology of women.
” If anything happens……”,I cut short.
She kept smiling and staring at me,both of us still naked.
“I have told you!.”…I ended.
“You too dey fear Michael. Am surely not stupid enough to allow u cum inside me if I didn’t know better!” she retorted back.
” okay ooo, Madam!” I said and gave up.
I stayed at her place till evening before I finally decided to get going.On my way back,I got a call from Etebor,a Rivers guy who is my course mate and friend,asking if I will come to his place on Sunday so that we can go and swim(I already told him earlier on that any day he wants to go swimming,he should holla at me.
That night before that Sunday,I had a weird dream.
In the dream,I was taken back a few years to the days when we use to go to that stream in Okpulonwogu to swim,the only difference being that I was there as an adult,not as kid.
Many other familiar faces were there too,and we swam and did all kind of things u can possibly think of doing while inside a Stream. All of a Sudden,a heavy lightening Flashed accross the sky,and then I looked around me,and everybody was gone. I was now the only person still inside the stream and how this happened baffled me to say the least.And then I started hearing people scream and shout and point at my direction. I became totally irked and wondered what was really wrong with all this people,and so I decided to leave the stream and start going home,then I realised that I was stuck there…I couldn’t move.
I looked up and saw a figure approaching with such speed,I knew it was coming to harm me and then I understood why people were shouting and screaming.
Still oblivious of what else I could have done, I gave up and knew that my life was over.Immediately the figure came closer to me,it raised its fish like tail upwards,and I saw that it has a double edged sharp blade and that it wanted to slash me into two.I closed my eyes to meet my creator,and then I heard a gentle soft-spoken voice saying:
“stop it…….You are scaring him!”.
The voice was unmistakable, I have heard it before. So as I opened my eyes,it occurred to me that I was just dreaming,but that dream lingered in my mind till dawn….

By the time I woke up the next day,everyone has gone to church.
As Catholics,my mum usually attends the first mass of the day,so,she was the first person that came back that day as usual. But as the expression on her face shows,she wasn’t happy that I didn’t go to church..She then quipped in that I should make sure I attend the evening mass..And that was it!
“So which one dey go?” Ebenezer asked me.
“I really have no one in mind. I rarely go out myself,so I wouldn’t know actually which one is better” I replied.
“Na wa to u o,upon say u be nwa aba,yet u no sabi all this things!” He quipped in jokingly.
“Na u sabi!” I replied back!
This made me remember one incident that happened in my boarding school days. We were in Ss1 then.
Ekene,Fenian and I wanted to go and buy certain things for our upkeep in school,so as I mandated, we decided to take permission from the auxiliary then,and it was granted.
Of the three of us,I was the only one not from around that local government, am an outsider! As is inherent in local peeps,they both bragged that they knew every in and out of the village we were in in particular, and have vast knowledge of its surrounding vicinities. I felt safe going out with them,but when they exceed their bragging limit,I would remind them that I had earlier told them that we should have sneaked out instead of taking that permission. The permission card is time limited,sneaking was unlimited and your whereabout will not be in jeopardy..Suckers!
We finished our business outside school,bought everything we want,went to our normal joint and ate good food before we started coming back.
The time was within 2pm and 3pm.
On our way back,we saw two girls like that going to hell-knows-where and my friends said we should follow them. Yea,just follow them,after all our permission ends at 6pm.Already, we didn’t want to go to afternoon prep but we wanted to meet up with Games period.
Back to the issue,as we followed the girls they kept going and I would always remind my pals whether they can retrace us back,they answered in the affirmative. Long story cut short,we entered enemy territories lost,all the things we bought was collected from us,the small remaining change for bike back to school taken,and except for the benevolent gesture and kind treatment given to us by a stranger,we would have been objects of a search party…All because Ekene and fenian claimed they are areas..
So,we went swimming in the place were both agreed,which was “Terminus” near our school.
As we reached there,dressed up in our swimming attire,and as I was about to dive in into the pool,guess who was there in reality and flesh?

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Episode 5

[quote author=philfearon post=34920173]I got off the pool immediately, and due to my myopia,I had to get closer enough to get a clearer view and stop myself from imagining things.
It was her.
Yet,she didn’t do as if she knew me nor has been haunting me with series of flashes and unexplainable shift in realities I have been having,all because I saved her that.
“Michael why u dey look girl like this na? Loveth and Ujunwa and Blessing and Onyinyechi never do you?” Chinonso,one of my course mates and friend that likes making jokes but serious caricature said out loud,to the amusement of others.
I didn’t even notice when she came.
‘You guys wont understand kept ringing in my mind’ as I joined them in that pool again.
I went under,to the deepest part of the pool,telling them that I can stay more than three minutes,to which they replied is a lie!
I went in,swam to that deep end,and relaxed there,calmly seated at the floor of the pool.
I was there,with my breath held intact,I saw her again. I dismissed it as one of my imaginations and closed my eyes.By the time I opened them again,I heard:
“Welcome” in chorus,yet it was whispered by only one voice!
I wanted to climb or rather swim up,but I couldn’t.Then I heard the voice again saying:
“Stop struggling.. You will be fine!”.
I calmed down,and relaxed myself,and then Pretty came to me,held my hand,kissed it and told me:
“Open Ur eyes!”…. And I did.
All this while,it didn’t even occur to me that I was still inside the pool.So,as I opened my eyes,I used my last strength to hit the floor of that pool and propel myself up..
“Come guy,u be witch?” I heard Chinonso say out loud as I came out.
“Wet in dat one come mean?” I asked.
“Show him na Ebenezer!” He retorted.
He showed me the timer that was reading the time,and it showed that I have been inside that pool for close to 8mins,and that when they thought something was wrong and came I inside to ascertain,I made a gesture to them,showing them am fine..
I got frightened internally,even though I didn’t express it.
“That girl nko?” I asked.
” She has left since na! You no see say she been dey here before we come.” Ebenezer replied.
“At least you don know say I swim pass you,Rivers boy!” I joked.
“Guy you be witch I swear!”
He said!

As is customary for after-long-swims in pools,streams,rivers,etc,my eyes were pure red as we left that place.
If I should go back like that to our place,some people might mistake it that I may have taken something…Something like weed!
I decided to follow Ebenezer to his place so as to come back with the cloak of nightfall and pretend that I did actually go for evening mass as mum wanted. Everything fitted in…
Around 7:05pm on the same Sunday just as I was on my way back to our house,I got a call.
As is usual of me whenever a line not on my contact calls,I waited for the caller to speak first.
“Odii!” The voice gently called out.
“Yea!” I replied in my usual manner, knowing that the caller knows me well as to call me in my native name.
“Can we see?” The voice asked.
” You called me with no intro of yourself, and u r still demanding to see me?”
I replied.
“You already know me!” The voice replied and the line went dead immediately!
I was like “you are not serious,when u get serious,call again!”..
******THREE DAYS LATER******
“hello” the same voice bellowed again.
“Yea!” I replied.
“You know who’s calling?”
The voice asked.
“You called,and still asking me?” I replied.
“You are rude!” The voice replied.
I ended the call immediately, and she called back and I picked it.
“You know,I just remembered your voice now? U called me on Sunday evening right?” I asked as soon as I picked the call.
“Yes”..the voice replied.
“So?” I asked.
” I want to see you!”…the voice demanded.
“Seriously, I don’t know what part of this earth u r from,but where am from,you don’t just go out to see people on demand!” I retorted.
The caller changed her intonation.
“Okay,its me!” The voice said very sweetly.
I was amazed.I was lost for words. I kept my mouth open not knowing what to utter again.
“So,u r now dumb Odii? U won’t speak again abi? I thought you would have changed a bit!” The voice spoke out,sneering and deriding as well as making a caricature and catching fun at my expense.
“I can’t believe this.I just can’t believe this.I thought u have…..” I didn’t finish before she cut me short.
“Forget it.Promise me you will come and see me?” The voice inquired.
“Why not.I think am gonna invent my highest lie ever to come and see you.” I jokingly said.
“I will be waiting!” She replied.
Immediately the line went dead,I was full of smiles.
“This one u r smiling like this,she don call you?” Blessing joked.
“Guess who just called me?” I asked her.
“How will I know!” She nonchalantly replied.
“Jane!” I said.
” Jane just called me”….
And all this while,my mind was going places,thinking weird things,I almost thought that it was Pretty still trying to terrify me even though I just relegated everything about her to mere over-thinking.
But was it? Was it all real?
Am why has Jane chosen this moment to reappear in my life again?
I had many thoughts that weighed heavily on my mind and went to sleep with it….. And I regret ever doing so !

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Episode 6

[quote author=philfearon post=35062932]Cont’d:
The thought of Jane occupied my mind for the rest of that day cuz its been long since I last saw her;especially, the fact that led to our not-seeing-each-other!
I did a lot of digging within me,trying to find a way I was gonna use to travel to Owerri to go and see her.Our school has closed for the semester,so no-school-lies will bail me out. At some point,my mind just told me to relax and forget about any thoughts,with the assurance that something better will surely come up.
I have missed Jane!
“Finally!” I said.
“Why did you do it?” Pretty replied.
“You mean why I stopped you from unintentionally killing yourself that day?” I inquired.
“Yes!” She replied.
“Is that what we are actually supposed to be discussing?” I asked her.
“You just don’t understand, do you?” She asked.
” Am still trying to make sense of everything you know? I close my eyes,the next thing is you. I see you in everything I now do.Its like am being haunted. And all this started that day I saved you.
Why not make me understand?” I replied her.
I could see a feeling of empathy as well as sympathy written all over her face even in her hallowed insistence of appearing tough-faced.
“I will come to you later.By then, I will explain certain things to you.Till then,avoid going near anything water(pools,streams,etc).” She said.
“What?” I shouted,even though it was not my intention to do so.
“Goodbye!” She said and in my amazement, I opened my eyes only to realise I have been dreaming.
Was it really a dream? Or was it made to appear as a dream to me?
I didn’t really know the answer to the above questions, but one thing I was certain of is the fact that I’m being haunted and the reason for the haunting eludes me!

I thought it through,but I found out that there was nothing else I could except sit and wait for Pretty to come back as she promised she would..And that’s that!
The next day, I put a call through to Jane:
“Odii or Michael,which one do you answer now?” Jane said as soon as she picked my call.
“Anyone you choose is okay by me.” I said.
And continued:
“I don’t think I can come to Owerri and sleep over,but…” I stopped.
“Why not? Have you now forgotten how to conjure up truthful lies as usual?” She said,mocking as well as seriously concerned.
” Well,I could come,but I would still go back that day;and knowing you fully well,I know u won’t like it that way.You know,I no longer have those my childhood privileges then,things have changed.” I ended.
“You are not saying anything?” I queried calmly.
“Do u want me to come to Aba?” She said.
“Yes.I would love you to!” I replied.
” Okay.I will come tomorrow then!” She said.
“Tomorrow?” I said out loud.
“Are u going somewhere else tomorrow?” She questioned.
“No. no. Its just that its just all of a sudden. Anyway,what should I keep for you?” I inquired.
“Keep yourself for me!” She replied immediately, and started laughing,ending the call in the process!

Ebenezer have earlier told me he was going to travel back to Rivers state on Thursday,but he deferred it,and travelled instead on Friday morning.
His place of abode was my only hope(if you understand what I mean).
Towards 10:00am,Jane called me:
“Am at Brass junction,where are u?” She inquired.
“Now now? Just wait somewhere,I will be there in a jiffy!” I replied.
“Okay!” She retorted and cut the call.
Damn! Things were happening so fast, faster than ever.
I knew Jane was coming, but hell,this was too sudden. Not really sudden,but too early and as I would love to say,unexpectedly unexpected!
With many stuffs still going through my mind,I started hearing those thoughts again,thoughts of Pretty filled my head as the keke I chartered from the road adjoining my street to Brass breezed through Eziukwu road and joined Aba/owerri road.All throughout my thinking, the only explicitly clear was the fact that “I was not gonna go home happy after meeting Jane!”. I took it that someone must be getting jealous and unhappy or that someone really didn’t want to see me happy… Whichever one,I placed them where they rightly belonged, in the figment of my imagination, the part where Pretty has vehemently relapsed to preying on!
I alighted from the keke as soon as I reached Brass,and is customary for most people,I searched around first with my eyes before calling her.
She told me she is inside the mtn Customer care center around that place as soon as I called her.
As I walked on to that place,memories began to overcome me,memories of Jane and I.It even made me remember that it has not really been that long,even though it has been long,that we last saw;and the most painful part of this pain filled memories is the manner in which we were separated.
Well,one thing is clear,we have a lot to discuss.
I was still having this thoughts in my mind,probably lost to them,when I heard my name:
As I looked up straight, there was Jane coming out elegantly,and appeared ravishingly with her normal laugh brimming and shining all over face,and is customary of her,she called me:
“Nwa ojoo!”
Which means “bad boy” when u translate it literally,but whose meaning don’t really mean what it appears to interpret!
I couldn’t help but hug her tightly,even though I rarely hug females,to her own bewilderment.

I held her hand very tightly and led the walk as she followed me smiling, walking very close to me and I could see peeps peeping at us..and I didn’t give a damn!
“So where are we going? Are u taking me to your peoples house?” She inquired.
“Do you want me to take you there?” I asked.
“Nope!” She said.
“Okay ooo.we are going to my second place!” I said.
“So,you don’t want to take me to a hotel?” She inquired.
“Hian! Hotel kwa? Well,probably as the last choice.But,as at now,nothing really dey!” I replied.
There are people you can lie to and there are people you can’t.You just have to say it as it is cuz they don’t mind.They know you,you know them,and nothing can ever go wrong from you saying your mind…..Just don’t lie to them!
“I want us to go to a hotel Odii.” She required of me exclusively.
Well,I obliged.Some things are better left unsaid. Since she wanted a hotel, I didn’t bother about the money cuz she was gonna foot the bill.
“Wait wait wait.” I found myself saying as soon as we entered the hotel room she booked for us in that City Global hotel.
“Wait what?” She asked.
“We just entered now,we have not even talked and ….” I didn’t finish before she cut me short:
“We will talk!”.
Upon completion of that sentence,I didn’t even realise how fast I got myself entangled with Jane’s body as she gently made me lower myself upon the edge of the bed and then gently made me readjust myself so that she gracefully was relaxed on top of my body as we kissed hungrily like two starved hyenas.
She removed her mouth from mine,and her entire body followed suit.
Before one could say jack-the-ripper,Jane has totally undressed,and she looked at me as I kept smiling and literally forgotten that I was still in my clothes myself.
She did that thing,yes,that biting of lips thing,and in that moment,I didn’t know whether it was that she was me-starved or s*x-starved.
But whichever one,one thing is clear though, am the one now stalling!

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Episode 7

Like a runner whose only obstruction between him and his final leap to win an accolade is that last strength he can sum up,I knew that my own obstruction was now of my own making.
With my eyes still fixed at her,I hurriedly went unclad in front of her while still lying down in the bed.While keeping my trouser,I collected the c*ndom I bought from my pocket and at that instant,I sensed a twitch or rather more accurately, a little frown in her face.
“What’s the matter? I asked, as if I didn’t know.
“Nothing!” She replied.
Well,we all know that whenever a girl says “nothing” is wrong,everything is wrong.
I flipped the c*ndom away,sacrificing my protection again in as many days to make the people I care about happy…and fulfilled!(don’t judge me!)
Her lost fervour returned and slowly but calmly, she climbed on top of me,leaving me the function of unwinding the last piece of clothing still on her,her tug-like undie.
We entangled ourselves in a tightly embrace,our lips locked together,we started kissing passionately;she was still on top,and my Greatman was now beyond redemption.
I gently used my right hand and started caressing her left br*ast and then used my left hand to massage her butts while still pressing it hard on myself so that her moisturised punny and its environs will feel the hardness of my Greatman!
As this went on for sometime, I felt her hand moving slowly to the hardened part of me,and then I felt her smooching and rubbing and palming and squeezing whilst letting out soft moans as I heightened the pleasure I was giving her by extending my own romancing hands to the tips of her br*ast.
“Odii suck my br*ast!” Was the next thing I heard her whisper to my eyes,to which I obliged immediately without hesitation.
My lefthand changed position immediately as it immediately found its way to the tip of her right br*east while my right hand took its former position, my mouth still sucking her tips seriously and you would not have believed otherwise if I told you my life depended on that!
As the pleasure increased,she started moaning out a bit and what followed was that she started rubbing moistened punny environs all over my Greatman in an ecstatic sort of overjoy….And at this point,you know that only one thing is now remaining to happen!
Four years it has been since we last saw each other,yet as I felt her grab my Greatman and slowly insert it into her punny whilst still on top me,it was as if the four years never happened.
Slowly,she started riding me while I continued pleasuring her tips with my hands and mouth,whichever one was available.
What started out with gentle push and riding started progressing into louder and heavier up and down thrusting. And then the screams or moaning started getting louder by the minute.
I couldn’t get hold of her tips or her br*ast again and so I used my two hands instead to hold her hip,with my back relaxed against the bed.
Jane rode me like the world was ending that minute.At some some point,she stopped thrusting and was rather shifting forward and backward on top of me.
At one point, I even thought I got wounded by her newly shaved pubic hairs cuz I was really feeling its sharp ends on my skin roughly.
When I couldn’t control my own pleasure of the riding anymore,I turned her immediately, and she tried to return to her glory position immediately too,but I didn’t allow her..
I grabbed my Greatman by my hands and in that missionary way,inserted it and started thrusting immediately.
She used her two hands and grabbed my head and placed it on the tips of her left br*ast and I sucked..
We f*cked in this manner like 3-4mins before I told her I was gonna release..
And then I released,and we both heaved sighs of relief as we both lay wasted on the bed,with her holding me closely while I reciprocated the act!

“So,long time?” I found myself saying out loud.
“I guess you are not in the mood to talk about the past?” I said.
“Not really.” She replied.
“Why not?” I demanded.
“I just don’t see the purpose nor the need!” She replied.
“You are right!” I conclusively admitted.
“So how are your people?” I asked.
She started laughing at me, which you would see as awkward,but which is not.
“And by my people,you mean my elder sister?” She inquired.
“Hian! Is she the only family you have?” I asked,not surprised cuz I know exactly where she was leading our little talk.
She looked at me and smiled and then used her right hand to stroke my chin playfully. I kept calm and enjoyed it.
“I will be getting married!” She finally let out what’s been bothering her.
In that moment, my mind started playing tricks on me again.Its as if it has been looking for something to trigger its ever-peering head to manifest its daunting haunting of my troubled mind with the the thoughts of Pretty.
I saw Pretty standing at the edge of the entrance of that door,smiling at me,as if it was happy that one of the greatest comforts in my life was departing from me.I could see her smiling with ecstasy and one will be right to assert that she just wants me to be alone..
Well,it makes sense then.I have not really thought about it up till that moment that Pretty came into my life when I was literally getting to be alone: school has closed for the semester, all my friends has travelled,I don’t do street dudes except for some footballing and street talks.I simply would prefer to now stay indoors and watch movies all day or play games if it so permits me.
And this period of time,was the period Pretty decided to come into my life..Does she want to fill a vacuum or is she creating the vacuum to fill it herself? Damn!
Your mind is really being haunted bro,and guess who is the chief antagonist? Myself!
“Odii!” I heard myself being called again by Jane.
“Yap!” I answered.
” what were u thinking? ” she asked.
“When we were still kids.” I answered.
She smiled.
“What if we had done it then?” I asked her.
“Well,thank God we didn’t.” She replied.
“Hahahaha.You should be thanking me,not God.
You were so angry at me that I loved Amara,and in order to prove it is you I truly will marry in the future,you wanted us to do a covenant!” I reminded her.
“End this topic Odii!” She ordered.
“Yes ma’am” I replied and went silent.
My mind wanted to slip away into its place of haunting solace again when I heard her say:
“I want you to know that you will always have a place in my heart Odii.Always!”.
Tears started flowing from my eyes uncontrollably.
“Are you……” she didn’t finish the statement as she sat up and made me lay my head on her laps as she started consoling me.
“You have passed this now” she said.
I still didn’t talk as I allowed the tears roll down to my cheeks by themselves as wished that I would go back to my sweet childhood and never grow up to the point where I would lose my own Jane!

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Episode 8

[quote author=philfearon post=35186929]Cont’d:
We remained in that manner for sometime with Jane not knowing exactly what to or what not to say.
“I couldn’t help it you know?” I rhetorically said after sometimes.
“I know my dear.Its okay” she calmly replied me.
I never intended it that I was gonna cry that day nor even let such exhibition of unguarded emotions interfere with what was supposed to be a great moment between us that day,but,things happen!
I didn’t want the final memory Jane will have of me being that of her old lover crying like a kid when he heard she was getting married.No! I wanted us to go out with a bang! But damn,I was just going to turn 21 by August of that year and she was going to turn 24 or probably 25 as I would rather correctly align; I didn’t know how to feel at that moment nor the emotion to show,so I guess my being did the only thing it knew how to do best…….cry!
* * *
We ended up having more rounds of s*x when I apologised to Jane for my inadvertent poor emotions ( to which she admonished by the way,telling me I had every right to cry).
After we were through with everything, with our talks,she reached for her bag and gave me an envelop(the contents of which are personal and contained cash).I rejected it initially, but she insisted I take it,making this comment that I have never forgotten:
“I might be getting married,but it still doesn’t change what we had,what we have.My body is still mine!”
After a little more chat,I escorted her to the park and waited till her bus was full before I started going home.
I went home that day with dejectedness written all over my face.Only my heart could really truly explain what it has lost cuz I lacked the words to explain it myself.
I,that is so good in masking my emotions and feelings and state of being,I couldn’t hide this one.
I simply went inside the room I shared with my immediate Junior brother,lay down on the bed and beckoned on sleep to lift me out of my sorry state…..And help did it render to me.
No sooner had I closed my eyes to escape my earthly misery did Pretty’s now unPretty face show up again.
Well,unPretty cuz I could see that it kinda felt for me.
What exactly was she feeling for me? Or is my mind using my own emotions against me in my own perceived dream?
Whatever,Pretty last told me she was coming to tell me something the last time around,so,I guess this is it then!

I can’t really tell exactly or can’t really recall how Pretty appeared to me,but she just echoed a simple:
“Come”,followed by a smile.
I followed her.
The place we saw ourselves was unmistakable, an reenactment of one of my favourite childhood spot,my secret garden.
“How is this happening?” I could have asked myself if it wasn’t a dream,but,you really never know its a dream till you wake up from it,do you?
“My name is Fathai!” I heard her speak to me.
“Although I don’t know how we both are here,but are we on a date?” I asked her.
Okay,rewind back,I didn’t ask that, this is what I asked:
” How are you doing this?” I asked in a manner of someone who is actually in control of their dream.
She gave me an askance look,cuz it was surprising to her that I should ask that kind of question while unconscious.
” Well,I wouldn’t say am really doing anything to you.” She replied.
“How come you are always here?” I asked.
” Not really!” She replied.
“So what did you plan to tell me?” I asked.
“Nothing anyway.Just wanted to thank you!” She replied.
“Thank me how? I don’t understand” I inquired.
” You won’t understand!” She replied.
“Is there really anything about you I can understand? All your replies are never straight,and you are yet to tell me the reason why I keep imagining am seeing you every moment.
She smiled.
“Exactly the point” she said.
“Here we go again!” I nonchalantly retorted.
“You still don’t get it?” She asked and urged me to come and sit near her on that pretty garden.
“Get what?” I asked.
” You are the one always drawing me to yourself!” She finally said..
“How?” I asked.
” Think back and see if you can remember ever wishing to meet someone in an obscene situation!” She said.
I started laughing. I mean,come on,everybody do imagine silly unrealistic wishes while in certain state of minds.How does that have anything to do with anything? This were my thoughts though.
“I don’t know where you are going with this,but I think we have to start going back home before you start making me get scared.”. I said.
“Scared of what? No one can harm you as long as I exist!” She said.
“Woow!You just spoke like my love Amara.” I said.
“I know” she replied.
“You know her? How?” I queried.
“You still just don’t get it!” She said wearily,and continued:
“Open your eyes!” She ordered.
As if my mind obeyed her command immediately, I woke up to realise that it was a dream,but,it was as if there was an actual presence of someone there with me;but at my waking,the person scampered away!


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Episode 9

[quote author=philfearon post=35260803] The following days were relatively boring,well,except the ‘Pretty’ part.
I started seeing her in virtually everything I did.Even when am calling the people I cared about,when am being called,when I play ball,when I play music,when I watch movies;she is there.
She even almost spoiled my Champions league triumph celebration when my team won it that year..
The height of it was when I vehemently stopped talking to my mum for a provocation that ordinarily would not have irked me so much.
Even the rock music that I had gotten into in love with sometime prior to all the “Pretty” stuff,started being distasteful to me at a time.The worst part of it being the fact that Pretty herself has not come to me again,both in my dreams and physically per se;yet,I see her in everything I did!
The next week,I started yearning for her to come to me.I started wishing for her company cuz I started feeling alone.I was having problems with Ujunwa cuz she found out that I was gonna change school,and she didn’t want me to change school.
Ujunwa Is the girl I wished I had loved the way I really actually wanted to love her.
We had come to school that day,and we were scheduled to have Business Mathematics that day in ABC2,One of our assigned lecture halls as we had no permanent hall.I came very early to the class and relaxed and was trying to see if I will solve some problems before the lecturer came.I had actually came to the hall with Sandra(will come to her later), and for obvious reasons,she decided not to sit beside me but at my back…and the person that sat beside me that day was Ujunwa(I didn’t know her then cuz we all are just freshers).
Apparently, the fact that I was able to always finish solving the problem before the lecturer wowed her a lot ( Well,thanks to my great Mathematician friend,Ebuka,I was always prepared for anything maths, even though I hated maths like hell). She ended up collecting my number that day after lecture to the chagrin of Sandra.One call led to another, one talk led to many and we became sort of Inseparable; coupled with her financial influence on me too.
So,I was literally alone,and Amara is not close… We only talk.
So,I kept wishing that Pretty will just turn up now that I actually need her to.
She finally came,but not in the way I had imagined she would come to me;And that was the beginning of our relationship,my relationship with the devil as people would have me believe.

“I guess you are beginning
to understand my earlier statement then?” Pretty told me in my livid but enthusiastic state.
” You are not even here for long enough and yet you are beginning to mock me already?” I replied.
“Am sorry” she said.
“Apology accepted” I echoed out subsequently in a laughing manner.
We chatted for a while and then she decided it was time to leave,promising me that it was time we met in real life.
I was like ” how is that even possible?are we not in reality per se?”
She started laughing at me,reminding me that I should just look out in reality.
I woke up.
I have been dreaming again I lamented as I now realised the meaning of what Pretty has actually been saying to me all this while….”Look out for me in reality!”..
Two days later,while coming back from school after someone hooked me up with a kinda illegal contract,I went straight to where I normally board Keke just opposite the school via Calabar Street junction.
I entered the Keke as the first passenger.The second person came(a girl).The third person came,and guess who it was? Pretty.
I didn’t even really notice it was her till I heard her saying to the keke driver to move,that she will pay for the empty seat.
At that moment,I looked at her and she smiled, and in my assumed excitement I said:
“You!” and kept shut,and she just kept smiling!

The keke moved and I kept staring at her,not knowing whether it was really her in the flesh or I was seeing her in another persons face.
She looked in straight with a permanent smile registered on her face,a sign of the fact that she was viewing or rather,observing me from the corner of her eyes.
As the keke was about to enter Okigwe road and had to briefly stop in order to be able to join the other side of the road, she turned to me and told me gently to my ears:
“You lack social skills!”
I started laughing and she continued her smile.
In my mind I was like:
“Imagine! Where will I even start? How will I even start? Am still trying to ascertain if am not going insane myself, imagining things that no one else could believe or see; and she is telling me I lack social skills. what was I supposed to say to her immediately? Probably start ascertaining whether she is Pretty in front of those people? One thing is certain though,she just told me her inability,making it sound like mine!”
After coming out of my temporary reasoning,I spoke to her ears only:
“You know am following you to your place right?”
She turned and faced me and said:
“Really?” as if she is unaware its what she had intended.
“Yes” I replied firmly.
“No problem!” She politely said.
Immediately the driver entered Akalanna street and drove for some seconds,we alighted. I followed her like my whole existence that moment depended on me following her.
We crossed a street and arrived at her place within seconds.As she opened her door and let me in to the room,she uttered:
“Welcome to my humble abode!”.
“Thanks !” I said.
The room was richly decorated, even though its richness was also made to appear in a very simple form,with everything that you will find in a normal rich student’s selfcon room….Well,except that she wasn’t a student!
After keeping her handbag and sitting in the bed,she inquired to know what I will eat.I told her not to bother.
Apparently, I shouldn’t have said that.
She insisted though, and I obliged her.
After drinking the holandia Yoghurt she offered me,I got myself mentally prepared for the conversation that lay ahead.
“Hope you don’t mind?” She looked at me,inquiring that she hopes that I don’t mind her removing her clothes in front of me.
“Hope I don’t mind?” I asked my own self in my mind,with my gaze fixed at her as she simply turned away smiling while she removed the perfectly body fitted gown she wore.
She brought out a basketball attire and wore, and then came back to the bed,the only sit-able place in the room outside a small wooden chair there.
“So,how far?” She asked me with her permanently fixed laughter registered on her face.
I was like,”damn,Pretty is really pretty o!”

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Episode 10

[quote author=philfearon post=35317900]Cont’d:
“Seriously,this your consistent staring is becoming awkward” she said.
“Am not sure you will understand my state of mind right now” I replied.
“So,are you here for us to start peering into your state of mind in order to understand it or you are here for something else?” She retorted.
“No no no! But,there are other things on my mind right now.” I said.
“Like?” She asked.
“Like how you came into my life?” I replied back.
She smiled at me,and said:
“I didn’t ask to be in your life Mike,you invited me into your life” she replied me.
“That’s the part I still don’t understand.” I said.
” And am not sure you actually will,believe me.” She replied back.
“That’s because you don’t want to let me understand!” I answered back at her.
In an effort to show her that I was not afraid of her or what she is,I shifted closer to her end of the foam and used one of the pillows there to adjust and sit comfortably at the wall,beside her,with my body touching her.
“You really should be afraid of me!” She said outrightly, understanding what the intention behind my little act is.
“I don’t believe you would harm me,at least I have not given you any reason to do so!” I said out of innocence.
” Really? That’s really bold of you to say,which am sure you wouldn’t say if you actually knew who I am!” She replied me,and her ever present smile disappeared.
” And now you are trying to get me scared?” I asked her.
“Not really,and am sorry if you were beginning to feel that way.” She said,and then faced me and continued her talk:
“I would never harm you!”
I smiled.
“Well,I just want you to not give in to the notion that am afraid of you like am really supposed to be afraid of you.” I said firmly.
She smiled at me.
“Well,am happy to know that.Its a good footing to start on!” She calmly said.
“For my sanity sake,I won’t ask you any background info” I went on to say.
“But I expect you to ask me that” she replied me.
“Really,why would you expect that from me?” I asked her.
“Its the sane to do!” She replied.
Hell,I know its the most sane to do,but I didn’t want to directly raise the questions. So,I did it in the best way I know I can use to insert the said subject matter into our discuss,hoping she will buy into it; whilst also fearing the result and influence of what I was going to hear will have on me.I just did one on her,and she didn’t even know it.
“Well,the basic thing to know is that my existence in this plane is just a brief one” she said finally.
“You know,I started reading a lot about the supernatural from a very early stage.So which of them are you?” I asked her.
She started laughing out loud.
“Why are you laughing na?” I queried.
“Do you believe those things?” She asked me.
“Well,am a Catholic and a Christian, what do you expect?” I asked.
“You didn’t answer me!” She said.
“I believe in certain things shaa.” I replied.
“Like?” She quizzed on.
“Like reincarnation, other beings outside of humans,God,Jesus,and despite being a Catholic, I have stopped believing that a loving God will burn his children in hell for slight wrongs they did.That’s why the concept of purgatory makes sense!” I replied.
“Well,at least you are sincere in your beliefs.One thing am sure about you is that in the future,there are a lot of things you are really going to stop believing about all your present belief system” she replied.
I laughed.
“And you are now making the discuss about me?” I asked.
She smiled.
“Not really anyway,and you know exactly why.” She said.
“I don’t know anything o!” I replied.
” Well,at least you know am not really human,and there is no right way for me to actually explain nor tell you who i,am really are.” She replied me.
It was at this point that my phone rang and it was my mum calling.She informed me that her niece and my cousin Ifeyinwa came. I told Pretty that I have to get going,and she told me to come back to her place the next day,and I replied:
“I will try and come!”
“Don’t try,just come” she said.
“Okay,I will call you when am coming” I said.
She smiled,and quizzed in:
“How are you going to call me?”
I started laughing too.
I ended up collecting her number before taking my leave.

As soon as I reached our house, my phone rang and it was Pretty calling:
“Hope you reached safely?” She inquired.
” Yes.thanks for inquiring” I replied.
“Alright.I will see you tomorrow then!” She said and the call went dead.
I walked in to our other room, where my sister and Blessing slept and saw Ifeyinwa and she was all smiles as we exchanged greetings and chatted as usual……She is my favourite cousin in both my direct and extended legion of cousins!
I later got to know she is going back the next day to my chagrin.Unlike previously, I believed I won’t miss her this time around!
The next day, she left for Lagos very early in the morning cuz she had come from their village on a supposed errand.
At around 10:30am, I put a call through to Pretty and informed her that I am on my way to her place and she said she is waiting.
I was still on my way to her place when my phone rang,and it was Ujunwa calling me:
“Hello” I said.
“Hmmn Michael, you have just forgotten me so soon na!” She started with her usual never-fruit-yielding guilty play.
“I thought you didn’t want to talk to me again na,so I kept to myself.Even though I try as much as possible to please any body in my life or people I know,begging people is not really my thing,especially when I did no actual wrong!” I replied her.
“Iya! I can see that other girls in our class has been confusing you na,especially that girl that joined our group newly,Onyinyechi!” She said with seriousness,to which I started laughing to.
“That’s it na,its funny to you” she retorted.
“I will call you later please,am going somewhere now!” I just told her.
“I see you are now avoiding me Michael” she replied.
” I will call you later,I promise” I replied her.
” Okay my love. call me o” she insisted.
“I will” I said and cut the call.
For starters,its always a normal thing for Ujunwa to act as she acted in that call,and there was nothing much to it. And the girl she referred to was someone I met through Loveth and despite our closeness, she had categorically told me she was married and so we were not intimate relationship-wise.
Some few minutes later,I arrived at Pretty’s place and she hugged me as she ushered me into her place.
“You were cooking for me?” I started,after smelling the delicious aroma of a sumptuous stew she just finished cooking.As is customary of her,she first smiled before replying me:
“I hope you will love it?”
“Well,I guess a trial will convince me!” I said,and we both laughed.
] As I expected,they had light.So,she said I should occupy myself with any movie I love there while she went on to take her bath;she said she wanted us to eat together and that I had to wait for her.
Ten minutes later,she is already through with everything and have served the meal for us both.
We started eating and was in the middle of the meal when my phone rang,and it was Loveth calling.I looked at Pretty as if requesting for her permission to answer the call;She didn’t mind.
“Michael” she echoed.
” Yea my dear,how are you today?” I asked.
“Am good,and you?” She asked.
“Am lonely and I miss your company”
I replied.
” Eeya! Am so sorry okay.will be back soon.” She replied.
“Okay o.If you say so” I said.
“When are we resuming self?”she asked.
” They gave us 3weeks,so it should be a week and some days from today. But I trust u na,na 3weeks after resumption you go come back na!”
I said and she started laughing before bidding me farewell and ending the call.
“That’s Loveth right?” I heard Pretty ask me as soon as I dropped my phone.
“Yea. do you know her?” I inquired.
” No!” She said,and obviously lying.
“That’s a lie” I replied immediately.
” Is she also like you?” I spoke further.
She smiled and stated again that she didn’t know Loveth.
” How did you then recognize her voice?” I demanded.
“Apparently, you have forgotten about me so soon” she infused.
I remembered something immediately. It was that day at Loveth’s house, and Loveth told me that someone said she I was special to her and that she should not joke nor mess with me to avoid repercussions. I wanted to bring up the issue,but my mind was doubtful and undivided in whether or not I should press on with it.I decided to let it go for an opportune time.
“Its still written all over your face that you don’t believe that I didn’t know Loveth!” She said,and I was not sure whether she was expecting me to say something or not.
” Well,Loveth is in Delta state,and we are here!” I said,with a view to ending the topic and to which aim I succeeded at.
“Well,how was your night?” she asked me as she went to put away the things we used to eat her delicious meal.
“Well,for the first time in days,I didnt see you in my dream last night!” I chipped in.
She laughed, and replied:
“Well,there is no need for me to come again!”..
She cleaned up everything and arranged the place,and then joined me in the bed as I focused on the series DOCTOR WHO that I found there which was playing and which I watched.
As I sat with my back against the wall,she used my leg to support her pillow by placing the pillow on top my laps and resting her head there as a result and channelled her attention to the film playing.She wore a bum short with a Manchester United red jersey top,and she had no bra on.
As I watched the show with keen interest,I managed to draw my attention to her and viewed her from head to toe,and I was like:
“Damn,Pretty is really pretty ah swear!”
“This one you are looking at me and smiling?” I heard her say,and I realised she has caught me.
“Nothing” I replied.
“Remove such thoughts from your mind and stop imagining things
!” She simply said and concentrated back at the series.
I kept shut and didn’t utter a word.
At that moment,NEPA took light.
She looked at me with a smile,and said:
” I guess your will have been done?”
“Actually, I was beginning to enjoy the series!” I mischievously answered back.
“Nwa ojoo(bad boy)!” I heard her say.
I simply smiled.

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Episode 11

She readjusted herself with her pillow and lay straight on the bed facing me,whilst also imploring me to do same; I obliged her.
“So?” I started as I faced her.
She didn’t say anything but kept looking at me,no smiles.
“You know,there was a time I could have sworn that I heard you tell me ‘help me’ in one of my ‘you’ moments?” I asked.
“Hmmmm.You really can remember things.” She replied.
” So,why was that?” I asked.
“Thats because I did and do need your help” she replied.
“That’s weird!” I said out loud even though it was to myself I made that remark to.
“You need not bother again about it no more!” She retorted.
“Oh! You managed to get the help somewhere else?” I asked.
” No.I got it from you!” She replied.
“Here we go again!” I said out loud.
“You didn’t allow me to finish.” She replied me and held me by lefthand.
“Okay…continue!” I replied her.
“Observe this place and tell me what you notice” she said.
I looked around and tried looking to see if I will get a cue as to where she is heading with the task she gave me.
“Well,owing to the fact that you have asked me to remove “such thoughts” from my mind,I find it interesting that you are intimately holding my hand!” I replied her.
She smiled.
At that moment,their light came back again. I was expecting her to say we should continue the series,but instead,I saw she would rather continue the conversation we were having.
“Well,isn’t it a good thing?” She asked me.
“I guess” I just replied,and continued:
” so how exactly did I help you?”
“In time you will understand it better” she replied.
“If you say so.” I replied.
“So what exactly are you doing here?” I summed up courage and managed to ask her.
She smiled.
“Don’t worry,with time you will know I promise”. She said.
“Okay I know i have said this and asked this before,but why did we have to meet the way we did? Don’t tell me I attracted you to myself!” I found myself asking.
” That’s deep!” She retorted immediately,looking at me.I gave her that look you give someone when you expect them to continue talking or answer a question.
” You will know in time!” She replied finally.
“If I didn’t know better,I would say you are avoiding answering them!” I replied.
“That might be true.” She said.
“Why?” I asked.
“No need rushing it.You will know all this things with time.Trust me!” She said.
“Okay o.If you say so!” I said.
“Are you feeling bad?” She inquired.
“Actually,am supposed to feel bad,but to what end?” I asked.
She smiled and then took my hand that she was holding and placed on her right br*ast.
“What are you doing?” I inadvertently asked.
“What does it look like?” She replied me.
“I know you are not expecting an answer to that.” I said.
“Well,if you have,am willing and ready to listen” she replied.
That moment,I could hear a voice in my mind echo:
“don’t do this,let it go!”…

The mind is such a very powerful tool,and most of the time,we don’t even realise it.
Ever been in a situation where you are in serious breaking point of taking an important decision about a particular thing,and you have like a zillion thoughts on your mind,with each of them feasible enough,you don’t know which one to chose?
Well,I wouldn’t say that was my state of mind,but almost as close as my inner state of mind was at that moment is the above scenario I painted.
I may have let down my guard as to the possibility of Pretty harming me,but one thing I never do is to take for granted that in everything, I have a choice; and that whatever choice that I make,I always take responsibility for it.For that reason,I always find it funny when some people always blame the devil for their failings and evil deeds which they committed of their own freewill.
“I know exactly what your intention is” I replied her.
“And I can see you are afraid!” She replied me.
“I meant it that I am really not afraid of you.” I told her.
“So why the double mind?” She asked.
“Well,I can be patient when I want to!” I said,and then I continued:
” But….” I stopped.
“Keeping me in suspense now?” She queried.
” I have a better idea!” I concluded.
“Which is?” She quizzed.
” I want you to come to my dream tonight as you use to do before.” I asserted.
She laughed,and that her permanent smile returned to her face.
“So you prefer a dream to the real thing here now?” She asked.
“I want us to start it from there.Isn’t how we started?” I said.
She kept smiling while looking at me,and then chipped in:
“All the time that I invaded your dreams,I tried to allow you to control your dream world,but you simply just can’t.It won’t be fair to me knowing I will be manipulating everything that will happen there!” She simply educated me.
“Its different now.I know you will be coming, and am the one that invited you.I have read a lot of works by Freud and I know a bit about how the subconscious works” I retorted.
She just shakes her head,came on top of me and with a sign of “please do not resist this’ she kissed me passionately and then came off of me.
I was really kinda surprised with her spur of the moment attitudinal exhibition.
” What’s that for?” I asked.
” Nothing!” She replied.
“This is funny!” I simple quipped in.
“Not to me!” She simply said.
We refocused our attention to the series we were previously watching, and after a while,I told her that I was going.She expressly told me that she enjoys my company and told me to expect her in the night.
For whatever reason unbeknownst to me,Pretty didn’t come that night as she promised.
I knew this cuz whenever I wake up from any sleep,I usually do remember the last part of my dreams, through which I now use to do a small recollection of what I was actually dreaming ( if at all I have the time to do that.).
I decided that I was not gonna call her to know why she didn’t come as promised,and reasoned I will be better off going to a game house to play away my time that day.
After breakfast that day,I proceeded to execute my plan that day; as soon as I entered the game house,my phone rang,and it was her calling:
“I knew you will not come!” I stated immediately I picked her call, starting the blame game.
“And am sorry about that.” She calmly muttered.
“If I ask you to tell me why u didn’t come now,you will refer me to the future” i jokingly said.
She started laughing,and then asked me:
“When are u coming?” She asked me.
Five seconds silence.
“Are you there Michael?” She quizzed.
“Yea!” I replied.
“This one u are silent?” She queried me.
“Nothing, its just that am not sure if I will come today” i simply told her.
“Is it because I didn’t come as I promised?” She asked me.
“Of course it is because you failed to keep your promise.What else were you expecting?” I asked her or rather, whispered in my mind.
“Its not it ooo.Am in a game house now.Where we play PlayStation games or PS for short” I told her.
“Oh.So you do that?” She asked.
” A very nice hubby of mine I love so much!” I told her.
“Alright.I will leave you to enjoy then.” She unwillingly said back to me.
“Do you want me to come?” I asked her.
“More than anything!” She said.
“I will come around 11am” I told her.
“I will be waiting” and then I could feel her being happy before the call went dead.
At that moment,two thoughts popped up my mind concurrently:
Allow her to wallow in the hope of my coming and disappoint her;or-
Forget what happened and just go as you promised….and then the battle of supremacy began between them.
Guys that I would normally spank on a normal day were busy raping me into pieces and wiping me as I never really focused on the game I was playing while the thoughts lingered.
At 10:50am,I was still at the game house(you know how the spirit of playing game use to keep the player spellbound).
It was exactly 10:58am that I decided that it was enough and that I had to go,the reasoning being to come back later when with a correct mind and correct head..
In order not to create any unnecessary feeling,I called her immediately, telling her I was on my way.I had to follow Faulks road and enter bus going to Mosque(cuz they usually follow okigwe road) to make it easier for me.
I reached her place around twenty minutes time,and she was all smiles as she ushered me in;but,the thing is,I didn’t know she had other plans for me that day…


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Episode 12

[quote author=philfearon post=35448907]Cont’d:
“I cooked rice and stew ax well as vegetable soup.So which one will you eat?” She asked me as soon as I sat on the bed.
“Vegetable soup” I replied immediately.
“Okay.You are in luck then cuz thats what I was planning on eating myself.” She stated.
“That film kwanu” I asked her.
“Somewhere there” she pointed,and said let her go and dish out the meal.
I went to search where she pointed,and I realised Pretty was also a film freak like me.I projected my voice so that she could hear me as I told her I will take some of her films to go and watch at my place, and she obliged.
Twenty to twenty-five minutes later,we were both through with the eating comfortably relaxed on her bed.
We chatted for a while, mostly about me by the way,and then I started feeling sleepy.I suggested to her that it will be best I went home cuz the kind of sleep that is in my head is 5-6hrs straight.
She said I can sleep where I am,and promised to wake me up if I was asleep up till 5:30pm..With her assurance, I slept off,holding her hand intimately.
* * *
The environment I found myself in was a very familiar place,yet its as if I have not been to that place.The road to the building looked exactly like the road to our house in the village,yet this particular road did not lead to my house, instead,it led me to a building it seemed I have been to previously even though I honestly don’t recall being inside it;yet I feel like I have been.
It was like a particular force was attracting me to itself inside that building, and so out of pure curiosity, I followed the force to its point of origin.
Immediately I reached the gate,it opened by itself. I entered and walked straight into the first door to the house,which was like the entrance front door. As soon as I held the doorknob and turned it and the door opened,I remembered why the place felt so familiar, it was the newly renovated and refurbished building of Jane’s dad;A building I can relate to as having enough of my happy memories and the worst life threatening event of my life.
As I viewed on about,I started wondering where everyone has gone and left the place empty.
At that moment,Pretty emerged from one of the rooms.
I was like:
“Fathai,what are you doing in my village and how did you know of this people?”
She laughed.
” The way you ask questions eh,you should be a journalist!” She retorted me and urged me to come.
I followed her to one of the rooms which was actually her room.
“How long have you known them?” I asked her.
“It doesn’t matter” she replied.
“Seriously, I wouldn’t like Jane or Ukamaka to come back and see me alone with you in their house.Especially Jane.I have to get going,but I will come back later” I told her.
She smiled the typical Pretty smile.
” Don’t worry about them,only me is around till Sunday.” She reassured me.
My mind calmed down as I relaxed on the bed with her.
“So,what will you take?” She asked me.
“Water.I am very thirsty” I replied her.
She brought me a bottled water and a glass,which i immediately used to gulp down the bottled water.
After a little chat with her while we both lay on the bed, she asked me if Jane would be angry if we have a moment,to which I said ‘no’ to cuz she is getting married,but instead,she will be furious at you for probably seducing me in their house.
” I can deal with Jane’s fury!” She wittily whispered to my ears!

I looked at her to know who exactly it is that is going to withstand Jane’s fury,and I just shakes my head in my mind while saying out to her hearing:
” Anyway,who is going to tell her?”..
“Well,definitely not me!” She reassured me.
“So,what next?” I asked.
“Okay.wait,I will be right back” she said.
As soon as she left the room,I brought out my phone and started browsing,with 2go and Goaldotcom as my first place of visit.
“You and your phone everytime!” I heard her say as she reemerged from whence she went.
She required me to stand up,which I did and for the first time,I realised that Pretty was a bit taller than me….just a bit taller!
She placed her hands on my shoulders while I simply gave my two hands the functions of holding her waist and her back respectively.
With smiles written all over her face,she brought her mouth closer to mine and our lips interlocked as we started kissing passionately while we stood there.
It was more like she was trying to suck the hell out of my life as we kissed,or rather she sucked on me as if her life depended on it..
We kissed violently as my hands both moved directly to her butts and held it lightly even though she was still wearing her black&white expansive skirt.
Ad the kissing continued, I didn’t realise I have actually started moving my hands into the skirt and holding the real thing and noticing she wore nothing else inside…it felt so fresh and soft and she tightened her grip on me.
As I held her butts,I pressed it against my now hardened greatman and she really felt it within and around her already almost wet punny area cuz her kissing on me took a hit.
While still at the business of the kissing and rocking of her arse,I started moving back to the bed gently,making her follow me along the way.
I removed my right hand from her behind and transferred it to her Manchester as I once again realised that she wore no bra in the short sleeve girly polo she was wearing.
I went about the business of slowly and gently caressing it(her left br*ast) and her breathing pattern changed.

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Episode 13

[quote author=philfearon post=35497063]Cont’d:
I continued going backwards in the manner I had earlier on started and before one could say “I love my life”, we both Landed on the bed with no rebound.
I turned her immediately and laid on top of her as I removed my mouth from hers and went for her br*ast instead and started sucking one while using my hand to caress the tips of the other.
With me doing the bulk of the work on her,she started romancing me all over while moaning mildly and doing that mouth thing(gentle biting of her lips),and then I felt her removing everything I wore from my hips downwards.
Count to three afterwards, and I was very much deep inside her,but I never did any thrusting as I allowed it to be buried deep in there and for her to do whatever it is she wish to do with it in there.
At that moment,she tightened her legs a bit more,making sure that she held it tightly more than ever while I continued giving her the pleasure from sucking and tingling and caressing her br*ast and its tips.
As I did this,I heard her whisper to my ears:
“F*ck me please”.
Noone has beckoned on me in that manner before while we were still at the act itself and it felt very sexy and intimately mind blowing.
Like an obedient dog to its master,I obliged her and started pounding;I still didn’t let go of the tips caressing.
The moaning and scream started,especially,due to her tightness.
I thrusted her in that manner for about four minutes as she finally got into the act by holding my arse and making sure that each thrust landed heavily on her punny.It went further from there as she now permanently held my arse and started pushing it into and out of her punny with great and a kinda uncontrollable ecstasy, the sweetness of which made me start realising I was not going to last very long.

As her pleasure continued to heighten,so did my mine,but mine could never be compared to hers.
As It reached a point where I could merely breath,I had to get off of her body as she climbed on top of me and started the real riding.The funny part is that while she did that,she was screaming or rather moaning very loudly as I just concentrated on arousing further,her already fully stand up tip.
I allowed her ride me as she pleased.
At a point,she made me sit up and held me in a hug-like manner while my arms event straight for her arse and then we started going again.
This time,due to the closeness or proximity of our body,I told her that I might not control my pleasure much longer.She didn’t even do as if she heard me as I took control of her arse and controlled how she received or not receive my close pounding, or rather more accurately, how she landed on my greatman.
I don’t know how long we stayed in that position, but it was our longest since we began,and she didn’t want to let go of that style,she totally loved it.
She loved the breath of my panting and the total closeness the style gave.
I,on the other hand also enjoyed the same position like hell,enjoying her warmly embrace,the brushing of her br*east and tips on my body,the lovely staring and looking into her eyes while she moaned and the deepness it afforded my greatman into her punny.
At that instant,I remembered a popular saying among my classmates back in secondary school that outside God and water, nothing else is sweeter than s*x in this part of our universe….and I smiled.
Pretty thought I was smiling because my eyes was focused on hers,and she smiled too.
She made me carry her on my laps and sit on the edge of the bed,so that my legs were no longer resting on the foam but on the floor of the room, with her firmly sitting on my laps,with my greatman still very much buried inside her.
We started going again,and this time around,it seemed a little bit violent. Pretty threw her full f*coming strength into the act of riding and rotating on top of my greatman,making life unbearable for me with a consistent application and grant supplication of endless pleasure….and then my laps started getting tired,and I started singing ” am going to release” like a song in her ears,to which even made her go harder than before.
As soon as the eruption was about to occur,I woke up and realised that all this while,I have been dreaming.
I looked at Pretty where she lay beside me still holding my wrist as it was before I slept off,and she smiled; and then I heard this song(beni beni by Niyaz) that I have forever loved since that day playing on the speaker,I smiled back at her.

I used my other hand and collected my phone to check time,and it was after four.
I was surprised and it registered on my face as Pretty couldn’t help but asking me if wanted time to have gone beyond what it is currently.
I told her I wished it was so cuz I was amazed at the fact that I had only slept for 2hrs and some minutes,and yet its as if I had slept for almost a whole day.Well,certain sleeps can have such effect.
“Do you want to start going?” She asked me.
“I should o.since morning I left my place!” I answered her back.
At that moment,Pretty stood up from the bed and urged me to do the same,to which I wearily did,and sat up at the edge of the bed.
She plainly asked me if remembered the dream I just had,to which I replied in the affirmative, answering:
” Not all parts shaa,but then you will know the part I remember most!” I replied her.
She joined me back at the bed, and asked:
“Do you remember we didn’t finish?” She asked.
“No I don’t remember that” I answered.
She kept silent.We both kept shut,but,I expected her to say something and she didn’t;I had to break the ice:
“Do you want us to….” I didn’t finish my sentence intentionally.
She just took my left hand that was nearer to her cuz of the way I was sitting and placed it on her br*ast,which I didn’t even realise she has laid bare.
“Am really just so tired” I found myself saying.
She left the bed immediately and went and brought a plastic fanta drink and gave me to drink with “please” written all over her face.
Once again,I obliged her knowing fully well that one way or another,it is still all going to end in the same way;a real f*ck in the real world….Just didn’t think all was going to happen in the same day at the same place!

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Episode 14

[quote author=philfearon post=35553551]Cont’d:
I drank the drink she presented to me and despite the quick burst of certain energy refill the soft drink was expected to provide,I was still having a double mind about the plea she was pleading.
I know that sooner or later,it was bound to happen,but having a hot session in a seemingly assumed dream that wasn’t far from from reality,and then waking up in real life to pick up from where we stopped wasn’t exactly my idea of how things she hit up.
I developed a plan as I gulped down the drink,and I hoped it will give me the relief I was seeking.I had two things in mind:
-to not make Pretty feel that I was backing down;or
– to make her see reason with me.
Did it work out?
As soon as I finished the drinking, she came directly to my front and removed the top she was wearing;I stared on as she flinged it away casually and then sat on my laps and crossed her hand over my head.And then I chipped in:
“Will you expect me to still come tomorrow?”
“Why not?” She asked.
“I don’t know, won’t u be going to work or doing some other thing?” I said.
“I don’t worry about those!” She said.
“That’s cool!” I said and continued:
” Maybe I will make your place my second home then?” I chipped in.
“I would love that” she said,smiling.
“And I hope you understand where am going with this talk?” I said.
“No,I don’t” she said.
” tomorrow will really make sense for this..From morning till we are exhausted” I categorically stated,and continued:
“But….” I stopped intentionally.
She gave me the “go on” look.
“One quick round its okay for me if you want” I ended.
She didn’t need any other invitation as she made me fall back to the bed and then we started romancing each other.
We romanced like two minutes before we started f*cking in a missionary raw.We f*cked like that in that manner for quite a well before we both stood up and went close to her bathroom door.
She held it and bended a bit for me to penetrate from behind…and I did even though it didn’t last a while and we were back in the bed. She laid straight on the bed with her arse up and then I came and laid on top her and penetrated despite the small difficulty provided by her mildly built sizeable cheeky butts.
One thing with this positioning is,you never can control the breathing sounds.
We f*cked in that manner for sometime before I cummed inside at her request.
Like five minutes later,I have bid her goodbye and left for our house;The time was 6:55pm.
I came out the adjoining street from her house and as I was about to enter Akalanna street,a guy with two other fellas approached me.
I didn’t even remember again the last time I was approached that way by fellas,but I do know that it last occurred in my secondary school days.
I stopped on my tracks,imagining what could be their issue with me.
The one leading the entourage approached me further,and then asked in an vexatious but cautious manner:
(This conversations were in Igbo but am presenting it in English)
“You are coming from her place again right?”
“Whose place?” I asked her.
“That girl,the one that lives in that Two-storey building you are just coming out from” he said.
I kept a steady concentrated stare at him,not wanting to lose my composure and with an inner aim of knowing where this conversation was going,I kept silence to his question.
” The guy no wan talk again” one of the fellas with him chipped in.
“Am telling you this because I see you as a cool guy.I have observed you for the few days you have come around and for what’s best for you,don’t come around this place again!” He ended.
“Why? I don’t know this area as being dangerous area.” I said.
“Guy,that girl will put you in trouble” he simply said.
“Why do you say so?” I asked him.
“Many people in this area will deal with you cuz of that girl” he said.
I guess he should have put it plainly that he will deal with me if I don’t stay away from the girl,instead of using “many people” as a hide for himself.
I smiled,and projected in my mind(knowing that he will not hear it anyway),” don’t do a stupid thing you will end up regretting later for the rest of your life”.
I was not dumb enough to not realise that my meeting with Pretty was not a coincidence and that something about me must have attracted her to me even though she hides in the terrain of the fact that I had wished for her.One thing I would not like is someone suffering for their own stupid ignorance and inability to let go of what they can’t have.
“Hope you heard me? Cuz I might not be friendly the next time,and nothing will happen” he said.
“Guy?” I called and he and his fellas looked at me with rapt attention;
” Don’t threaten me.I don’t know what you know,but know that just like you,am also an Aba boy!” I finished.
I left that scene as soon as I made that statement, and since I wasn’t called nor held back by them as I made out,I figured I had them stunned,but then,I also know that I have made some unfriendly alliances. Therefore,as I went back home,the thought of telling or not telling Pretty about what happened occupied my mind.But one thing is clear,this is guys problem and I have to deal with it in my own way since it wasn’t the first time I had experienced such!


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Episode 15

[quote author=philfearon post=35574202]Cont’d:
Like ten minutes or so after I reached our house,I got a call from Pretty:
“Hope you reached safely?” She asked me.
“Yes o” I replied back even though I was worried sick because of the little encounter I had with those guys.
“Do you want me to come this night?” I heard her ask.
“No,don’t come” I answered.
“Why not?” She inquired.
“Nothing.I think am going to watch film all night!” I simply said.
” That’s not good for your health” she said.
“I know,but its been long since I last did it.Just wanted to do it again” I told her.
She kept silent for some moment,and then her end of the line came alive again:
“Just make sure you get enough sleep” she inputted.
“I will try” I said.
I think I just got Pretty worried for the first time,and she took it very serious.
After eating that night,I went straight to my bed and laid down and then latched onto my phone;my destination was 2go.I kept going from room to room whilst also chatting with my available online friends, and then Amara came online(she hardly comes online).
“I know you must be here!” She said immediately, that’s her own form of greeting for that moment.
I laughed.
“How things na?” I asked her.
“You are asking me?” She queried me.
“Yes” I replied back.
“What happened to calling me?” She inquired.
“When was the last time we spoke?” I asked her.
“You tell me.” She simply replied.
“Two days ago” I reminded her.
“And since then?” She asked .
“You have started now.” I replied her.
“Why won’t I!” She said and then continued:
“You worry a lot about nothing. I have told you to come for a holiday to our place but you have refused.” She said.
“See now.see how you are making it appear like I refused.You of all people do not need to be told about my peoples character and attitude!” I replied her.
She went “away” for a while and then came back online again.
“Well, I know that,but am sure they will grant you,you have to find a way” she said.
“Its not easy.” I said and then continued:
” I can………….” and that was the last word or sentence I was trying to write before I slept off.
Meanwhile, Amara not knowing that I have slept off continued messaging me,asking me:
” you can what……?”
“Talk to me odii”
“Are you still there” etc…
I woke up the next day around 6:30am and saw about 16missed calls and the single caller was Amara.
I immediately knew that am in trouble and that I need to ratify the situation asap.

I tried calling her number the moment I realised that I have f*cked up full time even though it was unintentional,but she didn’t pick up and that was when my dilemma for that day started.
I started doubting if at all I will be going to Pretty’s place as I promised, yet,the last thing I needed was Amara calling me when am in Pretty’s house.
Apparently,Pretty doesn’t know about Amara,not even after I willingly invited her into my mind.
And then it struck me that am a total jerk,a selfish greedy cheat;I was Oliver Twist2.0 and I was the person that has created the impending mess that may occur from me letting Pretty conclude that I was so so into her.The impending mess here is not some cataclysmic physical impact per se,but the repercussions of cheating. I was cheating on my true love and through no mistake of mine,everything might be laid bare…. cuz am going to be dealing with the fury of two angry women whom rationality is going not to apply as long as am concerned.That’s my assumption..
Between going to Pretty’s place with the unknown possibility of Amara calling, and staying at home and avoiding such situation, I chose the lesser evil;after all, one should not complain about something he needs not subject himself to.
I didn’t know how Pretty was going to feel if I don’t come,but that of Amara need not be explained to me..
I called Junior,Amara’s younger brother and inquired if Amara was around or forgot her phone and went somewhere. He told me he was looking at her as he is answering call and that she is pressing her phone.I thanked him and ended the call.
I called Amara again and she didn’t pick,so I sent her a message thus:
“You know exactly how what you are doing right now is affecting me,but I guess you are enjoying it as usual,even though you know its very very normal for people to sleep off while chatting.I wanted to tell you that I can come this weekend and could use visiting Mmaa as an excuse to sleep over.But since you didn’t want to hear me out,its of no use again!
Love you.”…
She still didn’t call nor text me back,so I decided to implement the next best plan that came into my mind…..I switched off my phone and decided that I am going to see Pretty as planned.
What does that make me? I guess the word is an “arsehole”..
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Episode 16

[quote author=philfearon post=35635260]Cont’d:
I headed straight to Pretty’s place,trying so hard to forget about the incident with Amara(which naturally of course,I can’t forget) and infusing too many not-Amara-or-girl-related issue.
One of the things I hate about my phone being off is that am a point of contact for so many of my course mates because I live in Aba.So,even though I shut my phone down cuz I was avoiding any mess with Amara,I knew I could also be blocking access to many people who need info about certain things in school.This was the thought that bore heavily on my mind as I dropped off from keke and started trekking to Pretty’s place.But,as is usual for such minor thoughts,I ascribed it that a day off Ur some hours off Wont kill anyone . .
And then as I entered their street,I remembered the tug wannabes that wanted to take advantage…
I didn’t even know when I was standing and knocking in front of her door with all the thoughts wobbling and bubbling in my mind. As she opened the door and let me in,my only wish is for Pretty’s to just give a kinda foreclosure from the self-induced haunting thoughts in mind..
“I was beginning to think that you wanted to play me..and your line was not going;what happened?” Nothing.
” Even an unborn kid will catch this your lie without a glance” she said.
“You just won’t understand!” I told her.
“Tell me first.what happened?” She insisted.
“Don’t worry about it.Am here now.” I said,smiling.
” You know,what bothers you,bothers me too even though you may not know it” she said sadly.
“I just don’t want to bother you with trivial issues that irritates me.nothing much.” I said.
“If it irritates you,then it is not trivial,don’t you think?” She said,smiling.
I know she was not going to stop inquiring to know what the problem is,so as I delayed the inevitable,I used the opportunity to conjure up some cock and bull story that will sound real and pleasant to the ears and that can be related to..
“Its Jane!” I said.
“Who is Jane?” She inquired.
“For you to have conjured up a dream in a special house that somebody I really loved lived in,you must have known them or gotten to know them somehow.I don’t know!” I said.
She smiled at me,and said:
“I don’t know who that is!”
Well,her smile betrayed her cuz I don’t know how,but I was very certain she knew about her.
“Why would you think I know her?” She asked further.
“We f*cked in their house, remember?…” I asked.
“You are really making me laugh Michael” she said.
“So where was it then?” I asked her.
“I don’t know.” She said and then continued:
” Here is what I can tell you though,whatever place or whoever you saw in your dream was not of my own making,it was your own experience and projection and I just tap into it.Do you think am toiling with your mind?”
“Truth is,I will be lying if I say that such thoughts have not crossed my mind.” I said and she continued staring at me,probably for want of words(I assumed,didn’t know for sure) and then I continued:
“But I know that you love me and that you wouldn’t do such thing to me”
Seriously, I didn’t even know when I said that,but it brought down tempos and the highly needed relief.
” Thank you for saying that..But,I need to apologize to you for something I did.” She asserted.
I immediately did a quick crosscheck of why she said that and found no reason whatsoever, and so,I paid rapt attention to what she had to say.
And she started thus:
“I don’t know if you noticed it,and maybe it was because I wanted and needed you and believed it was for your own good,but,I made you fall asleep against your will.” She finished, with a kinda serious ‘i’m sorry’ written all over her face and body.
Guess how I felt at that moment,totally f*cked!

“Am really really sorry” she said again as I continued looking at her not knowing whether to feel good or bad for myself.
“Say something now?” She pleaded.
“Am not angry with you if that’s what you are thinking” I finally said.
“Why not? ” she queried.
“Do you want me to start being suspicious of you?” I asked her.
She nodded her head in decline.
” No need deliberating on something that needs no such attention” I said to her.
I had expected her to smile at this point,but she didn’t,which obviously means she believes or still have doubts that am counting it against her..
“Am really serious, I don’t hold anything against you.I can tell you the simple truth that I didn’t really know how I felt when you told me that,but anger and betrayal was not one of them” I eulogized, and extended my hands and held her wrist in a caring way.
“Are you sure?” She asked and I reaffirmed and reassured her that my earlier affirmation was sincere. But was it? No!
I just didn’t want us deliberating on something that has to do with me being manipulated against my will,even though it was for my own as she said.
“Let’s go swimming na?” I infused in-between a short silence that came up.
“Am not sure am really ready for that.” She said.
“Well,I can carry you on my back to that place If you want” I mildly joked,and she laughed making a caricature of me by insinuating that I can’t carry her.
I took it up with her and told her that I can carry her,that I have carried heavier things in my life.She continued her fun-poke at me and then I now told her to just stand up let’s see… and she stood up.
“So how do you want to carry me?” She asked.
“You tell me by choosing between this two available options:
– to carry you at my back;or
– to carry you like a baby in front” I finished.
“Carry me at the front!” She replied!
I did carry her as requested and while I held her up there tightly hugged and latched onto my body,I told her to tell me what just happened.
She simply laughed mildly and gently told me:
“You have won,let’s go and swim” …
I smiled and brought her down calmly.
She prepared for the outing,and since I didn’t even have it in mind that I was going to go swimming that day,I decided I will buy a tight tug along the way..
* * *
Five minutes later,we were on our way to swim when the same guy that approached me the other time approached us as we were about trekking off their street to enter keke.
Apparently, he wanted to talk to Pretty alone from her demeanor and Pretty symbolically told me to give them space a bit..
They started talking or miming as I made it my business not to focus on them;and then,my own thoughts returned.
I started imagining whether or not Amara has called me and what she must be feeling right now.I wanted to switch on my phone that instant,but then Pretty walked by and asked me to guess what she was discussing with the guy.
“Its very clear na.need I tell you again?” I said.
“You will be surprised at what he just told me.” She said.
“Tell me na?what did he say?” I queried her.
“That I should be careful of you,that he knows my history” she said.
“What?” I said,not expecting any reply whatsoever.
” Leave him.I guess he’s just sad seeing that he couldn’t have me” she said.
“Which kind mumu boy be this one.See person wey i been dey think say na coded boy.I mean which kind person go dey snitch on a total stranger just cuz of a girl?” I said.
“Its okay o” Pretty said to me.
I stopped walking,and told Pretty that I need to confront that dude and give him a serious warning.
She told me to let it go and held me by her right hand, dragging me alongside herself as she walked on..

“So you would have went off to confront him?” Pretty infused as soon as we entered keke going to Aspoly.
” Its just to warn him to stop being silly over women” I said,and everyone in the keke laughed.
“I guess you never had it in mind that other serious fatal events might result from such silly confrontations” she asked me in the same manner that Amara does.
I looked at her,and just smiled.
“Well,you saved the day I guess.So, I owe you one” I simply said and then we remained calm.
We could walk to the place we were going,but the risk of me running into people that know me in that our school surroundings ims very high…..and I didn’t want to be noticed,so I told Pretty we have to enter keke,which surprised her to core;but she still obliged me.
In the swimming pool,I really swam to my satisfaction and to my surprise though,Pretty can swim but I was better than her. I had always imagined that she will be a fish in water cuz I was misguided in my first pre-analysis of her that she might be a water child or related stuffs.But there we were as I watched he’d swim from end to end,and I was wrong about her.
Nothing is as sweet as watching someone you really care about being so spirited and happy.Its usually one of the simple magical spells out there cuz whether or not you control it,you will realise that the same happiness exhibited by them resonates back to you and you end up sharing in that happiness.
” Come back to the water!” I heard Pretty say at me as she threw fistful of waters at me.
I smiled and got up from where I sat and dived into the pool and swam to where she was,holding her from under and she cackled above..
I came up as I raised my head only to meet a sweet kiss waiting for me.I separated it before mouths started blabbing in that public setting.
She said I should carry her on my back and swim, reminding of the fact that I had whizzed that I could do that perfectly back at her place ( even though I never made such boast).I obliged her!
After a while, I told her let’s go underwater and see who will come out first,and she agreed.We held our hands together and immediately we went under water,we were back at her place.
I was like:
“Are we really here?”
She laughed at me,asking me “where do I think we are at?”
“You are now mocking me.Am not blind now.We were just at the pool some seconds ago,and now we are here” I said.
” We are still at the pool she said” and continued laughing at me.
One thing with dreaming or any subconscious thing,you usually will never know that it is not real until you are out of it.
“You know what,I think am going to rape you” for you to stop making fun of me in serious issues.
“You are welcome!” She said .
“Yea.I know thatz what you want!” I retorted.
“I need to go back to that place,the swimming pool.I left my things with their security.” I finished.
“Open your eyes.” I heard her beckon to me.
Clearly,one of us is insane.My eyes are open and you are still asking me to open it again?” I queried again.
As if she didn’t hear what I just said,she came closer to me and shouted “open your eyes” to my ear to the extent that I felt that all my body parts developed ears and heard her shout.
At that moment, I got back from whatever trance she has created in that moment and opened my eyes only to see her face looking at me and pointing her hands up as a sign that we should rise up,which we did.
“What was that?” I asked immediately I got my breath back.
“Shared consciousness” she replied me,knowing fully well I had no idea what she was talking about..

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Episode 17

[quote author=philfearon post=35748622]Cont’d:
I looked on at her in utter muteness as she smiled at me with us both drenching and water dripping from our body back to the pool.
“How do you always do that?” I finally found myself asking.
” because of what I am” she replied.
” Which is what exactly?” I queried on,knowing fully well she will not answer me that.
” In time you will.That,I promise you!” She calmly said.
After saying that,as we were calling it a day at the pool side,she told me that there was something she wants to discuss with when we reach her place,to which I said “no wahala” to!
* * *
We reached her place around sometimes towards noon.Meanwhile, she bought some body nourishing edible and drinkable stuffs on our way back to which I started helping myself to immediately we branched at her place.
For the first time since I started going to her place, I removed the outer clothes I wore,and wore only my boxers and singlet(I wouldn’t call it a singlet anyway,more like a sleeveless polo) and relaxed in her bed.
I found it comforting and relaxing and it helped me feel at ease myself, even though I guess Pretty was surprised as she stared me,you will gladly know that she ultimately feels am already in love with her place; that I love it there.
Funnily enough,that’s true. Her place is probably the only place at that moment in time where I don’t think of anyone else or anybody else or anything else beside those moments with Pretty.It felt great,and I would be lying if I said otherwise.
Pretty latter joined me in the bed and used the pillow to relax on the wall while I readjusted myself and used her legs to support myself as pillow.
“I didn’t even know you can swim the way you did today.I was thinking you were going to use tube” I quizzed in.
“Well,I guess I disappointed you then?” She rhetorically retorted.
“Not really” i said.
“But you said you thought…?” She asked.
“Its just a thought na,it mustn’t necessarily be justified or true.” I replied.
She didn’t say anything as I made the above remark.
“Do you wanna what my actual thought was really?” I asked.
“Yes.tell me!” She replied.
“Well,first things first,don’t get angry at what I will say ;promise?” I quipped in.
“Now you are putting me on suspense? Okay,I promise not to be angry!” She said finally.
“You know,stories of mermaids living out lives like normal people abound,and so I was thinking……” and I was interrupted by her inadvertent burst of laughter with the accompanying question:
“And so you think I might be one?” She finished.
“That’s the only sensible thing I could make out of who you really are” I defended myself.
“You just can’t seem to let go of this!” She finally said with a low tone.
“You can’t blame me na.Being inquisitive is a very big part of my personality traits” I answered her.
“Don’t worry,I will tell you okay.I have previously promised you this.
“Okay o,if you say so.” I replied her.
After like some fifteen seconds silence,she said:
“You know I told you there was something I would love us to discuss?”
“Yes,I remember” I replied.
“I know about Jane!” She simply said.
“Yea,I figured that out when I asked you about it earlier!” I replied.
” How did you know?” She asked.
“Well,I will just tell you a little secret about me” I said.
“Okay” she said.
“Most of the time,I know when am being lied to…I just neglect it” I asserted.
I looked up at her and caught her smiling.
” So then,that’s why I couldn’t get access to a particular aspect of you?” She asked.
“What particular aspect of me?” I queried.
“The aspect that it just seemed like something has taken over it;and do what I may,I have never accessed that part of you” she finished.
” Seriously,you know am not understanding any of the things you are saying right?” I asked.
” Yes,I know” she replied

“What do you know about Love?” She asked me.
I was like, where is this girl actually going with all the talks that have all of a sudden being her interested subject of discuss.
” You are not saying anything about it?” I heard her ask.
“Am just thinking about it shaa.” I said.
“So,what do you say about it?” She asked me.
“Well,I have had my own fair share part of it.” I answered.
“I saw it too..With Jane right? She asked.
“You already know na!” I simply said.
“Who else have you had a share of it with?” She asked me.
“Well,uhmmmm,my grandma.You know, I grew up with her” I told her.
“How did you end up with her?” She queried on.
“Well stories abound shaa,but I don’t care about them shaa.Am just happy it happened, that’s wat I know for certain.” I replied.
“Well,its evident in your life shaa!” She said.
“How do you know that?” I asked her.
“Well,most grandma’s are too compassionate and over-caring for their grandchildren, especially the ones that stay with them.You know, they transfer all the love they have left in the world to you. You are like a diamond to them and nothing pleases and makes their heart happy more than to see you happy!” She replied.
I must say that I was really kinda surprised on how deep she went with that one.It was like she was talking out of experience or out of an experience she must have gotten from me;I didn’t know,but to know for certain, I decided to ask her something,something bizarre and seemingly off topic:
“How old are you?”
“Why do you want to know it all of a sudden?” She demanded.
” Am older than you,if that’s what you want to know!” She just enthused.
“I know that already” I said.
“And you are still asking?” She said.
“Yep!” I answered.
” Okay,okay.I…..am ……” she kept silent.
“I will complete it for you” I retorted immediately,and then continued:
“We are both age mates and you can’t deny it!” I finished,giving her the surprise of her life!
There was silence everywhere, and then she broke the silence saying:
“How did you know that?”
“That’s my own magic” I replied.
“Seriously,I want to know how you did that” she told me.
“Well,This is the point where I tell you that you will know that in time.” I told her.
I guess she couldn’t lie to me or she was too down to guard her age,but one thing that is a fact is that she never saw it coming.
But how did I make that accurate guess?
Well,now,I feel like sharing!

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Episode 18

[quote author=philfearon post=35748749]Cont’d:
The truth is,I didn’t actually think it was going to be the right guess till that day.
Much like I would hate to say it or really affirm that it is the simple realistic truth,Pretty was a total embodiment of me.In Pretty,I saw exactly myself.
Its like I was her kinda twin if u should understand it that way,but the simple truth here is that I started realising that Pretty exhibited almost the same exact character that I do exhibit, and she has severally told me that I was the person that actually invited her into my life.
So,I could only figure out that if she is in my life,then I had wished for it,and the time I remembered having that kind of wishes was at a particular and certain other time in my life when I will always wish that Amara was my age mate!
“You still don’t want to tell me?” She inquired on.
“I will tell you” I said.
“Please tell me.Even though I do act all tough, really as fragile as you can be;easily ,this kinda situations swooshes me!” She ended.
“Well,since you said I actually invited you into my life,I figured if I was inviting your kinda person,it would be someone my age!” I replied her.
I looked at her again,and caught her smiling again.
I started rubbing my hand gently on her feet in a romantically caressing manner,and then I heard her say to me:
” I want us to go somewhere!”
“Go out again? Am really really not in that going out mood again ” I said.
“No,you misunderstand.Its not that kind of going out.” She said.
“Which other kind kwa?” I asked,with my gaze now focused on her
“Like the swimming pool own” she said.
“Again?” I simply asked.
“I just want to show you something. We will be back before you know it,and then we will ….you know!” She concluded.
“So,what am I supposed to do now?” I asked her.
“Just relax and stay how you are and continue caressing my feet!” She told me.
I did as she asked,and then as if there was a sudden rush of drowsiness in me,I realised that I was no longer in her room,even though I knew I was there a few moments ago.
I looked around and saw Pretty beckoning on me to increase my walk as I was way behind her.
” Where are we going? ” I asked.
“Don’t worry.you will know when we reach!” She replied me.
I followed her sheepishly as we walked endlessly through a myriad of roads.
We came out at a point,and as I looked back,I didn’t see the road from whence we came from,and I was kinda frightened.
I looked up ahead and there laying before us was like Hundreds of road with its starting point from exactly where we stood.
“So,which road are we going to follow?” I asked her.
“Just calm down my love”” she simply said.
That was the first time she used that line on me and I must say it kinda uplifted my spirit and reassuringly evoked my ultimate trust in whatever Pretty had in mind bringing us there.
After waiting endlessly for like five minutes top without anything actually happening, all off a sudden,the roads started closing in on us one by one,and before i could say Jack,I heard Pretty tell me:”run back”.
“Run back to where,can’t you see the road we came from is no no more?” I said.
“I know “she said calmly,and continued:
“But just do it!” She finished.
I listened to her and followed in her directive, and the next thing, I was back in her room,with my hands still on her feet.I looked up to see Pretty looking back at me:
“What was that ?” I found myself asking.
“The aspect of you I just don’t honestly understand!”
She calmly said,stroking my chin..
I looked on at her for a moment more,and then I readjusted myself and left the support her laps were giving my head.
I stood up and went straight to where my trouser and shirt were and put them back on,which I assumed must be startling her as I also correctly assumed she is probably watching me too.
After dressing up,I looked at her direction and certified my earlier assumptions as she asked me:
“Why did you dress up?”
“Am going!” I simply replied her.
“Going? Why,what’s the problem?” She asked me.
“Nothing.. I just remembered something.” I replied.
“At least this time around,you made it obvious to me now that you are lying” she simply asserted.
She then continues:
“Just tell me what I actually did that you don’t like” she asked me.
“I was thinking that the main reason I came here today was for a different thing altogether, but this….I just don’t know Shaa!”..I simply cut short.
“Okay am sorry I did that with you again” she said.
” Am not angry,am really not angry;but I have really lost it for today;unless you just want to see the sulky part of me” I told her.
After looking at me for a while,while I stood up there looking back at her,she invited me back to the bed,and I obliged her.
“Can I tell you something?” She asked me.
” I love hearing you speak” I told her.
“Its about Jane.” She said,
Knowing fully well what my reaction or body expression will be.
“Jane? ” I asked.
” Yes. I want you to call her and tell her not to proceed with her marriage plans.” She told me.
“You are joking right?” I asked.
“Am very serious” she said.
“Why?” I asked.
“You really should not know this,I mean,you are not supposed to know this.But,I have accessed many aspect of you,and I know that you really have deep affection and she occupies a great deal in your mind..That’s why am telling you this.” She said.
“Alright,alright! I can’t do that. Even if I can,I still won’t do it.” I told her.
“That’s okay.I have gotten something I can rely on to do it myself” she said.
“I really just don’t understand, what is just happening today? You have just been acting weird since today. I said.
“That’s what you think. You just won’t understand” she simply said.
“Well,make me understand” I pleaded with her.
“I try as much as possible to tell you all I know,and that’s it.Nothing much.” She said.
“I have to call Jane” I said,not minding the fact that I left my phone off for a reason.Immediately I switched it,I got a reply message from Amara telling me to come or do as I promised,and give her a call as soon as I get the message. I was happy.
I called Jane as I earlier planned.
“My love” she said with an enthusiastic voice,and then added:
“Ever since I told you that am getting married,you just forgot me na?” She quizzed
“Do you love him?”
I asked her.
“Yes,but not like you.” She answered and asked me:
“What brought about this hot afternoon questioning Odii?” She asked me..
“I just want to make sure you are okay as my love” I told her.
“It feels great hearing you say it!” She said.
” Thank you.But,I have this to tell you: ‘don’t ever listen to anybody telling you not to marry him,whether in life or in your dreams” I simply told her.
“Why are you saying all this things?” She just asked me.
“In time,you will know” I told her,telling her I would call her again.
While this call was going on,Pretty continued looking at me and smiling even as I ended the call.
She now mouthed the sentence she uttered later:
“You just complicated things!”..

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Episode 19

[quote author=philfearon post=35800052]Cont’d:
If I didn’t know any better,I would say that I literally went dumb for like thirty seconds or thereabout.
“I just don’t understand” I said for the umpteenth time;
“What really is it that you are doing?” I asked.
“Trying to help you” she said.
“By wanting to disorganise her marriage or what?” I asked.
“That’s the way you understand it.But, since you don’t want me to proceed as I earlier conceived,I won’t.But,you have to do something for me” she finally ended.
I got up from the bed and said to her:
“Do as you wish.Am going!”
I headed straight to the door and tried opening it,but it wouldn’t open.I looked back at where she sat and saw her staring at me with a “go ahead” look written boldly on her face.
I tried again to forcefully open the door,but I just couldn’t open it.
“I thought you didnt want to stop me? Why are you then blocking or rather,holding the door?” I asked her.
“Am not holding it or doing anything to it,that,I promise you!” She said.
“So,why is it yet to open ?” I asked.
“I really don’t know!” She told me.
Even though I wanted to doubt her,the look on her face was totally sincere, but then the simple common logic here is that she is the one causing the jammed hard-to-open door.
“Okay,why not come and try opening it?” I asked her.
She stood up from where she sat and came to the door where I stood.
I adjusted myself to allow her try opening the door,even though deep down in my mind,I believed she was just putting on a show.I mean,what else could be blocking a supposed door we came in through with,except her with her supposed whatever power she got;its the simple explanation, and that’s the only logical thing to believe at that moment: she just didn’t want me to go,or so I thought!
She tried opening the door herself, but it couldn’t open.She looked at me and tried it again, yet nothing.
“Seriously, what are you doing?” I said,not knowing whether or not to laugh.
“Trying to open the door!” She said.
I came closer to her,grabbed her hands from the the door knob and held it firmly and said to her:
“Please, just stop this your trick.Am just going home,we have like from tomorrow till God knows when to continue on this our rendezvous-you-controlled frivolities and jamboree of a relation okay.I need to go home for now. You are even welcome to my dream this night if you want,but first,I need to go home for now!”
Overwhelmed by my pleading and the emotion with which I infused into it,she told me that:
“To be honest and sincere with you,am not the one holding the door Mike,am not. Something is seriously wrong” she ended.
I freed my hand from hers,and with such tenacity I could gather at that moment in time,I used all my strength to pull the door.
With that force,the door jacked open and a heavy swooshing of something that felt like dark wind blew the both of us backwards with such hurling that we were thrown back off our feet,back straight to the bed wall around her bedside with a scream.
At that moment,my eyes opened immediately to my immediate surrounding which was covered by blue see-through pool water.
It was then I realised that I have never,that I didn’t actually leave the water; that Pretty and I were still inside the pool and that all that has just happened, happened inside my mind.
I felt fear creep into my being as I gently swam up with Pretty,out of the pool…

After quietly dressing up after getting off from the pool,I told Pretty that I will be going from there. She didnt try stopping me by sweet talking me into changing my mind as usual;I guess she perfectly understood that I have been through enough already that day,and she is the chief architect of it all.But,she told me to wait so that we both can leave the place together and then I can be on my way.
As I finally parted from her company,the last facial expressions exhibited by her were one of a mixture of regret and “I’m sorry”;or at least,that’s what I believed it to be.
As soon as I entered a keke,I switched on my phone and my phone beeped,signifying that I got a message.I opened it immediately, and it read thus:
“How many days will you stay if you come?”
That was Amara.
I didn’t really know what to think that moment as my attention shifted from the events with Pretty and focused on how to make up with Amara,even though I knew that I did nothing wrong.
It was then it dawned on me that even if I took an excuse that I was going to visit grandma and then veer off,I was still going to answer to my aunty that grandma is staying with where I went to.
I figured I had to come up with an answer, and real quick one at that.
As if everything was fast forwarded the minute I entered that keke,it wasn’t long before I found myself in my room,lying on the bed and with my friend(phone) in hand.As I told them to put food for me,I figured that the last thing I needed was Amara calling me first before I called her..Amara loved me to the extent that she behaves like a kid as long as is my matter that is concerned.When it comes to me,she just doesn’t behave normal,and she doesn’t care about the fact that she is supposed to be the mature one amongst us.But,its all great if you understand the fact that it is just her character for me, and me alone.I remember a day like that that I jokingly told her that I didn’t like the color of an expensive hairstyle she fixed,and the next day she removed it and demanded that I must give her the money to fix another one;the one I will love.By the time I told her it was a joke,I would have spent more than I bargained for..But,as always,the joke will be when she is nagging about the money,not that she will take it if I bring it!But,exhibiting those acts,it makes me love her the more.
So,as I wanted to call her,I got a call:
“Hello!” I said,it was Pretty calling.
“Hope you reached safely?” She asked.
“Yep” I replied.
“I guess you are angry with me and I fully deserve it” she mused.
“If I was angry with you,I won’t pick your call.” I told her as a matter of fact.
“If you say so!” She said.
“Okay” I replied
” When will you come again?” She asked me.
“I will tell you.I have not ckecked myself” I told her.
“Alright,I will be waiting for your call” she mused.
“You are welcome.Take care” I replied her and the call ended.
I called Amara immediately:
” Odii?” She called as she picked the call.
“Mmmmm” I answered.
“I zaga m Mmmmm?”(you are replying Mnmnmn to me?) She asked me.
I started laughing and she assumed seriousness and asked me whether I was serious about what I told her tru my text,to which I affirmed.She bid me come visit her then,and I told her it will be the coming week.We ended up agreeing on which day she preferred best and that was it.The bulk of the task was now left to me to do: getting the needed permission. Situations like this was exactly what I miss most about village.
Not more than thirty seconds after I left the call did I receive a call from Jane.Jane asked me thus:
“What is it you were telling me that time about my current marriage plans?cuz I can’t seem to get that talk out of my head” she said.
” What?” I asked her.
“Were not telling me something about marriage earlier when you called me today?” She asked.
” No o.I didn’t call you today o,and I have not even switched on my phone till now!” I said in my defence.
“You are really very nuts,Odii” ( isi adi gi mma Odii.)..

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Episode 20

[quote author=philfearon post=35907002]Cont’d:
“Am really very serious, I didn’t call you!” I replied again.
” I guess of all people in the world,your voice is what I can’t remember again?” She Added:
“If this is one of those your jokes, stop it now Odii” she mused.
“Okay,okay am sorry.” I said,and then inputted:
“I just wanted to make sure you will be happy,very very happy with him!” I said.
“Oh dear.Stop worrying about me okay,I will be fine.” She said.
“Well,that’s reassuring!” I told her.
“Hope am free to call from time to time?” I asked further.
“Of course.In fact,if you don’t call me as you use to,I will deal with you” she joked.
“Yes madam!” I replied.
“Alright,take care” she said and cut the call.
It was her call that made me happy again that day as I remember quite vividly that I slept for almost 9hrs+ tops,uninterrupted and like a babe.I have never slept better and more peaceful..But then,it also amazed me at how I was able to turn around whatever it is that pretty did that had to make Jane have some thoughts,serious thoughts!
* * *
Two days later,more accurately, the Sunday, I got a text in the morning from Pretty telling me how much she has missed me already.
I replied her back asking why she didn’t visit again as she normally does previously and she was of the opinion that she has hurt me enough.She went further to state that any other person would have run away or went for a deliverance for some silly binding and casting; but me,I like being stubborn as if I always have a point to prove.
I asked her if it turns her off sometimes ,and she said that that’s why she is still stuck with me.
“Did you say that to make me soften ?” I asked her.
“If it did make you soften,that’s a good omen for me then.” She simply said,playing on my intelligence.
” Do you want Me to come today?” I asked her.
“Since that incident that day,this had been my only wish as minutes and hours pass by!” She said.
“Hahhhahhhaaaa!” I laughed heavily,and then inputted:
“You know how to make me soften and melt!”
She laughed.
” What should I keep for you?” She asked me.
“Everything you have,especially, your self.” I answered.
“That’s simple then.its done already!” She said.
“Okay.But when I come,you will answer me a question I will ask you?” I replied back to her.
“As long as it will make you happy,I will gladly do it okay!” She said.
“I Love you!” I replied her.
“What I have for you is more than Love!” She uttered….
“I will make us have a day you will hate to forget today when you come.” She said.
“No problem then!” I calmly replied her..

Already as I chatted with Pretty,I noticed that my mum has come out as usual to prepare for her Sunday morning mass going.
I used that opportunity to come out and inform her that a coursemate of mine invited me to his church cuz of one program like that,and that I will be going there instead with my returning probably billed to be towards evening time..As I expected, she okayed the going, only that am not going to any church program whatsoever, I was going to drill Pretty real hard!
* * *
At around 8:30am,after eating,I dressed up and headed straight to her house. I met that guy again,and for the second time,he approached me, but in a more cordial way this time around(probably cuz he was neatly dressed and probably going to church) and we Shaked hands and greeted like two responsible fellas..
With my face filled with that “askance” look,he proceeded to tell me what exactly she has in mind thus:
“Guy,you should really stay away from that girl” he told me pleadingly.
“Why should I do that?” I asked him.
“That girl is not your normal girl,she is something of a mami-wata ” he quipped.
“And you know this how?” I asked.
“I just told you this in the spirit of a fellow tribesman” he said.
” No,that’s not why you are telling me!” I concluded and proceeded to leave his presence but,he called me back.
” Have you ever wondered why all this while you have been visiting, nobody else visits her? Has she ever received a call or called any other person in your presence?” He queried me.
“Here,let me let you in on some secrets bro;Fathai maybe many things,but being whatever you have in mind is not one of them.. And secondly,I strongly believe you are jealous of me” I concluded,with the wicked intention of provoking him.
“Don’t say i didn’t warn you!” He said and we both went on opposite directions..
I reached Pretty’s house and as I was about to knock,she opened the door.
“I could feel you from afar” she said,smiling…. I smiled too.
I went and relaxed on the bed.There was light and as fate will have it,we both have the same taste and interest in almost everything;with music at the top of it all.
“You know,I saw our mutual friend again,and he was telling me something about you!” I said.
If I didn’t know any better,I would have said that Pretty would be shocked to hear such,but she wasn’t.Instead,she asked me:
“What did he say this time around?”
“Well,she was telling me to stay away from you,that you some sort of mami-wata” I answered.
We both laughed to this.
But why was I actually laughing? I didn’t even know any better,and its not like Pretty was telling me the truth about herself either.The dude must have reached that conclusion because Pretty must have giving him reason to believe so; or at least that’s the most reasonable logical sense to make out of it all…and yet I couldn’t stop laughing..
” So,you said you will make today one of the best days of my life?” I asked,cutting off our laugh.
“Yes!” She replied.
” What do you have planned then?” I asked further.
“Well,its started already” she said and continued:
” I have never seen you laugh so happily like this ever since I met you!” She replied.
“Hmm!” That was all i could mutter.

All of a sudden,I started smiling.
” I assure you,today is going to be a great day!” She said.
“Well,that’s okay.But first,you have to answer me two questions I have in mind.You promised to answer them remember?” I said.
She smiled and replied:
“I even thought that you have forgotten that.But,as you have remembered it,ask on” she encouraged.
“Promise to tell me the truth even if the truth will hurt me or make you think I might hate you.Just ell me the truth,will you?” I asked of fro her.
“I can do that” she answered me after a brief silence.
Looking straight into her eyes as she sat directly in front of me,I asked her:
“What exactly are doing with me?”

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Episode 21

[quote author=philfearon post=35982689]Cont’d:
“Do you really want the answer to that question?” She asked me after keeping calm for a brief moment.
“I wouldn’t be asking it if I didn’t want to know!” I replied her.
Her beautifully lightened and pretty face softened a bit and she looked away from our eye to eye stare……and tears started rolling smoothly and slowly down from her eyes down to her cheeks.
I didn’t notice it at first cuz of the way she was facing, but noticed it immediately I gently said that am still waiting for her reply.
“You are crying?” I asked as if am not seeing she is crying.
” am really sorry” she said.
“I didn’t want you to see me this way!” She concluded.
I went closer to her and held her,wrapping my right hand around her head and bringing her closer to my chest,consoling her in the process;whilst also asking her why she is crying.
” Am really really sorry” she said again.
“Stop apologizing” I said in reply.
“You just won’t understand” she said.
“That’s what you keep saying every time,yet you don’t give me the opportunity to understand anything” I replied her.
“I never wanted you to start pitying me,but I guess that will be my lot from now onwards then!” She said.
“Why do you say so?” I asked her.
“Cuz of the question you asked me” she replied.
“What did the question do?” I retorted.
“Well,you asked me wat I actually want with you?” She said or asked rather.
“Yes!” I replied.
“I have accessed you a lot of time,but it was that last scenario that I trickily created that dream at the pool that made me realise that that part of you I really want can never be mine.It belongs to another!” She concluded.
” In otherwords?” I said,expecting her to complete it.
“You love another person wholeheartedly and there is nothing anyone else can do about it..Including me!” She said.
“So,that’s why you were crying?” I asked.
“Its so painful.But,I guess you won’t understand!” She said.
“So all this while,what you were looking for is a total love from a free mind not borne out of pity?” I asked.
She readjusted herself and faced me and nodded her head in affirmation.
” Well,if that’s what you want,I am yours” I replied.
“Are you sure?” She asked me.
“Yes,am very sure” I replied.
“Okay then.But,you have to do one thing for me!” She said.
“Which is?” I asked.
” Break up with her!” She said.
“Break away from the one you have loved.The one person that is between us” she replied.
Guess my facial expression here!
“What?” I said.
She smiled seriously, urging me.
“I have never done that before,and I don’t even know how to do that…..not to talk of doing it to Amara!” I said, stupidly calling out her name.
“But,you can start now. She will understand, I will make sure of that.” She assured.
“Hope you will do this for me?” She asked.
“If that’s what will make you happy and feel loved but not pitied,I will!” I concluded..

It doesn’t matter whether it’s obvious that you are on the right track or you still can’t connect the dots. Do not be afraid to take up new activities that your heart tells you to. Eventually it will all make sense and you will understand the reason why you were interested in seemingly random things. Just trust the process. The process itself is intelligent – you only need to allow it to unfold….Do not force it,forced things always have one thing in common:regrets!
I have always known one thing for certain As regards my relationship with Pretty,and that is the fact that my heart longed for her.Not cuz she was extremely ravishing and gorgeous, or that she was a s*x freak or that she is the type of girl that everyone will actually want to get a piece of;mine was borne out of “need”,pure unbridled ultimate need.
Not that it justified what laid ahead,not that it makes me greater or lesser than I already am,not that it changes or alters or improves anything per se;but,it is the simple truth I realised quite early in my life that I am a being that loves to feel.Hatred,jealousy,peace,love,patience,anger, anxiety and all the human emotions that have names,I love to feel it to the fullest..
So,you can then understand why I decided I had to play it out till the end with Pretty.
You can then begin to understand why I had to actually give in to the pleading of Pretty.
It was like she perfectly understood my nature,the extent I can go for the things that matters in my life to make us all fulfilled and satisfied.
Pretty understood and by extension made me understand the one thing that I have rarely even given a thought in my life:Jane and Amara.
I quite never really understood why no matter everything I did,this has been the two people I loved with my whole being,my whole essence;well,my grandma is the exception here.But now,I understand it better,and I guess you reading it understand it too.
Pretty understood it from the beginning, and that was the major reason why she always took me on coaster-mind-rides,trying to break through but realised she couldn’t,but she could persuade me to….Without being told, I knew what exactly I was bargaining for, but I guess “be careful what you wish for” is in order here.
But Now,I have to do something I have not done before to experience in full what I have been experiencing partially..

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Episode 22

[quote author=philfearon post=36128679]Cont’d:
I went straight to the park around 12pm with my small back-bag with small collectibles and clothes,but as I was in no mood to entertain the Park agberos and their funny tricky motor loading flick,I headed straight to ITC park still along the Aba/Owerri road or more precisely and accurately, at Factory road.
As if I was that last passenger(which I was that day) that everyone was waiting to come and complete the bus.
I put a call through to Amara telling her that I was on my way,and she said she is waiting for me.
Five minutes into the journey, I have already slept off.Forty-five minutes later,the man sitting beside me woke me up asking me whether I slept at all in the night.
It was then I realised that we were at Weatheral Road and he was actually alighting there,and it happened that I was blocking the motor exit passage…..And I was alighting at the same place too!
I crossed over to Douglas road and booked a keke that will take me straight to Orji,around that Ama-wire region as that was the place where Amara and her people stayed.
Twenty minutes later,I was inside their place and only Amara was around..
I swear,my emotions would have betrayed me,but I controlled it and went straight and hugged her so tight,she accurately probably interpreted it that I have missed her….and of course,I did miss her.
“Guess what I cooked?” She asked me.
“I have like a million things to say as my guess,but I can’t o.Just tell me!” I concluded.
“You are not yet serious!” She retorted back immediately.
” Hian! I just arrived o.Hope u still remember that?” I asked,dropping my bag.
“It doesn’t matter my love” she said as she went over across me,and to my backside and held me as if I was about to carry her in my back literally.
“Is it vegetable soup?!” I asked.
“Hahahahhaaah!” She laughed and came to the front,my front.
“Now you are talking” she said as we went straight to her room.
We talked a lot.We chatted and chatted and talked and talked till she said she had to offer me food knowing fully well that once the talkative aspect of me is aroused by my person(s) of interest and topics of interest,stopping is usually a problem.. or at least,most of the time!
After eating and relaxing, I told her I have to start going to Mbieri to see grandma cuz it is the primary aim of me coming to owerri,or put correctly the con that gave me access!
Amara said she would have loved to go with me,but her parents..Of course am still coming back,its just to go there and see grandma,sleep over for that day and then use the remaining days as I wanted..
So here was my plan:
In everything I do,I always try to be proactive.I already told my parents that I was going to stay from that Wednesday till Sunday.As that is not my village,and the probability of any of my cousins being around is like 10%,I figured that I had to use Tobechukwu(whose mum,my aunty,that grandma was staying with) as an excuse to leave the village the next day cuz he was staying in Awaka with one Rev.Father like that.But actually,the back plan was to stay with Amara,and by extension,her family till that Sunday..
That was my plan,and that was exactly what I told Amara.Even though she shared her concern about my aunty and influence coupled with that of grandma,I assured her that am still “the Odii” that they all loved,which makes it imperative that I will always have a way with them….And she smiled…..Oh! That smile!

I left their place and went to where I will enter a bus going to Mbieri and switched on my phone again which I switched off earlier..As I was always carried in a car whenever going there,giving there by myself this time around,I found it a little bit time consuming locating their park.But I did finally locate it.
When I was finally in a car,I got a call from Ugoeze,my cousin.
“Odii where you dey?” He asked me.
“M ka bara motor biaga side unu ugbua!”( I just entered a car coming to your place now) I replied.
“Na wa to you o.you just switched off your phone since.Your mum has called us like a zillion times already,highly worried!” He said.
“Nnaa hapu that woman.o na e disturb onwe ya too much!”(Leave that woman,she disturbs herself a lot for nothing) I replied and he laughed.
“You don go dey see umu nwa gi ikposara na”(you have gone to see the babes you left behind na) he teased me and We both laughed.I told him the bus has started moving after we chatted more and he told me to holla at him immediately I reach somewhere he told me to tell the bus driver about,so that he can come and pick me up.
Within thirty minutes or above or thereabout,we arrived in their place.
Akudo(my cousin and my Aunty’s last born) and Ugoeze that picked me up coupled with their parents are the only people around and the time was like around 6:twenty-something.
On a normal day,my aunty would have queried me in a scrutinizing manner,but she didn’t.But the real shocker lay ahead.
Imagine my surprise when with all the enthusiasm and euphoric excitement brimming and overflowing in me,I went to where grandma’s room(or the room they gave him) and greeted her and she didn’t recognise me.I told her grandma its me,your “odii” and she was like “odii ka ole”( which Odii)..
At first,I felt bad,very very bad,heck tears were even beginning to formulate in my eyes when my aunty entered and asked me whether she recognized me and I said ‘no’.
She was surprised though, telling me that it was me she has been talking about almost two weeks now.
My anger was why they didn’t even tell me so that I would have prepared myself emotionally.
She now told me that grandma suffered a series of illness that made her rarely recognise anybody. The only person she recognised is her brother,nda Damian.
She even started telling me the problems she faces everyday trying to make her remember her…Everyday!
She told me that I should just calmly tell her who I am again from the beginning, that is how she does it..
I cried bitterly in my mind!
Well,I had to do as I was told and that was how she recognized me again.As is typical of her,she even wanted me to come and sit on her laps so that she would carry me.
Man,that night after eating,grandma talked and talked and talked and we chatted deep into the night till i slept off in the chair i was sitting listening to her talk..
* * *
“How are you here?” I asked on seeing Pretty now in the same room with me and grandma,and with grandma telling me that my wife is very beautiful(which I laughed to by the way).
“How else? Have you forgotten we came together?” She asked me back.
“I don’t remember coming here with you!’ I replied back defensively.
” That’s what you think!” She said.
“Is this how you two always quarrel ” grandma asked no person in particular.
“Leave him grandma!” Pretty said immediately.
” Don’t you know you should always make your wife happy,not quarrel with her every time?” Grandma asked.
“You are now supporting her na Mmaa” I said and left the room.
“Leave him,that’s how he behaves” grandma told her.
Immediately I reached for the door and crossed to the other side,I woke up to Amara’s call.
“How are you and your night?” She asked together.
“Fine o” I replied,clearly exhibiting all the signs one shows when in my shoes.
“How is grandma?” She asked .
“She is very fine aside from the consistent temporary amnesia she suffers” I answered.
” Well,its expected shaa” she answered.
“Yea I know,but not like this na!” I answered.
“Don’t think too much about it” she told me.
“No problem” I replied her,and continued:
“With the way things are,I don’t think I would be coming today.It will be tomorrow. Am really sorry about it” I concluded.
“Well,I expected it shaa and am OK with it.You and grandma deserve each others company” she said.
“Abi?” I said.
“Yea! Just be on the first bus out of that village tomorrow to this place.” She said.
“Yes madam” I replied!

“Bad boy” I heard Ugoeze say to me,with me wondering how I got into his room in the first place.Well,I suppose they woke me up from the chair I slept off in and I went and slept there.But,I don’t remember it though!
“Na u be Oga na.You know how many girls for my village way dey ask me of you?” I replied him.
He laughed.
We started chatting and reminiscing old times till the day totally brightened out and it was sunny again.
After eating breakfast and chatting with grandma,Ugoeze told me he wants to go somewhere and that I should accompany him.
After pressuring him,he finally told me what his true aim was.
He told me that there was a girl like that he was going to f*ck,saying furthermore that punny too dey hungry the girl wella.
He even told me that I can even f*ck too if I want.
The way I relate with Ugoeze,you would think we were mates.But,this my cousin is like better elder to me.
I told him “no o”,that am not s*x starved!
He said I might change my mind shaa and we left.
After ten minutes or so,we arrived at the girls place and she was alone with her other sister,a younger sister,but according to my cousin,they are a family of seven, so I guess the rest aren’t round!
Smiling at me,Ugoeze left me and went to an inner room with the girl she told me about earlier.
I was left alone with the other girl,who according to me is purely not my kind.Even if she was my kind,I still would have said she wasnt my type.I just needed an excuse to stay away from her!
Don’t get me wrong though,its not that the girl in question was ugly or lacks the basic necessary features that most of our modern day guys find tempting, she had them.But,my state of mind was purely off on those type of stuffs,and I beguiled myself in a positive way into reaffirming that I didn’t need it and that it was not paramount..
Like twenty-minutes later,he reemerged with the girl with the only thing been spoken by me with the girl I was with being the fact that Ugoeze is my brother/cousin and that we live in Aba; but that I just came to visit my grandma.
* * *
The rest of that day was kinda dull except towards the evening when Their light came and then I in my boredom induced state unwillingly watched some of the silly Nigerian movies they had lying around.
* * *
The next day being Friday, after staying with them till around 12pm,I took my leave,making them believe I was going to Awaka to see Tobechukwu and stay with him till Sunday before going back.I confided in my aunty not to let my people know of this fact shaa(using a false pretence to legitimate the veracity of my lie.).
As I entered a bus coming to Owerri,I started recollecting the events of the night in my mind.
Pretty came to me again,telling me that I was actually doing the right thing of which I will reap the reward in my later years.In her consolation speeches,she assured me and reassured me that she totally understands that what I was doing was really hard and she appreciates it;especially, as I am doing Ur for her.
After having so many more series of mind striking thoughts about Pretty and her total committal to making sure that I don’t deviate from what I told her I would do,I started having thoughts about Amara.
Of all the many mind speeches,dialogues and the likes that I debated within my mind,one thing I never did think of was the fact that “was Pretty really worth it?”..I know I asked myself questions like why am I always so susceptible and subtle to considering Pretty’s persuasions but for reasons unknown to me,I always felt that Pretty was just it,another part of a bigger me,complementing me in ways no one else has done..
We arrived at Owerri and I called Amara and tools her am coming to their house. She was eagerly receptive as usual,but then it struck me that my Journey,my real journey just began!

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Episode 23

[quote author=philfearon post=36297304]Cont’d:
Within ten minutes or thereabout,I arrived at their place.
However,I had already told Tobechukwu that I would be coming to Awaka,and so I told Amara she had to accompany me and she loyally did..
Two hours later, we were back at their place..
* * *
It wasn’t long before everyone(I mean every member of her family) were all back to the house..
As is expected,I was warmly welcomed with old gist thrown here and there,and with such statements as “we have even thought that you have forgotten us Odii” going around more times than I can care or cared to remember……Nkiru was there too!
After everything, with time going by speedily and everyone having eaten,Junior and I retired to his room..This made me remember old times where I would have been in Amara and Nkiru’s room,with some sort of untold and unexplainable sister-sister-jealous issues going on with me having no idea whatsoever about it.
It wasn’t long before Amara and Her elder sister showed up in Juniors room.They told Junior to give them the room as they want to discuss something very intimate and important with me.He left the room,with my phone.
Situations; again!
I remembered the last time this kinda scenario happened, it didn’t end well.
Even though I didn’t want to think of anything bad that could happen from whatever it is they had in mind,it can’t be worse than the one in my mind..
“You have really grown big Odii” Nkiru chipped in,breaking the silence.
I just smiled..
” This one you people are kinda moody,I hope nothing is wrong?” I shyly said.
They both smiled and showed negatively through the shake of their head that all is well.
“Nkiru will be getting married by August..She even fixed it on your birthday Odii!” Amara said.
What feeling was I supposed to show here? I didn’t know.
So I just looked up and smiled at her and vocally told her am so happy about it,promising that I surely would attend it.She kinda felt happy about that.
And then it got me wondering in the first place at how she re-decided she wanted to marry after going and probably accepting a call to become a Reverend Sister..Whatever rocks her boat I guess.
Along with Amara,we all chatted and talked at length for quite a well before their mum came in and told them to give her a time with me.They all left.
* * *
After some minutes of preliminary talks between us with me thinking it is going to be the normal aunty-relation talks,she digressed.
“Some things are really hard to hide you know?” She asked me.
I told her she lost me.
She continued again,plainly:
“You and Amara,Nkiru told me everything, but I advertently neglected it up till some few days ago”..
I wanted to say something, but she didn’t allow me to talk as she continued:
” I don’t know how I never really saw this earlier enough,and I don’t know the kind of strong hold you have on Amara,but you do realise you are doing the wrong thing right?” She asked me.
She continued:
” Amara loves you a lot Odii.It has blinded her,it has made her totally stupid and right now,you are the only one person she can listen to on anything and do it”
I kept quiet.
“As much as I hate it down to the core of my spine and whatever stupid childish bullsh*t that have gone on and is still going on between you two,I still don’t neglect the fact that you have been the only person that totally makes her feel very elated.I mean,just the fact that you were coming has lightened her up like she saw an angel(literally).” She said!
She continued:
“I know how many times that I have tried to bring up the issue of marriage with her,but that’s just too far removed from her mind!”
She added while I stared on in silent.
“We all know you to be a very smart boy and wise too.The point of all this talk Odii is that whatever you do,know that you really are the only person right now that have the power of hurting Amara very badly and I doubt if she can ever remain the same. ….as well as doing what’s right!”.
She ended,and as she wished me goodnight,she left the room.
At that point,I became confused,totally confused.And just in the middle of my confusion, I felt Pretty’s presence in the room heavily.Nothing could be more worse and devastating!

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Episode 24

[quote author=philfearon post=36368653]Cont’d:
All the talks between Amara’s mum and I were totally on low key that I doubt even a person eavesdropping could make out any proper meaning out of them.
I started thinking real hard about what the woman has just told me.Even though I don’t want to admit the fact that this is exactly the side of me that Pretty really tried very hard and truly finally appealed to,doubts crept into my being.Real doubts!
I was still having this doubt when Junior came back into the room.We chatted small before I slept off!

The next day,things looked bright and everyone felt happy for the new day.
It was as if we all dreamt about God Himself and Him promising us that everything is gonna be alright.
Being a government worker,Amara’s dad didn’t really feel bothered about preparing to leave.Her mum later left after breakfast. At around 10:00am,Amara said she was taking me out and we left their house.Throughout the morning, this was our only alone time.Even Amara’s mum didn’t even appear as if she said some thought provoking stuffs last night up until she left.
* * *
As soon as we left their house, the thoughts and main motive of what actually brought me to Owerri started pricking my mind..Every time our eyes met as we strolled through some of the terrains of O-town down to the particular place we were going,some sort of Guilt filled my being..The idea of seeing the happy ever astonishing sweet face and smile of Amara soured,brought a kinda fright to my spine.The idea of actually knowing the devastating effect of what I had in mind will cause for Amara made me weep so many times in mind without control. I really cried..
I was powerless.I felt there was no longer a choice left in me again.Every atom and drop of whatsoever molecule in me has believed the fact that Amara and I are like one,I am a part of her as she is mine.Saying that we are one is an understatement..
Thinking all this things through,I just decided to see if there is a way my intuition, my ever-thinking cognitive brain will take me out of this messy emotional sh*thole.
We entered one restaurant like that where we stayed for a while chatting before Amara said she has a better idea.She said we should go to a hotel. I was like “what?”.
Well,I know better to not start an argument I was still going to give in to.I allowed her idea,but told her she was going to foot the bill.She said nope,that I should do that,but if after doing that and I want a refund,she will gladly do so.End of discuss.Which guy would want a refund?
We went to a hotel,the one after Assumpta Cathedral while going to my village after we went and withdrew money.We payed and lodged in one of the rooms.As soon as we were settled down and started talking,a taught occurred to me.
“Have you ever considered the idea of marriage?” I asked her.
After looking at me carefully, she replied:
“And when you think about marriage,what comes to your mind?” I asked further.
” Do you want us to get married?” She jokingly but seriously asked.
“If that’s possible, right now,that’s exactly what I need!” I replied.
She looked at me and smiled.
” So,why exactly did you bring up the marriage subject? ” she inquired.
“Seriously speaking and openly as honest as I will ever be,the idea of you finally leaving me and marrying someone else when the time comes is the highest tormenting thought and event I dread more than death itself!” I finished.
I wouldn’t say I caught her down or that I told her something she has not thought of before,but the expression she didn’t willingly let bare let her down.
“Don’t say like that Odii!” She just muttered.
Going closer to her, I told her this:
“When the time comes,please don’t let your love for me make you not to do what you should do!” I told her.
“Please promise me?” I spoke again.
She just left where we both were and stood up and faced another side,so that she wouldn’t have to look at me..
Yea,she was trying to hide the fact that she is at the verge of letting her cloudy tears drop the tears therein.
I understood!

The room was silent for a while I stayed back at the bed,allowing events to play out themselves.
After like two minutes or so,she came back to face me,with a refreshed kind of face.She laid down and made me do same too.We now laid down,facing each other eyeball to eyeball,both of us fully away that we are not decieving ourselves,well aware of what needs to be done.
“You have really attained real maturity and really bold now Odii” she said.
“You are making fun of me now!” I chipped in.
“No,am very serious.What you just said right now,even in my highest anger mode,I can’t even do it.I don’t have the courage to do that.To be frank,I’m afraid.The thought of it really frightens me!” She concluded.
I smiled.
” Don’t worry love.Just know that I can handle it.Don’t pity me,You purely know that i hate to be pitied.” I concluded.
“Come here”‘ she said to me as I drew closer to her and we locked up in a an entanglement that led to many numerous s*x adventures that day.It was purely exhilarating.
I must say that when you are with someone whom you truly love,every other thing remained distant and at a further receding secondary importance;only the two of you in that moment matters….and there is nothing no one else can do about it.I believe its primal!
We stayed in that hotel till evening time,and to be sincere,we both wished that time will just remain still for us.We talked on virtually everything that needs to be talked on and can actually be talked on.Everything!
When we finally left the place and headed to their house, I promised her that I will be visiting her more this days,but not in their house.She smiled and as is very normal of her,she called me bad boy.
* * *
“So how exactly do you always know where I am?” I stupidly found myself asking Pretty as I woke up the next day with her lying sitting by the edge of the bed.
That’s because I am always with you,even though you don’t know it.
“What’s up for today then?” I asked.
“Great things ahead.So,how was your little journey?” She asked me.
It was great.
“Great as in?” She queried.
“Its done,although not in the way that I wanted it,but its done.Hope you are now happy?” I asked.
She smiled!
“So,what do you have in mind for me today, I inquired from her.
“Nothing really,Unless you want to go for an outing..You are too big for that though!” She joked around.
“With you,am not too big for anything my dear!” I replied her back..
That was the last statement I made amongst several other tete-a-tete we had that i couldnt remember before waking up and realising as usual that it was all dreams.
Save for Amara’s insistence, I would have gone in the morning of that Sunday,but I had to stay with them,or more like with till the time I left their place,whilst also reassuring her that I will be doing as I promised..
Whilst going back to Aba that day,one bad thought occurred to me to which I afforded serious consideration to.As the thought took control of me,I called Tobechukwu that he will have to cover me once more.He obliged me,reminding me that when he will require my own help in the future,I should remember this..I laughed and retorted:
“What are we brothers for!”.
I called Pretty immediately and told her that am on my way to Aba but that I want to sleep at her place that night before going back to my place the following morning..She was totally excited and overjoyed..
Yea,I figured that since am doing a bad thing,best do it to its fullness..

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Episode 25

[quote author=philfearon post=36410349]Cont’d:
I arrived at her place around 6pm or thereabout.
She told me that she instilled on her mind not to really believe that I meant what I told her,but decided to see it out for herself.As she rightly stated,I surprised her.
After chatting with her for sometime,she offered that we should go out,to which I declined initially but agreed to after serious persuasion from her.
We came back around quarter to 9,and prior to our coming back, we ate..We really ate things, but since neither of us didn’t like alcohol, we steered clear of it..
I have always marvelled at the idea of people drinking more than two bottles of Something that is neither sweet nor good for them when drank in excess.Even watching them boast about how many bottles someones head can carry even makes the whole point of it shittedly disgusting(my opinion). As my friend will always say,why not take weed or hash or sk and fly?
We took bath together,although I must confess, I was totally shy to that idea and continuously shy throughout the bathing session..
As I noticed, It was as if Pretty now believes she owns me totally,and so wasn’t afraid or somehow withdrawn in doing anything with me. I started seeing another part of Pretty totally different from the one I first met.One thing was certain though, whether or not my love for Pretty was full or half,the first aspect of Pretty I was exposed to was the love seeking aspect of her,which would do anything to satisfy that urging desire;and the struggle that lay ahead for me,I decided not to think of !!
* * *
“You know,I honestly don’t know whether or not I did the right thing!” I said after Pretty and I retired to bed with me wearing my normal b-ballers wear while She wore a flowing light-white stripped dress.
She looked at me and smiled and then said:
” Don’t worry much about it.You did the right thing!”
“I really am hurting somehow, but not in the way I even thought I was going to be openly hurt!” I chipped in.
“You are stronger than you care to acknowledge” she simply told me,probably to make me feel good about myself.
” If you say so!” I replied her.
“I know so.” She said and then continued:
” There is something I will like to show you!” She told me.
“What is that?” I asked.
“Not now,or more precisely, not in this your conscious state!” She said.
“So what state should I be in then for you to show me what you have in mind?” I asked her.
“Well,I want you to do something for me before you sleep off this night.” She said.
“Which is?” I asked.
“Make me your last thought before you sleep off!” She calmly said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes!” She replied.
After some seconds silence, I chipped in:
“Well,we can kick start that thought right now you know?” I said,with her fully understanding what I implied by the statement.
She laughed out loud and holding me closer to herself, we entered Romance mode. One thing led to another,and before I could say Jack,we have gone like two hot rounds,and still rearing to go more before something terrible interrupted our love session..
I don’t think Pretty wanted me to remember that particular event though and I guess she still believes I didn’t recall the event of that night,but down to my spine,I knew something or someone visited us,or rather visited her that night,that moment we were fuckin..
My memory of what happened was totally blurred and the after effect of it was that Pretty was totally pissed after it..She tried to hide it,and did actually hide it,but I decided that that night wasn’t really a good time to start hassling her with questions about something that ultimately irritated her..But one thing that was certain is the fact that what happened had something to do with me..

Early the morning of the next day,as is most of the time with me,I woke up.While still lying back on the bed,I started doing my usual alone-time-thinking and analysis of my life and where I have erred and the things I need to improve on and all the rest.
I thought of all my supposed friends,the people in my life,my course mates,etc.I just kept stream-rolling through my mind before I noticed that Pretty has woken up too(probably was even awake before me) and started caressing me,the kind that usually gives you quick arousal.I didn’t want her to know I was awake,so I pretended to being oblivious of the thing happening before me.But then,her actions couldn’t allow me keep going through my thoughts again and so at a point,I started reciprocating back..
Even though the room was mildly lit,I could still feel that Pretty faced me while I faced upwards myself.When I readjusted myself to let her know I was awake,she also adjusted.I crossed my right hand across her head,over through her shoulders and my fingers landed straight at her right br*ast while she made her head to somehow rest on my chest as well as the foam we lay on so as to make sure she had the space to continue with what she was doing..
Just as we continued our little fore-plays in muteness,she broke the silence when she mouthed:
“How was your night?” to me.
“Sweet!” I replied and then added:
“What of yours?”
She replied to me that it was “great”..
Silence returned to the room again.
After a while,I heard her say to me:
” If I told you a secret you won’t tell a soul,Will you hold it and Keep it alive for me?”
“It won’t be a secret anymore!” Is what I replied her.
“I still have to tell it to you anyway!” She replied back.
“Okay!” I said.
After probably calming her troubled mind,she began:
“I really am kinda pathetic you know?…” I wanted to tell her to not say something like that,but she continued:
“I know you might be wondering why I said that,but when you have spent endless years on the crossroads of highroads and lowroads, you really can do desperate things you know?” She said.
I needn’t tell her she lost me on that one,cuz she already knows,and that was why she asked me the following question:
“Are you just having pity on me by been with me?”
That one got me.
I remained silent for a while before replying her thus:
“Well,at first I did.But,that has changed.Trust me!” I said.
At that point,she gently climbed onto me and then removed her dress whilst sitting on top of me.My hands went to her tips immediately and started doing what it knows how best to do.
Upon removing her own dress,she did same with mine,but only on the wears I wore below. I then felt her grab my greatman and gently directed it into herself and we started fuckin…or making love per se!
We fuckt in that manner for a while,before I sat up.As this position allowed us deeper body contact, I could feel every breath and smell of air that Pretty breaths in and out.That was how I noticed she was somehow crying.
” You are crying?” I asked her as I stopped thrusting, even though my d*ck was deep down inside her.
She whispered to me that she is not crying and that I should continue thrusting, and even pleaded for me to start hitting her real hard.
At that point,I turned her and she laid down while I now stayed on top of her and started ramming through and fro as she requested.
We fuckt in that manner for like ten minutes more or so before I came.After a while,she made my greatman arouse again, and then we started from where we left in that missionary.At some point,I just stopped thrusting and allowed my greatman just stay in there whilst I enjoyed the warmth and sweetness her body gave me,her whole bare body!
After a while,I just got off from her.She shifted very close to me,crossed her right leg over my legs and placed her hands across my heart and below my head respectively.
” Am really happy I met you!” I found myself saying.
” The feeling is equivocally mutual my love!” She replied me.
I smiled!

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Episode 26

[quote author=philfearon post=36448439]Cont’d:
I went back to my place as the day broke clearly,but nothing remained the same again.
Throughout the remainder of that week,I spent almost half of my days at Pretty’s place; and at each visit,we always fuckt.Same way I was a s*x freak,was Pretty also and Each new day came wit its own special effect and funkiness.This fact aside,we had enough fun.
But,towards the Saturday of that week,I noticed something or started realising something.
When I went to Owerri with the intention of calling it quits with Amara,but ended up not being able to,but ended up doing what I believed was the better and best alternative; Pretty has told me she was with me in her dreamlike but more like altered reality appearances,even though I took it for granted.Ever since I got back,I have tried my best to keep our ignition going,the ignition I had with Amara.But as the days passed,starting from Wednesday to be specific, I noticed that Amara has started caring less about me.I didn’t really take it serious the first time and the subsequent time,but then,it started threading the trend part. Unreplied texts,unreturned calls,no normal “how are you doing” stuffs again. I got worried,and the height of that worry started on Saturday when I got a Message from Amara specifically telling me to stop “disturbing” her life.
I tried calling her to know why, she wouldn’t pick the call.I texted her,but no reply.I said to myself that maybe her mum has gotten to her and that this was her way of trying to let go of me.I accepted it,even though I believed it was a very wrong way of doing such.
This trend was not only with Amara.Even the small relationship I had built up with Loveth slowly started decimating,and I even found it hard replying her chats or texts.The times she called,I picked but didn’t really seem very interested.Not that I didn’t want to,but I just didn’t feel the need to.
That of Ujunwa was even the worse.I had stopped picking her calls even.I believe she was the first person Pretty got to..
In order to make myself feel alright that Saturday evening,I decided to call the only person that wasnt a threat to Pretty,Jane(I didn’t know this fact earlier though,and you have to understand that I call Jane most of the time and was calling her in that manner,except that it felt more like a safe haven this time around).She did make me feel great though,but it still felt as if something was missing from inside me.I started wishing that the remainder of that day should just fast-forward itself to the next day so that I could go and be with Pretty.
I believe that was the moment my relationship with Pretty turned to a highly aggravated necessity for me.This time around,there was a void,a huge void within me,and Pretty was the only person who could feel it for me.
She has succeeded in getting what she has always wanted from the beginning. I guess the question will now be,what will she do with it?


After that torment-filled Saturday,things got extra serious like I would not have imagined.
I visited Pretty on that Sunday around 9am after going to Sunday morning Mass,and the first statement Pretty made to me upon seeing me and welcoming me was:
“Loose your attachment with Dave!”..
I didn’t need to ask her how she knew about Dave,but I asked her why she said so.
“Its for your own good.” She simply said.
Who is Dave(David)?
He was our course rep back then at our diploma level at Aspoly and a very good friend of mine.We really got along very well that I would say that we were almost totally akin to and attached to one another ( if you get my drift).Our relationship grew more because then Dave will organize tutorial classes and bid me to come and help teach some of our course mates then,and I will always oblige him.I help him settle most scores, visit lectures,people sort tru me to him for the lecturers,and my attachment to him was so great,they started calling me his PA…And we both were Aba residents.But,one thing I always avoided was escorting him to any Lecturers office and entering with him inside..He always wonders why.Dave was typically my best friend in Aspoly after Ebenezer.
So,you can then imagine how I must have felt and the kind of thought that typically flew through me when Pretty told me to stay away from him and refused to tell me her reason..
Any typical person will assume that Pretty probably wanted to and will harm him if I don’t do what she said, but that wasn’t what I realised a year later.The following year,Dave died..And the stories surrounding his death will make a best tragic best seller.
* * *
I stayed with Pretty indoors throughout that day with her telling me beautiful stories about things I could even barely remember now.But,I vividly remember this one story she told me about a certain being she met during one of her astral travels(Yea,that’s the right word to qualify that dreamy stuff I believed she was always luring me into,except the fact that she controlled it).
She said she saw this malevolent being whom she tried getting something from because the being disguised itself as a Benevolent being seeking to understand one aspect of something “it” has not really quite understood very well about humans.Upon much enquiry from Pretty,the beings true form was totally revealed to her and the “something” that the being was trying to understand was something Pretty had little knowledge of then, but has set out to perfectly understand. And that “something” is Love.
Marvelled,I asked her if she is succeeding or has succeeded? She said that for the moment,she is like 95% successful,and that I would probably be her last lover..
“So,then,what will happen next?” I asked her.
“You never can tell!” She simply said!

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Episode 27

[quote author=philfearon post=36640881][b]KNOWING PRETTY(cont’d)
We stayed throughout the remaining hours of my stay with her that Sunday indoors,chatting. At about 4pm,when I made known my intention that I will be taking my leave very soon,She started exhibiting signs of the fact that she wants us to get laid.Knowing her not to be a too soon s*x person,I almost did neglect it but had to give in at last,but after she promised to do something(a particular thing I requested of her) for me.
After that, we both interlocked in an closer embrace as usual,with me manoeuvring my hands to find its way to her Manchester and straight down to her ars simultaneously.
For the first time since I started making out with her,she wriggled her hands to my greatman and started making a good feel of it,and the way the stuff hardened more,you would think it could break a wall when hit with it. When she finally climbed on top of me because the sidey position we were on was kinda becoming uncomfortable, and as she wanted to bring down her mouth on mine so that our lips will be intermingled together, Ujunwa called me and Pretty got to my phone before I could cuz she was closer to it.She showed me who was calling and I told her not to pick it,but she didn’t heed to my plea.Picking the call,she put it on loud speaker and said “hello” to the caller..
“Is Michael around?” Ujunwa asked,probably thinking its my sister that picked the call.
“Yes” Pretty replied.
“Please call him to come,I have something important I want to tell him.Tell him its very urgent” she voiced out.
“Michael is listening to you,but he can’t talk to you” Pretty replied her.
“Seriously Michael,I don’t know why you have decided to be treating me like this,I just…….” Ujunwa started before Pretty cut her short with:
“Actually,you need not bother about Michael my dear,he is with me,her love and I really really do love him too”.
At this,the phone went dead.
“You shouldn’t have done that,seriously, you shouldn’t have” I found myself saying afterwards.
She smiled and replied:
“Someone had to put her out of the unknown misery you created for her,you know? At least now,she will know the reason why you have been avoiding her for certain!”
“Its not fair.Its just not fair,and you have just spoilt my mood!” I replied her and stood up from the bed to start going.
“Okay,am sorry.Am really very sorry” she sincerely and honestly said to me,getting up from the bed to meet me.At that point,my phone beeped with a message flashing across the screen.
We both looked at the phone where She dropped it
and I guess she would have made for it if not what just happened.She looked at me,urging me to take my phone. I went back to the bed and she followed me back.I sat down on the bed and she sat at my back embracingly,with her head on my shoulder, with a view to directly observe what the message was as the sender of the message was wat actually created the fuss.
I opened the message and the contents were like ultra hate-filled.Damn!
I couldn’t even make out again how many times the line “I hate you ” and ” you are disgusting” appeared in the message. I completely understood her rage anyway and had it in mind to reply her with a single “I’m really sorry about everything”..
On reading the text too,Pretty asked me wat I wanted her to do about it,and I replied her:
“Just let her be!”…
It just occurred to me that there are a lot of Human emotions she really is totally clueless about!

“You really do a lot of shakara,you know?” Pretty said to me.
I started laughing out loud.
On putting a hold to my laughter, I asked her:
“Why do you say so?”
“Its obvious! And you enjoy it a lot!” She remarked.
” do you blame me?” I asked.
She nodded her head in the negative.
At that point,I turned and whilst holding her close to myself,planted a kiss on her lips…..and then our make out kick started from there.
We romanced and caressed whilst still kissing and sitted.As it raged on,she dragged me down the bed with her.I did refocus my caressing points and spots even though our lips were still together.Her hand went straight to my greatman again and she started making a good feel of it. I used my right hand for the first time and strolled right down to her punny surroundings.I gently romanced my hand around there slowly so that she did have a feel of the arousal I intended to create with such..and she did feel it!
We stayed and continued to heighten our arousal in this manner before I finally made my way with my finger into her Great Entrance and started fingering her gently and then simultaneously allowed the tempo to increase with each passing hand thrust.As I barely saw wat I was doing with my fingers,I started rubbing the upper part of of her VG that is supposed to be the seat of her clit and the response she started eliciting were evident enough for me that at least,I was getting the job done somehow.
I continued my little adventure while also extending it to her Manchester,and she continued hers,and then when she just couldn’t take it again,she hurriedly removed my wears and without even waiting for me to reciprocate the act,she did same on herself and took my greatman by herself with alacrity and wheeeew!
I started thrusting her with such passion and zeal,it wasn’t long before she started moaning loudly and urging me to ram harder…and I obeyed.As I thrusted her in that manner,I didn’t even know when she used both her hands to cross over my neck and bent me forward so that she could kiss me somehow continuously.. Since I always put my hands to work whenever in scenarios like this,I engaged one of them to rubbing and squeezing her tits and tips.At this point,she left hold of my neck with one hand and tried and did grab me by the back and pressed me unto herself whilst still moaning and urging me not to stop with everything I was doing to her…and I obeyed..
At a point,she almost threw me off,but still grabbed me back and motioned for me to turn so that she can ride me…and I obeyed,and it was one hell of a ride..
I don’t remember how long we fuckt that day but by the time I managed to check time,the time was already some minutes past 7pm.I had to take my leave..
I came back that day half happy and half sad.As I earlier had in mind,I sent Ujunwa the text I had in mind to send to her,hoping that it will at least calm her nerves;Knowing fully well that one of the main reason she called earlier was to inquire about when I will be starting school(as our school will resume the next day),which is the best way for her to reach me since I have decided not to be picking her calls again and neglecting her.
I found myself at a village,a village that was supposed to be my village except the fact that it appeared like a more modernised in-form village with little or no resemblance to what I knew as my village; with most of the structures I knew gone or redesigned or left to phase out on its own.
I don’t actually remember what is it that we came back to do,but almost every relation I knew of came for the stuff.
The event was like a re-formed reenactment of 2009 when my uncle who is a priest did his silver jubilee,except this wasn’t actually something of that sort.When the stuff was finished,and everyone returned to whichever room they were assigned(even our own house that was a bungalow is now a two-storey building with so many rooms,you would think it was built for leasing.). That night,many groups chatted and discussed alongside with the peeps the rapport more with, and as is reminiscent of them,anyone that comes across me will never forget to remark the fact that I am now grown(as if they expected me to be a child forever.).Of everyone that came,two people looked odd.I guess I was the only one that noticed this,and when I tried to ask questions from some of my relations to know this people,I was rebutted or totally neglected.This two people were a mom and her daughter,and both were extravagantly dressed and ravishingly attractive and most importantly, they looked cool and composed.
So,I decided I was going to find out who they are,even if it means going straight to them and starting a familial conversation…And it seemed even funnier,we were in a familial gathering per se.

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Episode 28

[quote author=philfearon post=36640991]Cont’d:
I tried to find a perfect opportunity to start or rather sneak up to them and have some sort of convo with them,even though I didn’t even know what actually to talk about with them.But,I was spurred on by the fact that at least, they will tell me who they are and why is it that I personally don’t know them.I had even planned in my mind to tease the girl somehow,if what I had in mind was true.
When I finally got my opportunity, I made good use of it.But,they were not straightforward with me or they vehemently decided to be making a fun of me somehow, teasing me that even me that had the opportunity to know almost every of my relations, I don’t know them..
I decided I have even made a mistake in the first instance,I could ask my mum or grandma,yet I forgot to exercise that option. But,it wasn’t my fault anyway,for reasons totally unknown to me,they were always busy,and people never seemed to depart from them…They continued talking and talking and talking as the night grew deep.
When I finally had a chance to talk to my mum,she said she was tired and needs to sleep..
The following morning, I realised that everywhere was totally silent and dead like a graveyard. I got out from the room I slept in and went straight to go and greet grandma in her room.After calling her for several times with no response whatsoever, I left her room,taking it that she is still sleeping and needed no disturbance.
I climbed downstairs to check out what’s happening there only to discover that the whole people who slept downstairs were no longer there Again and what remained there was water that was rapidly growing up of its own accord, and have overtaken everything in its way..
.I thought it was a joke, and climbed up to check the next floor and there was them all,drowning in water and shouting for help.. I tried to go and help them but I couldn’t because it was then that I saw that woman and her child coming at me from the water,and smiling wickedly. I looked around and tried to see if there was a way I could somehow use to climb down or jump down as even the stairways I used were no more,I couldn’t see any.I took off upwards and they darted immediately with ferocity after me.As I passed rooms on the way to my own room(as if I was safe there), I realised that all who slept there were all dead or no longer there and the whole place was water-filled. I still didn’t even understand what was going on,but it occurred to me that for that moment and for reasons yet unknown to me, that these woman and her daughter wanted to harm me pretty hard.
I reached the room i slept in and wanted to move inside,but I realised the whole place was now filled with water.I looked back and saw the woman and her daughter now approaching me calmly with their cool mischievous composure,and as they did so,I started feeling that I was suffocating with water.At that point,I started hearing a faint voice telling me to open my eyes.At first,I thought it meant I should not close my eyes while I looked at the people causing me unknown misery,but then I found myself immediately at my bed,breathing rapidly and exhausted and the presence of Pretty was hugely felt by me..
I picked my phone immediately and put a call through to Pretty,and instantly picking the call,I queried her with:
“Did you do this to me?”
“Are you alright?” She asked me in a concerned honest way instantly, neglecting the question I asked her.
“I almost died!” I found myself saying out loud in my room,not even minding whether or not it was at night.
“I just saved you!” She said,and continued:
” I will tell you all about it when you come!”

I didn’t sleep again till daybreak that day,not for fear of having another nightmare,but that sleep won’t just come again.
What I experienced was just one of those vivid dreams that you just can’t forget. Like a magnet,it(my mind)kept attracting things I didn’t want to think about those moments,so much so that you willingly call for “sleep’s” aid,and it just decides to be furthest away from you,for reasons best known to it.
I had no intention of going to or starting school this week that school resumed,and so,I found myself the only person at home after everyone else have gone out for school and work respectively. I called Pretty and informed her that I will be coming very soon and she said she is waiting for me.
Twenty minutes later,I was at her place,and she totally felt relieved to see me.After a brief stay at her place,she implored me to escort her to somewhere so that she can buy certain things she needed to prepare certain stuffs…..and then,to buy stuffs she will use in cooking a vegetable soup for me on special request by me.
After about two hours later or more,she was totally free and I have enjoyed my special request, and then we started discussing, and as is expected of the thread the discussion will follow,the events of that night were at the top of our conversation.
“You still have not really told me what actually happened to me” I added.
“Do you know what a connection is?” She asked me.
I looked at her with “seriously” being stated and re-echoed in my mind,and she continued:
” You know I am connected to you right?” She said.
” This fact is not in issue!” I simply said to her.
“Well,I believe that someone fed off of that hate energy which I made Ujunwa exhibit that yesterday, and they are trying to use it to hurt you!” She said.
“I don’t understand!” I replied back to her.
“I don’t know how else to put this for you to understand, but somehow, something is creating serious fear in you.Are you now afraid of me?” She asked me.
“What? I have no reason to believe that you will harm me,so why should I be afraid of you?” I queried.
“You just have to be strong for me okay? Someone wants to hurt me through you” she just said,totally concerned and touched.
” But,I thought you know,you have all this eehhhm certain powers?why would someone want to challenge that?” I ignorantly and honestly asked.
“You won’t understand anyway,but there are many evil beings out there that lurks around seeking for opportunities and energies to feed off on.This things are way beyond you,so you might not actually be understanding what I mean!” She stated.
“Well,you got me there anyway.But,I seriously don’t want to have such dreams again,of that I am certain of!” I found myself saying..
” I can tell you what to do to stop it,but since you have no control of your conscious mind,there is no guarantee that the being won’t come again!” She told me truthfully.
“Well then,you have to start doing that your dream stuff on me again na!” I said.
“I can’t” she said.
“Why not?” I asked her.
“I don’t know,but I cant;at least not like I used to!” She finished.
“What happened?” I asked her.
“Well,I will have to attribute it to that yesterday’s incident” she said.
After observing her for a while, I told her:
“You know,this is the first time since I met you that you just didn’t know what to do!”..
“Thats because I am in love with you sincerely and honestly now,same way you are with me,and it has created lapses in my being!” She said.
I smiled at her.
“Well,at least can you try and trace it back to the origin,whatever is causing or wants to cause this hurt?” I said.
“To start with,reconcile your differences with Ujunwa first. I believe she unknowingly has a lot to do with this..and then,think of me before you sleep this night,it will help!”..
“Seriously?” I said.
” I don’t know how to do that,I have not done it before.” I replied.
“You have not had a reason to,but now you do.Can you do it for me,please?” She pleaded.
“I seriously don’t know,bit I will try!” I just said.
“That’s my love!” She said smiling at me..

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Episode 29

[quote author=philfearon post=37932479]Cont’d:
I guess this is the part that Pretty never quite planned for in her rendezvous with me: the part where she had to deal with another entity existing as an evil form of energy,and feeding off the hate she created in her quest to feel Love. At least,this is what my thought was!
Pretty has always had a plan or at least keeps her self abreast with what any particular act she does will create in the causal chain of event and reaction.But this,I didn’t really understand..
As I left her place, I kept generating a million thoughts of a zillion ways I could use to reconcile with Ujunwa,and all of the thoughts ended with me either visiting Ujunwa and giving her a direct surprise visit or calling her and hoping she will lend me her ear.Deep within me,the fear of what happened the previous night,and the fact that Pretty was at a loss on what to do about it sent deep shivers down my spine.So,I thought to myself,”if reconciliation with Ujunwa will help reduce her hatred that Pretty started and that invariably it will make the entity sucking of the hate energy to back away”,then I will do it!
The next day,even though I didn’t remember what happened at night,I felt heavily sapped,even though I did exactly what Pretty told me to do,make her my last thought before I sleep.It was like something happened and someone didn’t want me to remember it.I guess thats what Pretty meant when she said “it will help!”.
I felt very bad,like am some pawn in some beings supposed astral/unconscious manoeuvre and games/supremacy battle.I wanted to call Pretty,but I decided against it,and focused on the task at hand.I knew Pretty was going to call me anyway!
By 11:45am,I headed out,straight to Ujunwa’s place,hoping she would be around.I arrived shortly after and she was around,watching a Nigerian movie from the sound emanating from her room. After a brief courage and confidence assurance I did on myself,I knocked on her door.
“Yes,Who is there?” She replied.
I kept silent,and knocked again.
This time again,I felt her leave her sit and heard the footsteps as she approached the door to come and see who was knocking. On opening the door and seeing me there,ike agwu ya(she was lost for words and action)!.
“Can I come in?” I politely asked.
She adjusted herself and allowed me enter as she bolted the door behind me and followed me behind. I sat in one of the plastic chairs in her room as she sat in the other one,still lacking what to make of my surprised visit.
“How you dey Na?” I asked.
Looking at me,with the indecision of what exactly to reply me clearly written on her face,she finally replied:
“Well, am fine shaa! And you?”
“Am okay!” I replied.
“With your new girlfriend now?” She infused.
“She is not my girlfriend!” I replied her.
“So,you want me to believe that?” She said.
“Its up to you!” I replied.
“So,why did you come ?” She managed to ask.
“To apologize!” I replied.
“Apologize about what?” She said.
“About everything!” I replied.
“No,I should be the one apologizing to you!” she said.
“Why is that?” I asked.
“You have always been there for me since I met you, you do things that no one else could have done for me,and yet just because I called you and a girl picked the call and claimed to be your LOVE,I totally lost it and sent you that text!” She continued:
” It was totally ungrateful of me,and I have been regretting it ever since!” She ended.
“You are a human being,and noone is perfect!” I simply replied her.
” I don’t even know what you now think of me,and I just hope that I can make it up to you!” She replied.
I smiled.
“Well,you can’t!” I told her as matter of fact,”but,it has not made me hate you more or love you less!” I said.
“So,in otherwords, I no longer have anything that you want?” She said.
I smiled.
“Well,at least I do enjoy ur financial generousity!” I said.
“That’s not what i meant Michael!” She replied.
“Then tell me?” I asked.
“You know exactly what I mean Michael!” She replied.
“Well,yea and sincerely speaking, I cant again with you.” I concluded.
” Why ?” She asked.
“You know why already.You made unnecessary fuss about it like my life depended on it and then on top of it,you still lied to me that you are a Virgin!” I said.
“Na wa o! You still have not forgotten this?And that’s why you never bothered again.Now I see!” She said.
“Yep!” I replied.
“Am sorry about that.Call it a mistake on my part.am sorry Michael!” She said.
“Well,5ex is not my problem!” I replied.
“So,you have forgiven me?” She asked.
“Yes” I replied.
“And what if I tried to initiate it now, will you…?”
I laughed.
” Will I what?” I asked.
“Do it?” She added.
“No,I won’t ” I replied.
“You are a good guy shaa.” She said.
I smiled and added:
“Because I don’t want to f*ck with you?”
“Who wouldn’t want to f*ck with me?” She said it as raw as It came to her.
“Well,everybody is not the same!” I replied.
“No,you are just unique! and you just gave me a new objective to achieve!” She concluded.
“Our objective right now is to finish high with our grades this semester my dear!” I said.
“Yes I know,but you know me well enough Na via my academic ability!” She said and I laughed.
” Don’t worry!” I said.
“But Michael,seriously, I would love to do it with you!” She started again.
“I know!” I replied.
“When?” She asked.
“Let’s just see how things progress from now!” I replied.
“Thank you!” She said.
I left her place around 2pm and I called Pretty immediately and told her “its on!”
She directed me to come to her place immediately, that something really bad has happened!
” What?” I shouted whilst still walking.
” Please come now!” She concluded and ended the call!

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Episode 30

[quote author=philfearon post=37981893]

[quote author=philfearon post=37934539]Cont’d:
The type of hurrying I hurried to fast track my immediate arrival at Pretty’s place was unbelievable because honestly speaking, she scared me by telling me that something bad has happened,and I couldn’t bring myself to even imagine what this “bad” thing is.
Upon arrival at her place,I knocked at the door and I heard her tell me or rather shout with a faint voice from the inside that I should just open the door and come in.
I entered and to my amazement, I saw Pretty lying down on her bed weak and totally sapped;purely drained of her pure sweet lovely energy that has just began to manifest itself.
I didn’t know what to say to her nor even what to do as I kept on looking at her and didnt even know what to think .
“What happened?” I finally brought myself down to her side and asked.
She looked at me and just smiled weakly.
” What matters is that you are very okay!” She replied.
I made my way into the foam and readjusted her position so that my laps now provided support for her head,while I held her hand firmly in a supportive way.I asked her again,” what happened?” And she just didn’t want to answer.
She just said she is happy am okay.
I got sick and scared to my marrows.Imagine the all-powerful Pretty lying weak and weakened in my arms; I felt insecure,and Pretty is not helping matters herself.
“Someone tried to phase me out of existence!” She muttered to me.
“What does that mean?” I asked.
“I can’t be killed, but I can be made to cease existence!” She replied calmly.
“Is that possible?” I asked.
She nodded In affirmation.
“So,what do you want me to do?” I asked her.
“Exactly what you are doing now!” She said And continued:
“Is there a way that you can convince your people that you won’t come back today?” She concluded.
“For this that happened, yes,I can!” I replied her.
“I want you to be with me for the rest of today” she said.
“No problem!” I replied.
Clueless! That’s my state of mind at the moment, but then,I have always trusted and believed in Pretty and I can infer that she strongly and totally needed it this time around more than ever..So,I promised myself never to veer of off it or doubt it.
After many silent moments,she asked me if I felt weak as I woke up this morning and I replied in the affirmative. She told me to not be afraid and assured me that everything will be fine.I didn’t bother asking her what happened as I knew she will tell me of her own accord.
“I was really worried about you Cuz I have tried your number severally and it didn’t go through!” She said.
“You should stop worrying about me and concentrate on getting better!” I told her.
“You know,before you came,I managed to ask myself if all this is worth it?” She said.
“You mean ‘if am worth it’?” I said.
“Don’t think like that Odii,that’s not wat I mean!” She said faintly.
“Am sorry” I said.
” What’s the time?” She asked.
“This is some minutes to 3!” I replied.
“I should be very okay and vibrant before 5pm as you are here now!” She said.
“Why is that?” I asked.
“Because like I always told you ,You are my Connection!” She said.
” Well,I long for 5pm! At least by then,you will have the strength to enlighten me on what is actually going on!” I said.
” There won’t be any need for that though” she said.
“Why not?” I asked.
“Because you will see it for yourself!” She said..

Just as she said earlier,Pretty was all well and energetic and vibrant as the time clocked towards 6pm.Even though I tried to tell her to just calm down and fully recover and leave whatever she had in mind to the next day,she told me that it couldn’t wait.
There was this aura of necessity that took over her,as if she had intentionally let something she could have prevented earlier on take hold and now haunted her..And then,her words re-echoed in my brain again with pity,”someone wanted to phase me out of existence!”.
“Truthfully my love” I started,” you are scaring me!” I said.
“Actually, you should be scared!” She said with all seriousness;
“But,I still have a promise to fulfil. No one can ever harm you,that’s my eternal promise to you.” She said.
“Exactly my concern.I might not know exactly what is going on,but I know its not good.Even a blind person can see that” I said.
” I know okay.That’s why I needed you around.” She said.
“Okay.So what will you eat this evening?” I asked her.
“Am not really hungry my dear” she said.
“But I am!” I replied her.
She smiled, knowing fully well that she just can’t bear to withstand the persuasion from me that will follow suit if there is food that is supposedly to be eaten by me.
“Alright,you win!” She said.
“So,should I go and buy outside or should I cook indomie for us?” I asked.
“Which one would you prefer?” She asked.
“I will cook indomie for us then!” I replied.
Around 9pm,after we have eaten,taken our bath and gisted like normal people would, Pretty told me that I have to escort her to somewhere.
I inquired where, and she told me any big church around. I was like:
“what will you be looking for in a church of all places and at this time of the day?”
“Don’t worry my dear.Or are you now afraid of going to a church?” She asked.
“No,its just that…..” I didn’t finish as she cut in;
“No.Am not any of those things you have in mind,and am going there to see if I can tap in to some innocent energies lying around wasting..” she said.
“Of course you know you have lost me there right?” I honestly replied her.
She smiled!
We started off to the biggest nearest Church around,which happened to be st.John Anglican church. By the time we arrived there because we were trekking, everywhere was totally serene and quiet,and the gates were locked.Luckily for us though,the building that is directly adjacent to that church had a pavement built in its front corridor,and so we sat there(and I kept hoping in my mind that some people won’t mistake us for some evil doers).
“So,how exactly do you plan to…..” I started,but was abruptly interrupted by Pretty’s hand, telling me to keep calm…I kept calm.
Within seconds,I felt as if there was this certain huge presence that overshadowed me in its wake.I turned and looked at Pretty and I could have sworn she was kinda dimly glowing, like she was getting heavily supplemented and refreshing on lost glory.
The whole surrounding was calm,which is very uncharacteristic of that place.
I continued staring at Pretty as she calmly sat beside me and fully focused on whatever it is she was doing..I was lost for some moment in my own thoughts as I started ruminating on what exactly I have gotten myself into,and whether its actually worth it..My mind told me Pretty was worth it a zillion times and that I should trust her.
Mind games!
I was still running things in my mind when I heard Pretty say:
“I have ended up wasting my energy here Michael!”
“meaning what exactly?” I inquired.
“This place is full of wailing and sorrows and uncountable endless silly pleas and foolish requests!”
She said bitterly.
“So what next?” I said,avoiding getting into disputing of what I actually had zero knowledge of.
“We will look for another church!” She said.
“What?” I almost shouted.
“Am really serious!” She replied immediately.. As soon as she uttered her last word,the landlord of the building we were sitting in opened their door,demanding to know what it is we were doing there.
“We are leaving!” I uttered.
The Landlord said we are not going anywhere and insisted we explain ourselves else he will scream for Aba people to come and see witches planning to destroy a church in front of his house.
Pretty looked at me,and I moved my head negatively with the main intention that she should not harm the man.
“If you are stupid enough to want your death right now,scream!” Pretty uttered.
“Dee,biko baa inside abeg!”(Please enter inside sir) I found myself uttering immediately.
I could see fear taking over the man as it now appeared the man is regretting why he even came out in the first place.. and then what pretty already said about all the unhappy energies around must have messed with her being to the extent that she issued a death threat..
I held Pretty by the hand and dragged her out of their calmly to avoid stories that touch..
We headed straight to st.Eugene’s catholic church around the corner for Pretty to continue her search.She said she is happy I am with her,to keep her in check.
I smiled.
We reached st.Eugene and from the look of her countenance,she got what she came to look for there,and so she told me that our first task for the night is done;what remains now is the one she dreads,but yet must confront this very night.Her existence,and by extension, my life,depends on it.
Whatever that is,it is ultimately nigh!

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Episode 31

[quote author=philfearon post=37988744]Cont’d:
We came back late,but not that very late.I complained to Pretty that I was beginning to feel drowsy,and she inclined on me to just stay with her for the next thirty minutes,and then am free to sleep.
I obliged her.
As we laid down on the bed facing each other,my thoughts began to take over me again, causing a drifting I didn’t want to acknowledge or give credence to.
” What are u thinking?” She asked me.
“You” I replied.
“What about me were you thinking about?” She pressed on.
“You don’t want to tell me?” She said further.
“Not really.You have enough worry in your head already,so am just worried about you!” I replied and she smiled,saying:
” Leave all the worrying to me,I can handle it”.
“And what am I supposed to be doing then?” I questioned.
“Well,for now,an added life force from you and a great connection with me will be great and hugely appreciated right now” she said calmly.
“Really?” I inquired.
“Yup!” She confirmed.
“I guess we should get to work then?” I asserted.
“Exactly my dear!” She said.
At that point,she climbed on top of me and we engaged in a massive emotion-filled deep kiss.I didn’t know what took over the both of us,but such kiss has never been experienced by me all my life nor by Pretty herself.
She disengaged her lips from mine,looking at me to see if I felt what she felt,and she got the reply she sought from the candid expression on my face;she lunged back to my lips again, and we hit it off from where we stopped.
In that moment,we kissed as passionately as you can ever imagine before my hands started moving,and I started caressing her,and she started to hold me more closer to herself. Before I could even know it,she has undressed us both, and magnificently inserted my greatman deep into her lovely and moisturized friendly territory, and she started riding me gently.
The sweetness of the act has made me almost lose control of myself and would have released sharply,but somehow, Pretty managed to delay my cumming,and smiled at me.
I turned her,and she now laid down while I now stayed on top her and re-inserted my greatman again and started another gentle thrusting, and then the tempo continued to rise and rise as I started hearing Pretty moan with her breathing loudly..and I stopped.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Nothing!” She said,and used her hands to press on my arse,which invariably pressed my greatman deep into her,signifying that I should continue so that the momentum I was building will not diminish..I went back to work.
I started again,and this time,I brought my hand and lips to the party,and consistently tried to engage all of them to work, giving Pretty the pleasure she wanted as well as feeling elated myself that at least I’m doing something that is helping.
Her breathing escalated again,and the moaning deepened,and the feeling of the rawness of our skin attached to each other wholeheartedly without any atom of restriction created the perfect symbiotic connection that Pretty said she needed.Lost in the world of our lovely love-making session, Pretty didn’t want to let go of me again as we laid down there with my greatman deeply buried within her punny.
That was the situation of things between us when I probably slept off in our entanglement..
I found myself next to Pretty and she smiled at me.I looked down and realised that I was floating or rather circulating in the air with Pretty at a particular building I couldn’t make out.On deeper look and concentration, I realised that the building itself was a huge mirrored mirage of a real life building of which am familiar with.
“Let’s go inside!” I heard Pretty say to me.
“How?” I asked.
“Just hold my hand” she obliged me,and I followed her plea and held her hand.
Slowly,we both descended.I thought we were going to use the door but upon reaching the roof of that building,it was like there was no roof there,yet the visual perspective is an Aluminum roof,which for reasons known to whatever it is that is happening, was absolutely permeating.
The moment we landed on the floor of that particular room,I realised why the place felt so familiar.It was Amara’s parents place.
I turned to look at Pretty and met her staring at me instead.
” Why are we here?” I asked immediately.
” You know exactly why we are here my love” she said.
“Seriously,I dont.Tell me please?” I asked of her.
She looked at me, not knowing whether to say or not to say it.I felt her being somehow afraid to tell me Cuz she doesn’t know what my reaction might be.
Sensing her plight,I assured her to just tell me.
She looked at me, looked away and then looked at Amara sleeping calmly with her Beautiful everything, and she said:
” This whole thing is happening because of her!”
“How?” I asked.
“That’s what am going to find out now” she said.
“And how will you do that?” I questioned again.
“We are going to invade her dream!” She stated.

[quote author=philfearon post=38023274]
I stayed in that room for some moments with Pretty,observing how calmly and beautifully Amara lay on the bed,oblivious of what is happening around her.
“You are really distracting me this moment.” Pretty said in a calm way.
” How?” I asked.
“You already know.” She said.
” okay.so, how exactly do you plan on invading her dream?” I asked.
“I won’t be doing that,but you will” she said.
” Me? How?” I asked,being at a lost.
“By doing what you usually do most of the time” she said.
“Which is?” I asked.
“Make her open up to you as usual.” She whispered to me.
“A month back, that would have been possible, but now? I don’t think so.” I said.
“Should I let you in on a secret?” She asked me,and I nodded my head in affirmation.
” The way Amara loved you,and still do love you,even I have fallen short of it!”
“She is in the past now. Let’s do what we came here for” I said,trying to avoid a scenario whereby I will be too emotionally preoccupied to even think right anymore in my dream state,the one Pretty has altered.
“I know I shouldn’t have brought up that,but you needed to be aware of it for the task ahead for you.Please,understand me” she pleaded with me.
“Alright!” I replied and continued:
“So,how do I get started ?”
She looked steadily at me,and then told me to close my eyes(and I did),and she told me to open it again(and I did).
I realised again that we were now back to where we started,on top the building again,floating. Holding my hand firmly,Pretty helped me descend into the same mirage that appeared as Amara’s parents building,but unlike the previous time around that was all night,this one appeared to be like an evening time.
As we landed on the same floor as before,Amara wasn’t there anymore.Pretty immediately reminded me that I should bear in mind that “I am the one in Amara’s dream,not her.”
In other words,she will be totally clueless on the form or kind of scenario the dream she infused me in will appear in Amara’s dreamy world.But, she said she will know I did it right(getting Amara to open up),if I see her in that dream while Amara can’t..
Like a movie,Pretty just apparated out of my presence on finishing dishing out her instructions to me.I felt very empty and alone.Instead of focusing on what I came to do,my mind started drifting. Thoughts of a bad being attacking me cuz am not in a friendly environment or wanted environment filled my mind.All this were going through my mind when someone barged into the room,and it was Nkiru.
“Hmmm Odii,this is where you are,and I have been looking for you since” she said.
I was totally surprised and confused.I had a brief momentary drift into my mind,debating whether Pretty actually brought me to the right place.
“Odii?” ,I heard Nkiru almost shout.
” Eeh!” I replied.
“You are keeping me waiting!” She said.
“Waiting kwa? Where are we going?” I inquired from her.
“Going? Are you sure you are alright?” She said to me,coming closer to observe me and giving me that askance look.
“Am sorry,am really really sorry,but what exactly am I supposed to…You know.You said you are waiting?” I chipped in.
She smiled at me,held my hand,and told me to follow her,and I did.
We walked right across two other rooms before we landed in her own room whilst I still kept wondering why I am in Nkiru’s dream instead of Amara.
She bolted the door behind me and turned facing me,telling me that sincerely,she has missed me and missed all those childhood days with me.
I smiled,and went to the bed and sat there and started operating my phone.
” So?” Nkiru said,making me look up and beholding her almost unclad,walking up to me,with the ultimate desire for us to get laid.
” I thought you were getting married? That’s what Amara told me you know,and I honestly do respect that” I said.
“And so?” She replied.
“It doesn’t feel right for me.” I said.
She smiled,and said:
“It doesn’t have to be.But I know my sweetness and moisturized refreshing goody will ease all your worries” she said.
I didn’t know whether to laugh or smile to that statement of hers,but it was awesomely epic.
“Where is Amara kwanu?” I asked.
“What about her?” She replied.
“I just want to know.” I said.
“Don’t worry,she won’t know anything,unless you tell her.” She replied.
“That is exactly the problem, this just doesn’t feel right for me.I find it hard as it directly involves her!” I said.
“So what are you saying?” She asked.
” That you should understand my point of view” I replied.
“Yea,I perfectly understand the fact that you totally developed an unholy hatred for me because of Amara.You totally forgot that it was I who had cared for you like my junior brother,loved you,protected you,told lies a zillion times just to cover for you and protect your integrity and innocence. But just this small favour,and because I am not Amara,I can go to hell then” she breathed out with furiousness like I have never seen in my life before.
” Please,don’t say it like that aunty Nkiru,you are making me appear like the bad person here instead of the victim.Remember,you left me? Just when I was totally attached to you,you left” I said..
“Well,if I can’t have you, then neither can Amara nor any other person!” She said.
“Eziokwu eeh,I didn’t know you can be like this o.Seriously speaking.!” I uttered.
“I have been wounded by you now,what were you expecting!” She said.
“Am sorry!” I said.
“Its not a sorry matter” she responded immediately.
” Okay then,I have to start going!” I told her.
“Going? You are not going anywhere Odii!” She mustered.
I stood up and tried to walk pass her,but she grabbed me and pushed me back to where I just got up from.
I started laughing, and asked her:
“Wait o,do you want to rape me?”
She looked at me wickedly and then replied:
” No,I am going to kill you Odii!” and she brought out a knife from nowhere and lunged directly at me!

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Episode 32

[quote author=philfearon post=38023324]Cont’d:
[b] THE INVASION(2) [/b]
I dodged her landing on the bed with that knife targeted at me,as I didn’t even know when I shouted “chineke eh!’.
Running across to the other side of the room,and using a table to create a barrier between us,I started asking her if something was wrong with her. She grinned wickedly and continued scheming in her head on how best to actualise her intention of killing me.
I kept appealing to her,as well as shouting,hoping that someone will come to my aid.She was full of rage,anger, hatred and evil and enormous strenght,as if possessed by something whose only intent is to terminate me that instant.
“After killing you today,I will see how my stupid sister will now have you again to herself!” She repeatedly said,and immediately found a way to get across,and charged at me again.Due to how compacted the room was,I didn’t quite dodge her blow well this time around,and the knife landed at the back of my left arm,and penetrated deep as I screamed out loud,while the act itself seem to have even motivated her the more to complete her intention of murdering me.
She forcefully tried withdrawing the knife again out of my body,and a sudden type of anger,a wicked and malicious anger filled with contempt,took over me,as it occurred to me that Nkiru readily intends to really kill me.
I used my right leg to give her a heavy kick on her tummy,with the force moving her out of my way immediately as she wailed in bitterness.
I tried to forcefully remove the knife from my arm,but realised it was stuck to a bone.Blood was now everywhere,all my clothes were drained with blood,and the pain and the profuse blood loss was getting to me real fast.
I totally forgot Nkiru was in that room again, to my own detriment.
Like a heavy swooshing, I heard a heavy object land on my head “gbim!” and before I could know what was happening,the same object landed on my back again,and the chief architect was Nkiru,and the object she had in her hand was a small wooden chair I didn’t know existed till now.
In my faint and feeble state,I managed to shift from her third hit,and she missed a shift,landing on the floor with a heavy thud and wailed agonizingly.
I laid down there,using my last strength to cry for help which seemed to be nonexistent anymore.
Like a recharged angry badass she now is,she dragged herself up again,and this time around,to make sure she completed her intention of killing me.
I kept crying out faintly. She took that small wooden chair,raised it up,and as soon as she wanted to use her remaining strength to launch it at my head,I woke up.
There,sitting beside me was Amara looking terribly worried and stated that I have been shouting and screaming and wailing all this while and have refused to wake up.
I looked at myself again,observed my body and was totally lost.I didn’t know what was happening neither did I know where I am anymore. I didn’t know whether I was now in real life or still in an altered consciousness,but I did know for sure that I almost died,and that is the third attempt on my life now since I met Pretty.
“Odii,what happened?” Amara asked me,bringing me back.
I looked at her,and didn’t even know what to tell her.How do I begin to tell her that her sister,or probably,that someone disguised as her sister to kill me,and almost did if not that I woke up or that she woke me up?
” I had a very bad dream.” I finally said.
“Do you remember it?” She asked further.
“I only remember that I almost died,and I guess that was why you heard me screaming!”. I replied.
She smiled and assured me that it was “just a dream”,that I shouldn’t make much out of it.
I nodded in agreement to her request/assurance.
“Do you want us to go out?” She asked me.
“I will love that very much I swear!” I said,and she started laughing out loud.
“You will spend o?” She warned.
“No problem!” I said,and started staring at something.
” What are you looking at?” She asked me.
“Nothing!” I replied.
“I have told you to forget about the dream okay.Its just a dream!” She reiterated.
I smiled.
” I know my dear.I know!” I said happily.
I was previously in doubt that I didn’t quite see well the first time,but on a proper look as I left the room with Amara,I realised that Pretty has been there all along, and she gave me a “hi5”,which made me smile and feel somehow elated.
Game on malevolent bastard,Game on!

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Episode 33

[quote author=philfearon post=38079588]Cont’d:
“You couldn’t even allow me have the ensuing fun?” I found myself saying rhetorically out loud unhappily on realizing that against my intention, I have abruptly woken up,next to Pretty!
Pretty started laughing out audibly.
“And you are laughing and happy now abi?” I rhetorically stated again.
“What do you want me to do Na?” She replied,still not controlling her laughter.
” You ehh.You!” I said.
“Okay,am sorry oooo!” She said audibly while still mouthing her laugh.
“As if it will bring back what you just ended!” I retorted.
“I anticipated something like this anyway. .and this time around, am really sorry.” She finally ended her laughter.
” Okay o”. I said,adding “wats the time?”.
“Around 3a.m!” She replied.
“And I was thinking it was already day break. ” I said.
“Well,at least you now know that dream time and real world time are two worlds apart!” She said.
“True!” I said.
” So?” I inquired.
“Well,its on!” She said.
“On how?” I asked.
“Before I go into that,I noticed something serious about you as you slept here.” She said.
“Something serious?” I repeated.
“Yes.You were heating up and struggling and at some point,was totally gasping for air!” She said.
I remained silent.
“What happened?” She asked me.
I remained calm.
“Odii,you know,you can tell me anything, everything?” She said.
“I actually don’t remember it all anyway!” I lied,even though this was like the only dream I could vividly recall instantly as it was the realest of them all.
“Which ones do you remember?” She asked me.
“Can I ask you something? And do you sincerely promise to answer me?” I inquired.
She agreed positively.
” Okay,you know me very well,and at least you know that once an incident happens of which am involved in,its only q matter of time before it catches up with me later right?” I asked.
“You lost me!” She said.
“You know,all this things started out that night,that night I first slept in your house.But,for reasons unknown to me,you have just concealed what happened that night from me…and something keeps telling me that it has everything or something to do with happened..” I paused,and then continued:
“I didn’t want to tell you or even bring up wat I just experienced and which you noticed Cuz I don’t want you to worry again more than is necessary.But,I still have to.I was attacked again with a familiar face with the same intent of killing me.Am not a troublesome person,so I don’t even understand!” I ended.
Pretty came closer to me,making sure that I felt her warmth within me and outside me,asking:
“Whose face?” She asked.
“I don’t think you will know her!’ I replied.
“Her?” She asked.
“Yes..Its a girl.More like a lady though!” I replied.
She cursed!
“What’s the problem?” I asked.
“I think I know what is causing all this!” She finally said.
“You think?” I asked.
“Yes.its still a thought which I have to confirm first before knowing for certain.” She said.
“So,what of what happened that day?” I reminded her.
“Okay I won’t lie to you my love” she started;
“Someone visited me that day, a familiar being to myself and it did warn me about something!” She said.
“Which is!?” I asked.
“To steer clear of you!” She regrettably stated.
“Why?” I asked.
” I don’t know!” She said.
“Are you telling me the truth?” I asked.
” 100%” she replied.
“Then why am I having this feeling that you are totally afraid?” I asked.
“That’s because I am.Michael,I am totally clueless on everything. It’d like my being just developed a lot of limitations all of a sudden!” She said.
“Maybe its me.Maybe I am the problem and you are not realising it!” I said.
“She laughed all of a sudden.
“Its not you my dear,of that I am 1001% sure of.You are the best thing that has happened to my being,and whatever this situation is,we will deal with it soon!” She said.
“I hope so o.I can’t even remember the last time I slept peacefully!” I stated..

From that day till the rest of that week,Pretty told me to minimize my coming to her place due to the fact that:
– she plans to settle her scores once and for all;
– to avoid being distracted;
even though we talked heavily on phone.
By Sunday,I told her I will be starting school that week and she was happy with it,adding that its a welcome distraction on my own part.
By Monday morning,after I finished dressing up and ready for school,I came out and half way across my street,there she was,standing by a corner,elegantly.I can’t even remember the last time I had noticed how extraordinarily beautiful Pretty was with all the problems heating up day in day out for us.
” Fathai!” I said out mildly.
She smiled.
“What are you doing here?” I queried.
” Going to school with you!” She replied.
“What?” I said and she affirmed her earlier statement again.
“You would have called me Na so that I will branch at your place whilst going and we will go from there!” I found myself stressing out.
” Well,a surprise is not a bad thing you know!” She said,and continued:
” Are we going or going to stay here and argue?” She asked.
I just smiled.
We both started walking to Omuma road,side by side,and I observed that a lot of people couldn’t help but take a peep at us.Some would even foolishly look at us and stare continuously, I started thinking that their own stupidity was inborn.
I wanted to stop a keke,but she said we should trek.I was like:
“This staring is really getting too much,we should…..” I didn’t finish before she cut in:
” I love it” .
“Seriously?” I asked, surprised.
“Yes!” She said.
“Hmnnm! Thats a first!” I said to her.
“You can say that again my dear!” She uttered,smiling.
We started trekking to my school and discussed along the way as we went along.
I used the opportunity to ask her if she has finally put a stop to the root of whatever was generating the troubled times we experienced, and she replied positively, even though there was a little uneasiness about her when she replied me.
I was happy and elated,saying in my mind that at least I will have great times ahead with her filled with joy and enjoyment.
In school that day,I was a celebrity,especially among my course mates. To add more salt to injury,I kept telling anyone who cared to ask that she was my wife and that we will be getting married soon,and that I will love them to start preparing and keep there special gifts for us.
Pretty continued laughing that day as I did this.
* *
That was how it was between and with us for the next three months plus.We had fun,we enjoyed to its fullest best and Pretty almost killed me with s*x almost everyday..
In fact,any day we didn’t have a physical one,she comes to my dream that night and most of the times will not allow me remember it.
I was having the time of my life with the perfect girl of my dreams and I was eternally grateful for it.Sometimes, she will take me on some coaster rides unconsciously,and at one point took me to her abode, or what looked like her real abode in reality.
Everything good conceivable and doable was done by us.Truth is,it was the greatest days and moments of my life,and things have never been the same with me again after then..
Everything was perfect between us,and Pretty was always glowing,and most importantly, always very happy.Her ever present smile returned again and her magnificence reflected more than a hundred folds..The outcome is that I enjoyed Pretty at her brilliant best.
I got addicted to Pretty,and my life revolved around hers every passing moment and seconds. Ultimately, I got separated from the rest of the world and glued in to Pretty’s world.The statement “I couldn’t live without her ” that moment solidly was the truth about me.
That day as I usually do on Saturdays,after playing ball,I came back and took my bath and without giving her a call,I headed straight to her house to spend the rest of my day with her..
On reaching there,I realised that that place was now empty.
I came out and checked again to see if I was at the correct building, and it was the correct building.
I went back in again and checked and the place was empty,totally empty,as if someone have not lived there for the past six months. I tried asking the neighbours what happened and they were as clueless as I was.
I brought out my phone immediately and tried her number,but I was told the number no longer exists. I didn’t know what to think…and I didn’t want to think anything.
After staying around there,as if waiting for her to magically reappear from nowhere,I started going back home,feeling totally distraught and not knowing my right from my left anymore…I had to enter keke to avoid matters that touch..
I kept thinking of what to make of what just happened, and I couldn’t find one.I somehow made myself believe that maybe Pretty is testing me or something and that she will visit me this night and tell me what happened.
I didn’t want to think of the fact that maybe something has harmed her or phased her out of existence as she said.
I was totally lost.I was totally confused.
What has happened to my Pretty? That was the ever-present consistent question in my mind.
That night,nothing happened.

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Episode 34

[quote author=philfearon post=38094201]
I went back to her place the next day,hoping that somehow, what happened the other day was a mistake or something like that,and what I saw the previous day was exactly what I met again.
“Something is seriously wrong” I muttered to myself.
For the first time in the last four months,I became afraid,not for myself,but for Pretty.
Is she dead? I didn’t ask that,but it was in my thought.
This period was just two weeks before our second semester exams,and try as I may to not think of it,I could not.
This unexplained disappearance of Pretty totally made me a recluse and I didn’t know how else to live again with myself. Everybody noticed it,although they didn’t know what the cause was.I didn’t go to school for the next eight days,as I set out trying to find out what happened to Pretty.At some point,I even wanted to visit a native doctor after making inquiries and getting the requisite details of such. On one of the days I set out I was going to go there,I had this subtle voice in me telling me that Pretty would not want me to do that.
That day,I weeped!
Many of my course mates started calling me here and there,asking me what is happening and if everything is okay with me,and I replied in the affirmative. Many of them visited me,and physically,you wouldn’t notice that I was actually suffering, but innately,I was totally messed up.
By the tenth day,with no sign of Pretty anywhere,I decided to just get my acts together and read up the little I can for my semester exams.
So much for getting too much attached!
In everything I did onwards,the thoughts of how Pretty would have wanted me to do it almost made me weep everyday,but I tried anyway to not think much about her…But,that’s the impossibility of a lifetime,i simply couldn’t.
My exams went very well and I started making peace with the fact that Pretty is out of my reach and out of my life forever,and that for whatever reason known to her,maybe its for the best..I didn’t want to even give room to the thought that maybe she no longer exists.
With that in mind,I vowed never again to get attached to someone like that again,not even my would-be-wife.
Things started easing back again as it should be for me,and I started concentrating on the admission I was looking for in Absu to read Law(which am doing currently).
On one of the days as I was coning back from Absu after delivering some needed docs to my uncle and her wife to facilitate my admission process,I saw her!
I had stopped at Calabar street and alighted from the car from Absu and entered a keke that normally stops at St.John,from whence I will now trek via the st.Eugene’s road to Omuma road and then to my street. I didn’t want to follow from park so that I will not be tempted into buying something I didn’t budget for!
After coming out from the keke,I started trekking and then I heard my name being softly called “Odii!”.
I thought it was some people calling someone else that bears same name with me,and so I continued walking on without bothering to turn and look.
“Odii!” I heard again almost beside me and I turned,and there she was,as beautiful as ever.
I didn’t know what to say or what to think,but the only think that entered my mind as we stood there was this statement:
” Is this real or am I imagining it?”
She smiled.
“Which one do you want it to be for you?” She asked.
“A temporary lapse in willpower!” I uttered.
I guess she expected me to be defensive now though.
“Can we talk?” She asked me.
“We are talking already!” I replied her.
“Not here..somewhere cool!” She said.
“You are still you,you know?” I asked.
She affirmed.
I obliged her and we entered into one restaurant like that around the corner.
“So?” I asked.
“I know you are angry at me and with me,and it is justified,but I didn’t leave without knowing that you can handle it” she said.
“Okay.” I said.
“And I know that I said I fixed that ish then,but the truth is that it was just temporary. When the walls started cracking again,I knew exactly what I needed to do for good!” She said.
“Which is?” I asked.
“I had to leave.I can’t bear to see you die or suffer unnecessarily over something I could have dealt with!” She said.
“What if I wanted it? What if I wanted to suffer? Nothing good comes easy,and you are good,that’s why being with you its not easy!” I vented my frustration.
“Well you do remember that I told you what I am actually learning in the beginning right?” She said and i affirmed.
“Well,this was it.You were it.Ending every connection I had with you,the person that my whole being loved and couldn’t do without was my ultimate test.I didn’t know this at a time,but now I do.
Promise me that you will forever remember me?” She requested of me.
Truthfully,I was beginning to relapse into the thinking that Pretty was back for good before she made that request.
“I thought you…” I didn’t finish as she just made me understand that that is not the case.
She made me promise her that I will be strong for us,reminding me of our connection and telling me that she just wanted me to know she is okay and going back to her glorified existence in her own reality and rightful plane as a whole new being altogether..
I sat there,staring as she walked out of the place after our little tete-a-tete,waving me the goodbye sign..
Still sitting there as she faded out of my view, my phone rang.I picked it up and looked at the caller,it was Amara.
Immediately I picked the phone and answered the call,saying “hello” in a calm composed way,I heard something like a whisper in my mind saying :
“You deserve all the happiness in the world!”
“Long time Odii” Amara said.
“You forgot me now!” I replied her.
“Its not like that Na!” She said.
“Okay o!” I replied.
“How things with you and……… ?” She asked and asked and talked and talked and so we discussed till we ended the call.
It just meant one thing,I finally confirmed and concluded;Pretty was and is out of my life for good.The reemergence of Amara,her direct threat gave credence to this my conclusion.
And so,that was how my little love story with Pretty came to an abrupt end and that was how it has never been the same for me again after then.

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